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A Walk To Remember: Chapter  16                                                                                             Hospital

I went to Matt's hotel room and knocked on the door. He answered with a huge grin on his face.
He was getting his hair cut, and I couldn't stop laughing. He looked like a mad man. After he got his haircut he offered to take me out to eat somewhere, I declined and told him we needed to talk. I knew this was going to be difficult but never did I imagine what was to come.

"Okay so Matt, I talked with Shawn." Matt's face tensed up.

"What about?"

"Us. I guess."

"Us as in?"

"You and me, I want to tell you something, but only if you promise not to get mad."

"What if I can't make the promise?"

"Matt please, i'm begging you."

"Fine, I promise."

"Jeff..well no. I kissed Jeff, when you were gone."


"Matt! Calm down, I, As in ME, I kissed him, He didn't kiss back, he yelled at me."

"Sarah, you better leave now."

"Matt? I'm sorry."

"Save it, just go, I need some time to think."

He slowly walked me to the door and before I could say anything else the door was slammed in my face.
I walked down the halls sobbing, I didn't want anyone to hear me cry. I screwed things up, again. Why is it I can never just have one person, I always want more, even if 'mr. right' is right in front of me. My cell went off.

If you fly away tonight I want to tell you that I love you I hope that you can hear me I hope that you can feel me If you fly away tonight I want to tell you that I'm sorry That I never told you When we were face to face


"You told him?"

"What'd you want me to do Jeff Keep it a secret? That'd only hurt him more."

"He's heart broken, he won't even speak to me, and he most def doesn't want to speak to you."

"So what i'm the bad guy now?"

"You did kiss me! I was wrong, I thought you were so mature."

"I AM, DAMN JEFF! If I wasn't I wouldn't have told him! Get over yourself."

I slammed the phone shut. I needed to see someone...someone who wouldn't care if I loved two people, someone who would at least make me happy, if only for a night.

I saw Cena standing at the door of the locker room, and decided he would do. I didn't want to do anything to screw things up anymore, but I did deserve to be happy. It seems like I can't be happy when i'm with the Hardy family. I acted like I didn't even notice John there, and bent over in front of him. I looked back up, straight in his eyes...

"Oh, i'm sorry, didn't see you there."

"Thats fine by me. You can not see me again if you want."

"Is that your pick up line? because it sucked."

"Darn, I was hoping i'd get a nice date with a pretty lady."

"Smooth, Really smooth."

"Your Sarah right? You've made quite a name for yourself around here, your with Matt right? Unofficially of course."

"Not exactly, me and him i'm pretty sure are over, but I mean you and I haven't even begun."

"Thats what i'm talking about, step into my office."

I followed John into his bedroom. He obviously didn't care how old I was. Then again everyone said I looked older then I really was, so maybe he didn't notice. He said his shoulders were sore so I gave him a nice long back massage, following with him giving me one. We stayed up and played truth or dare all night, when we were done I was finally feeling a little better.

"Well by Johnnykinz, I hope to see you around."

"You to cupcakes."

I went back to my room, and flipped through the channels. Jeff called again and I pressed ignore. Lets see how he feels. He called 3 more times and I finally decided I should pick up.

"SARAH? Why haven't you been answering?"

"Maybe because I figured you'd quit calling after the first time!"


"What are you talking about? Go where?"


"OMG! Jeff Why????"

"I'll tell you on the way there, now get ready, i'll be there in 5."

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