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A Walk To Remember: Chapter  8                                                                                             Jeff

"Jeff..Jeff, come on open up, it's an emergency."

I could barely speak, even if I could, how would I know what to say?
Jeff opened the door, it looked as if I just woke him up.

"Sarah? Whats wrong? Who did this...."

He stopped, he knew it had something to do with his brother. Jeff put his arm around my shoulder and brought me inside.

"Jeff, I just...I thought...He told me he'd always be there for me forever and always. I believed him. He lied Jeff, he lied!"

"It's going to be okay sweetie, I promise you everything will be alright, and unlike him I won't break my promise. I'll talk to him in the morning and i'll work things out."

We were sitting on the couch now. I shoved my face into his chest and let the tears stain his shirt. All i wanted was to be held. Maybe Jeff wasn't the one I wanted to be held by, but the guy I did want to be held by, didn't want me anyways.

"Jeff, thank you. I prob should call the hotel and head home now.
There isn't much of a reason for me to stay."

"Sarah, you don't have too...too run away I guess. Stay here for the night, your in no shape to leave.

"I'm not really running away, but your right, i'll just head out in the morning, Thanks."

I gave Jeff a hug goodnight and he showed me to a guest room. I felt a little better now, not much but it was late and I was too tired to think about what went on.

"Matt? I know it's late, did I wake you bro?"

"No, Whats up?"

"Well, Sarah's over here."

"THANK GOSH! I was worried."

"You didn't have any reason to be, seeing as..oh nevermind."

"What? Seeing as I don't care?"

"Yeah, pretty much, she likes you, I hope you know that."

"I screwed up, but I was drunk! You can't really blame me for that."

"She's 14 Matt! She's a lot more mature then most. For you to say the same thing to Eve as to her, that broke her."

"Jeff you wouldn't even begin to understand."

"OH? Then why don't you explain to me, because obviously I don't get it."

"It's complicated."

"How? How can you breaking her heart be so 'complicated'?"

"Because, because I like her, I really do. She's not like everyone else, she's different. It's not like a one night kind of thing."

"Well maybe you should tell her that, because she's heading home in the morning."

"What?! No! Don't let her, take her somewhere or something please."

"Matt, you got yourself into this mess, and for the last time, i'll get you out."

"Thanks! I owe you, now i'm going back to bed, love ya bro night."


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