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A Walk To Remember: Chapter 2                                                                                          Backstage

The night of wwe.

'Hey Dustin ugh, I can't believe we are here!'

'It's amazing, isn't it?'

'Of course it'

'Hey Sarah, don't mind me..I'm just going to go find my seat, talk to you soon'

So here I am....alone..thinking about this..well we have backstage passes so I guess I don't have to wait to take my seat. I headed backstage.

All the sudden I felt someone run into me, knocking me down.

'Oh my gosh, i'm so sorry, are you okay...'

He paused as if he was trying to figure out who I was.

'I'm..i'm fine thanks.'

I couldn't believe my eyes, there right in front of me was the one person i've lived for, waited for, my everything. Matt Hardy.

'Who are you anyways?' He asked.

'Sarah.' I paused. 'Moon.'

'Sarah Moon, what a cute name'

He started laughing just like Everyone does when they find out my name.

'Well Sarah, do you mind if I take you out for dinner or something I feel bad now that I hit you.'

I didn't know what to say...maybe I was only 14..but that didn't matter,
did it? Of course he only seen me as a friend..he didn't know i've been dreaming about this day to come.

'Umm, sure?' I sighed. Careful not to let my excitement show.

'Great, well meet me here after ECW, i'll see what I can do.'

Wow, Matt acutally wanting to take ME out somewhere? This had to be a dream. Nothing this lucky has ever happened to me. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.

'Are you Matt's new Girl....WOAH HOLY CRAP! How old are you 16??'

It was Jeff, everyone who's anyone knows him. Even if they don't like him. But to think he actually thought we were dating. Wow.

'Actually i'm 14. And no i'm not dating Matt in fact he just ran into me, so he offered to take me out to eat, nothing more.'

He stared like I was some kind of freak.

'YOUR 14!!!'

He was cracking up now....' these days'

he wispered.
Then I watched him walk away.

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