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A Walk To Remember: Chapter  20                                                                                             Movie

"Morning sunshine."

"Morning Matt."

I was in an incredibly good mood, so I hugged him from behind and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Morning Jeff."

"Morning lil' one."

"How are you guys today?"

"We're good, and you?"

"I'm fabulous, hey I have some plans for today if you don't mind?" I said while crunching on some Bacon.

"Whats that?"

"I want to go to your dad's house, if thats not too much of a bother?"

"Of course thats not a bother, when do you want to go."

"As soon as possible please and thank you."

"Alright then get in the car, you too Jeff."

We rode to there dads and I was singing the whole way, even to songs I didn't know. When we got there I was the first one out of the car and the first one to say Hi to there dad.

"Hey kiddo, How are you?"

"I'm great, Pa, how are you?"

"I'm doing good thanks dear, so what brings you guys in this neck of the woods?"

"It was Sarah's idea, she wanted to come see you."

"Is that so?"

"Uh huh. I just thought it'd be nice to come say hi."

"Well hi."

"Haha hi."

We sang all night, and there dad cooked us some steak on the grill. It was a ton of fun. But after all of it I was extremely tired.

"Night pa, I have to be going now i'm tired."

We all said our goodnights and left.

"So what was the real reason you wanted to go?"

"No reason Jeff, just wanted to say hi."

"Thats interesting."

"If you say so."

Matt said he was going to bed because he had to leave again in the morning. I watched a movie with Jeff and told him i'd be right back. I went to go see if Matt was sleeping or not. He was. I curled up next too him and admired the way he slept. He looked exhausted you could tell. I must of accidently woke him up. Because he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer. My head was now laying on his chest.

"You smell good Mattykinz."

"Your hair smells good."

"I didn't mean to wake you."

"I wasn't sleeping."

"Liar. I told Jeff i'd be right back."

"Then you better go, you don't want him to think I ate you haha."

"Love you, night get some rest."

"Night, love you too, i'll try."

I went back downstairs.

"Sorry I took so long Jeff."

"It's fine, I popped us some popcorn?"

"Thanks, sounds good."

Half way or so in the movie I got cold, I was going to get up but Jeff told me just to cuddle with him and he'd keep me warm. He did too, he was like a heating blanket, and he didn't smell too bad either, both him and Matt smelled good.
Must be there cologne.

"Are you staying with me when Matt's gone?"

"Yes mam' only if you want me too."

"Of course I want you too stay, you keep me company."

I was going to go too sleep, but he said we'd wake up Matt, i'd rather not do that, so I had him lay down and I layed right next too him, it was a little strange seeing as the couch was so small our bodies were practically squished together.
He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I gave him a funny look.

"What was that weird?"

"No kiss just like Matt."

"You mean like this?"

He leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips and then attempted to make out with me. I pulled away and hit him.

"It was you who kissed me last night wasn't it?!"

"Yeah and i'm not ashamed, I love you Sarah."

"NO! Jeff NO! I told you I loved you and you told me no, now it's your turn to see how that feels, get out."

"You can't kick me out of my brothers house."

"You either get out right now, or i'm telling Matt."

"I'm going i'm going, bye, I love you, and you know what I hope he DOES find out."

I couldn't believe I was so stupid. I had to tell Matt, but I couldn't, I broke his heart enough times there was no way I was about to do it again. I thought Jeff was my friend, my brother..I thought he cared about me and Matt, and this whole time he just wanted to get with me and hurt Matt. I ran back into Matt's bedroom and layed on his chest and cried.


"Just go back to sleep and promise to never leave me."

"Shh, it's alright, I promise, I swear, it'll be okay."

I layed there the rest of the night crying and never once did Matt take his eyes off of me for the rest of the night.

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