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A Walk To Remember: Chapter  18                                                                                          Bowling  


"Matt, I know your all lazy cuz you just got back from the hospital and I love you bro, but come on get up and get your breakfast yourself! I mean I cooked it, you can at least come and get it."

I seen Sarah wrestling on Matt's chest and knew that was the real reason he didn't want to move. If she was laying on my chest I don't think i'd want to move either. I'm just hoping she didnt' hear the "I love you" I said last night. If she did, she sure isn't acting like it.

"MATT! Get your damn eggs, before they get cold man."

"I'm coming, i'm coming. Jeeze, sorry Sarah, your gonna have to move."

He reluctantly got up, and grabbed a plate full. I poured everyone a glass of orange juice, and sat down.

"So any big plans for tonight?"

"I'm thinking about taking my little kiddo out bowling, you want to go?"

"Nah, thanks anyways, I think i'm going to stay home and see Beth, she misses me."

"Right, speaking of which, why haven't you been over to your house yet?"

"I wanted to make sure you were alright."

Smooth, I was the best liar. No one could ever tell when I was lying. Only I..well maybe Sarah knew why I didn't want to go over there. I cleaned up everyones plates and said goodbye to Matt and Sarah. I decided I might as well call Beth and tell her i'm coming up.

"Jeff, oh my baby i've missed you tons."

"Yeah Beth, i've missed you too."

I gave her a kiss on the lips but I sure didn't feel anything. I asked her how her week was but honestly I didn't really care, it went in one ear and out the other.

"Jeff? yes or no jeff?"

"Huh what? Sorry I zoned out there."

"You never listen to me Jeff! Ugh, i'm going out."


It didn't even bother me that she was leaving, I could finally have some peace and quiet to think about what I want to do with Matt and Sarah...on second thought i'd rather go hang with them. I called Matt and told him to get some shoes for me and i'd be there in a few. Slowly but surely i'm going to inch my way into her life.

Matt -

Sarah told me she sucked at bowling, that was the main reason I wanted to go. Not that I wanted to show off, but because I wanted to be able to show her how too. More like hold her the whole night. I found out she is amazingly ticklish. I couldn't touch her anywhere without her squirming away. We played until I got the call Jeff was coming, I figured something must have been up, and asked Sarah if she wanted to stop and get something to drink. Of course she'd say yes, she ALWAYS wanted something to drink.

"So Jeff's coming to bowl is that alright?"

"Of course, but I thought he was hanging with Beth?"

"Something must have happened, just try to not bring it up okay?"

"Yeah sure, no problem."

Just then, as if on cue, Jeff walked in the door. I seen Sarah run up and hug him. 'My Jeffy bear'
I heard her call him. Mattykinz, Jeffy bear, what was up with all the nicknames. That was one thing I liked about her though, there isn't one person she couldn't think up a nickname for. Heck she even gave the waitor a nickname, 'cookie'. It was hilarious seeing her try to call the waitor over by saying cookie, come here cookie.

"Hey bro, you ready to bowl?"

"Yeah, just let me get my shoes on, then i'll get my groove on haha."

Sarah laughed in that little kid laugh of hers. I don't think there was one thing about her I didn't like. & she had been keeping her promise, she hasn't even looked at another guy besides Jeff.

"Mattykinz? Hellooooo."

"Ahh, sorry Sarah, I was thinking."

"Well, Jeff and I want to go take pictures in the photobooth, will you come?"

"I don't really want too."

"Come on pleaseeeeee, I loveee you?"

"Alright lets go."

You just can't say no, to a face like that.

Sarah -

It was a ton of fun, learning how to bowl, taking pictures, and dancing. I got bored after a while with the bowling club, and Jeff suggested we go dancing, I asked Matt and he said he'd love too. Matt always danced with me in the slow songs, and Jeff always danced with me in the faster songs.
When it came time to go I was wore out. We got in the truck and I fell asleep. I tried leaning on Matt's shoulder but with all his turning of the wheel, it just wasn't comfortable. So I decided to lay on Jeffs instead, which actually was amazingly comfortable. I was half awake, I could hear there wispers and feel them pick me up.

"Just set her on the bed, and cover her up."

I heard them go downstairs.

Jeff -

"So what happened tonight Jeff? Thought you were hanging with Beth?"

"Yeah, she already made plans with her friends so she asked if we could hang out tomorrow."

"Ahh, I thought something bad happened."

"No man, were fine, I just wasn't about to ruin her plans."

"Makes sense, thanks for not letting Sarah sleeping on you bother you."

"Hey, it's no problem, i'm just glad she doesn't drool."

"Haha, oh yeah that'd be a great feeling, nice warm drool."

"Shut up, haha. Anyways you mind if I stay here tonight?"

"No, I got plenty of room. How come?"

"Beth always brings her friends over after they come back, i'd rather not sit through there girl talk tonight, I feel like going right to sleep."

"Sure, night then."


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