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A Walk To Remember: Chapter 22                                                                                              Mom

sarah -i woke up before Matt, i was trying not to wake him so i just stayed there. a half an hour or so went by and i really had to use the bathroom. i tried getting over matt without waking him up but didn't succeed.

"hey, your awake."

"sorry, you can go back too sleep."

"nah it's fine, what are you doing on the floor?"

"i tripped....."


" and your big body got in my way."

we both laughed. i ran to the bathroom and when i got back matt was watching tv.

"hey sarah come look at this."

"what is it?"

i plopped down next to him and he pointed to the tv. i heard jeff's music come on and out came jeff, he was...smiling?

"what's he doing there?"

"when he gets stressed and mad what not, he takes it out in the ring."

"then whys he smiling?"

"jeffs always been good at hiding his true emotions."

"yeah, umm did he tell you..about him and beth?"

"no, what?"

"they kind of sorta arn't really together anymore."

"what? he said there were just fine."

"i'mma quote you 'jeffs always been good at hiding his true emotions."

"ugh, if that doesn't give me more reason to hate him."

we finished watching jeff's match and then i went to go make some calls. i haven't spoken to my mom or my friends in forever and honestly i missed them. i decided to call my mom first.

"hey mom, how are you?"

"ahh, sarah i've missed you, when are you coming home?"

"i miss you too mom, i'll be home next week. school starts up again soon anyways."

"alright, i love you darling, i have to go tim's here."

"alright mom, tell him i said hi, bye."


i was going to continue and call people but Matt called me. i walked downstairs to see what he wanted.

"get your bag and everything were going to see your mom."

"my mom?!"

"yeah, that was who you called right?"

"yeah but..."

"come on, you met my dad, i want to meet your mom."

"she doesn't approve of wrestling."

"she might approve of me?"

"fine, lets go."

i grabbed everything i brought with me, and suprisingly matt still had more then i did. he had a whole 3 suitcase bags full. he must really be feeling ambicious or something. my mom would approve of matt that was for sure, he was a great guy. there were only two things i think she won't approve of, the only problem is there two big things. his job, and the age difference.

"you ready to go?"

"yeah i'm all set, you?"

"yup, i'm excited to meet her."

"should i call her?"

"no, i want it to be a suprise, your suppose to be home in a week anyways right?"


"good it works out perfectly then."

on the way there i was silent, i didn't know exactly what to expect all i know is matt wouldn't shut up about it. 'do you think she'll like me? arn't you excited? i love michigan.' poor boy didn't know what he was getting himself into. we made like zero stops on the way there, the only time we would stop was to get food or to use the bathroom, he was determained to get there within 2 days. when we finally got there he was about to get out.

"matt, wait." i pulled him back in the car.


i gave him a kiss.

"that was for goodluck."

we knocked on the goes nothing.

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