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A Walk To Remember: Chapter  19                                                                                             Lucky

"Morning Jeff, wheres Matt?"

"He went out shopping, he wanted to get you something special for your date tonight."

"Were going on a date??"

"No, not you and I."

"You know what I mean silly. Where too?"

"Now that part, is a suprise."

"Fine, fine, fine. Whatcha cooking?"

"Pancakes, want some?"

"Sure, you know I love your cooking."

"Who doesn't? haha, only joking."

We sat down and ate the pancakes. Which I have to say were the best pancakes i've ever eaten. I'm starting to get used to this Jeff cooking thing. He put on some salsa music and I made a funny face.

"What are you doing?"

"You kind of suck at the salsa, I figured i'd help you out."

"Salsa? Of course I suck at it, i've never tried it before."

"Well now your going too, come on, just follow my lead."

He was spinning me around, and turning me, and everything else..until my clumsy butt fell on top of him. I tried getting up, but he rolled me over and held me down and started making fun of how weak I was.

"So you want to be a diva?"

"Of course, get off your lard."

"I'm just holding you down, barely, come on weaky get up."

"I'm not weak, i'm just not as strong as you."

"I know you could get up if you wanted too, you just like me being on top of you."

"You so know thats not true."

He let go and started cracking up laughing, I joined him. I rolled back on top of him.

"You know thats not true, because you know I like being on top."

I couldn't help but laugh. We both fell on the floor and I was rolling around like I was on fire.

"Alright missy enough sex jokes lets get you ready for your date tonight."

"Aww, come on I was just getting started."

I was so hyper, I loved being around Jeff, I never had to fake a smile around him, and he didn't mind my immature sense of humor. He threw me four differen't dresses I hadn't ever seen before.

"Where'd you get these? They arn't mine."

"I know that, I bought them for you."

"Jeff? Awww, why? You didn't have too."

"I didn't want you wearing the same dress twice, and yes I did have too, now try them on."

"AHH I loveeee you, thanks so much!"

I gave him a huge hug and went in the bathroom, the first dress I tried on was a plan black dress that was a little shorter then mid thighs, I came out.

"You look cute, but that's a little to plan, try on the others."

I went back in and tried on another. It was hot pink and cut through the sides, with a dimond circle in the middle.

"I love it, but, I think that's a little to sexy, don't want any other guys staring at you. haha."

I tried on another that was blue with crystal straps and turned black at the bottom, I hated the way that it made me look so I didn't even bother trying it on. I tried on the last dress though. I knew it was the one.
It was black at the top like a bikini, and then the rest was white with black and grey flowers, and slashes of blue.
I turned in the mirror three times before finally coming out, I hope Jeff loved it as much as I did.

"So, what do you think?" Jeff stayed silent.

"Jeff? Is it that bad?"

"No, It's amazing, You..You look amazing, I've never seen someone, anything so beautiful."

"OMG Jeff your soo sweet, thank you. So you like it?"

"Of course I like it, It looks so great on you. Matt's one lucky guy."

"Thank you so much for picking it out Jeff, it's really perfect isn't it?"

"Yes, just like you."

I smiled at him and gave him one last hug, I backed away quickly though not wanting to ruin my dress, and then Matt was there to get me.

"And now introducing the most beautiful girl in the whole World, Sarah."

"Sarah?! Is that you? You looking gorgeous! Come on my lovely lady, and Jeff? Thank you."

Matt took me out to my favorite Italian resturaunt and then too a salsa dancing club. So that was why Jeff was teaching me salsa. When we got done Matt took me to a chair and sat me down.

"I figured since you are so amazing, i'd get you something almost as amazing."

"Matt? You got me something? You didn't have too."

"No, I wanted too, and I hope you like it. Turn around and lift up your hair."

I did as he said and felt his hands around my neck, it was so cute, because I felt him shaking, and his big hands didn't help to lock the necklace. When it was finally on, I looked down at it. It was a stunning 14 karat white gold dimond necklace in the shape of a heart. I started to get tears in my eyes. I turned around and gave Matt and Kiss right there, I didn't care if people saw the age difference.

"Matt, your amazing, How? Why? When?"

"Don't worry about it, and I only want the best for the best, I love you."

"I love you too."

The whole car ride home the only thing I could do was stare at it and keep saying thank you. I showed Jeff, and all he did was smile and say it was pretty. It was more then pretty, but I wouldn't expect a guy to see that.
I went straight up to my bed and fell asleep. I was never taking it off.

I awoke in the middle of the night by someone kissing my lips, I wasn't very awake so I didn't open my eyes, but I was awake enough to kiss back, so of course I did. It ended up turning into a full blown make out session, and never did I open my eyes once. When he finally left I heard him talking to his brother.

"Jeff? What were you doing in Sarah's room?"

"Just making sure she wasn't cold or something."

"Alright, night."

"Goodnight Matt, and you want to know something?"


"Your an amazingly lucky man."

"I know, Jeff, I know."

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