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A Walk To Remember: Chapter 23                                                                                              The Talk


"just a minute!!" i heard my mom yell.


"sarah! oh honey."

she grabbed and squeezed me practically to death. she pulled away when she seen Matt though.

"and who are you? if i may ask."

"i'm Matt, Matt hardy."

"well nice to meet you."

"you too, i figured it'd be a nice suprise for you to see your daughter ahead of time, besides that i was looking forward to meeting you myself."

"you look...kind of, old..for her i mean."

"i am mam' but were not dating, were friends."

"how'd you too become friends?"

"we met..."

i cut Matt off, if anyone was going to tell her, i wanted to be the one to tell her.

"we met threw wrestling mom...he's a wrestler."

"a wrestler?"

"yeah mom, he's a wrestler."

"i thought his name sounded familar, may i speak to you in the kitchen for a minute? excuse us Matt."

she pulled me into the kitched and her face was red. i knew she was upset. she was wispering though, she didn't want matt to hear i figured.

"you brought that trash into my house? i thought you were done with that garbage."

"mom, it's not garbage and besides that he is a complete gentleman, and i like him."

"he's 50 sarah."

"34 mom, jeeze."

"look, as long as he doesn't talk about this wrestling junk he's fine by me, but the moment he starts, he's out."

"ugh fine."

we both walked out of the kitchen smiling so matt smiled back. my mom cooked us some supper and then talked about what happened while i was down there, well some of it. it was starting to get late and i was tired. matt asked me a question in my ear and i gave him my approval. he wanted to know if he could talk to my mom alone. i was scared of what he was going to say but i excused myself gave my mom a kiss on the head and told her i was heading to bed, and Matt wanted to talk to her really quick.

Matt -

"i hope you don't mind me staying here a little longer to talk to you."

"no it's fine, what about?"

"your daughter."


her mom's face fell pale and i started getting nervous, this was a very big decision to tell her what i was about too.

"you raised a very beautiful, respectable, woderful young lady."

"thank you."

her mom was back to short answers, which made me even more nervous.

"well, can you promise me not to say anything until after i'm done?"

"i can't do that, but i'll try."

"thanks. anyways your daughter and i have spent about a little more then a month together, and i've grown to see the person she is and will be, she amazes me in each and every way, and i'm proud to be her friend. heres the deal though, over the course of time, i've fallen in love with her, i know the age difference, i understand that, i also understand she is a christian,
and that you don't approve of wrestling, i would not ever want to do anything you wouldn't approve of or her, i will never hurt her, i don't care if we are millions of miles apart if i hear someone hurt her i will hurt them one hundred times worse. i hope you understand."

"i haven't seen my daughter this happy in a while, she sounds so happy around you, i don't approve of the age difference. or what you do, but, all i want is what is best for my daughter and if that is you, then so be it."

"there is more."


"i would hope that you'd allow me to ask your daughter out, officially."

"i..thats..thats up to her, if you want this and she wants this, then i'm not going to stand in the way. goodnight matt, and thanks for at least being honest, i'm going to bed."

i think her mom is confused. i think she doesn't know if she really wants whats best for her daughter or what she feels is right.
so i'm not going to ask sarah anything until i really am on her mom's side. you want to know what though? i wasn't going to say what i was going to say, i changed it at the last second. i was going to ask for someone her hand in marrige. i do hope someday to get to that point, because i do love her more then anything and i'd love to be able to call her my wife. that's got a good ring to it, Sarah Hardy.

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