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A Walk To Remember: Chapter 3                                                                                           The 'Date'  

I figured it wouldn't matter if I explored a little So I decided to walk around. I seen everything from the locker rooms to the restrooms, and everything in between. I finally ended up in a room with a couch and a t.v. This is probably where people studied their moves from backstage. After about 15 minutes I heard a knock on the door.

'Hello? Is anyone in here?'

It sounded a lot like Shawn's voice. It wouldn't do any harm if I was in here, I hoped.

'Yah, umm...come in.'

I was right. In comes Shawn. He looked rather confused. So I decided I ought to fill him in.

'I'm Sarah.'

'Nice to meet you Sarah, i'm Shawn.'

'I know who you are...who doesn't?'

'Haha, very true. So did you win a backstage pass or something?'

'No, actually my friend got us backstage passes somehow. How are you?'

'Neat, i'm great thank you, And you?, do you mind if I ask you something?'

His face got all serious. I didn't think there was anything serious to ask me..he didn't really know me anyways.

'I'm good, but yah sure, whats up?'

'Why arn't you freaking out? I mean not meaning to brag but everyone seems to freak out when they see us. Arn't you a fan?'

Oh, so thats what he was worrying about.

'Of course i'm a fan. A huge fan. I guess I just don't see any reason to freak out over someone. I mean you are just like us, no?'

He was taken back by suprise. I watched him take a deep breath.

'Your right we are, well hey i'm going to go, catch ya around.'

I watched him walk away. It seemed so different, how I got along with everyone. It wasn't like school at all. Everyone acting like I was Some kind of freak. Okay so maybe it was, I didn't exactly belong here, but hey if I could survive school, I could survive this. I continued watching the show tell it was over. I heard Matt yelling.

'Sarah! Sarah where are you? Moon...MOOOOONNNNNN.'

I couldn't help but laugh. I watched him look ridiculous for a few minutes before I decided i'd tell him where I was.

'Matt! I'm in here.'

'There you are, you don't know how to stay in one place do you?'

I shrugged my shoulders.

'Well I got bored.'

He looked at me like I had lost my mind. I couldn't really blame him, how could you get bored in a place like this?

'Anyways, are you ready to go?'


I smiled and followed him out. We got quite a few stares. I kind of felt bad about leaving Dustin but I figured I could just call him later, he'd understand. We ended up at Olive Garden. I ordered a chicken salad and a pepsi, I didn't want to be hungry but I didn't want to seem like a pig either. Matt didn't mind though he ended up with 2 pasta dishes, garlic bread, a salad, and 2 drinks. I was shocked.

'So, Sarah tell me about your self.'

It seemed strange to have someone interested in me for a change.

'Well, i'm 14 and was raised here in Michigan, I used to live in New Mexico for a while until we wanted snow. I have two older brothers and 10 pets. I want to be in WWE, and well thats just about it.

I didn't know what all I should say, and shouldn't say. I was really bad about opening up to people, besides why would he care?

'Hmm..well thats certainly interesting.'

I wasn't sure if I should take that in the bad way or not. I think he saw the puzzled look on my face because he added on.

'New Mexico is great, and I love pets too...umm..sorry I just i'm not sure how to go about this, I guess your just so young and I don't know what all I can say, not that I don't trust you just you know.'

I was angry.

'Matt, look i'm not trying to be rude but i HATE it when people say i'm too young. I know everything anyone else knows and I have a lot larger intellegence then most people think.'

'Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. Well would you like to...well WWE is here for a few more days if you'd like I can give you, and your friend backstage passes for the next two events, maybe i'll see you around?'

Was this real? Was he really doing me a favor? He must have lost his mind. I told him thank you and called a taxi. I needed rest.

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