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A Walk To Remember: Chapter  10                                                                         It's Me or The Job

I woke up laying next to Matt, He was snoring, but it was in a weird way sort of cute. I didn't get up because I didn't want to wake him up. About 10 minutes went by.

"Mmm, your hair smells like strawberries."

"AHHHHHH, oh, your awake!"

"Haha, you should have seen your face!!!"


I was blushing now, he was so immature when he wanted to be. I got up went to the bathroom to fix my hair and then went to the kitchen. Matt decided to take his dad, Jeff, and I out to the races.

"Your not wearing that, are you?"

"Whats wrong with what i'm wearing? I think I look cute."

"It's going to get ruined, after the races we were going to get to go dirt biking, and unless you want that to be torn and covered in mud i'd change."

"Ugh, now you tell me."

I finally decided on a fox motorcross t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
They were naturally made with holes in them, so a few more couldn't hurt. After the races and the dirt biking we headed back home. I told everyone goodnight and headed up to my room. I was tired and it was getting late. I fell asleep after my shower.

A few hours later:

"Sarah...are you awake?"

I rolled over and looked at the clock, 3:00 AM. I groaned.

"Well, I am now. Whats up?"

"I have something to tell you, it's's important."

I could tell by his face, even in the dark, that he was upset. I sat up and looked him in the eyes.

"What is it? You know you can tell me."

"You know I love you right?"

"Yah, of course, i love you too."

"& That i'd do anything for you except."

"Matt please just get this over with."

"Vince called. He told me it's you or it's my job."

I was silenced, there was nothing I could possibly say to that.
I loved him, but he needed his job.

"Are you okay Sarah?"

"Yah, Matt..what are you trying to tell me?"

"I wanted to know what you want, I don't want to do anything that you don't want me too do. I don't want to hurt you again."

I really wanted him to stay but i'm not going to hurt him.

"Matt, go. When you retire we'll see each other, your job is more important."

"Are you positive? I'll quit, really I will, just say so."

"MATT NO! Please, just take your job, i'll head on home, I have school starting in a few days anyways."

"I love you, & I want you too know, whenever I can, i'll come visit you. If this is too hard on us..."

"Just quit, I hate sad goodbyes, and besides that it's just a see you later, so yeah i'll see you. & Yes I love you too."

He gave me a hug goodbye, I wanted to give him a kiss but I didn't want to make it any harder then it already was. I waited tell he got out of the room to cry. If only there was some other way to fix this. I couldn't be selfish enough to make him leave his job.
But honestly I'd love it if he got fired.

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