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A Walk To Remember: Chapter  5                                                                                            Games

" Bye Shawn, bye Jeff See you soon."

I shut the car door and waved goodbye. Shawn kind of grew on me, he was almost like a second dad. A great one at that. Jeff still seemed kind of different around me but he'd grown used to me always being around. I slipped my flip flops off, threw my feet onto the dashboard and slipped the sunglasses off my head and unto my face. This definintly was the life.

I ended up taking a nap. When I awoke I seen Matt staring at me from the corner of my eyes. I didn't want him to know I seen him looking, although I didn't know what he was looking at on me. So I stirred a little then yawned.

"Good afternoon sunshine." He said.

"Thanks, how long was I asleep?"

"Little over 2 hours, you know you talk in your sleep?"

"I so do not!...what did I say?"

"Oh, just about how much you love me, and think i'm so hot and amazing and just about everything else." He laughed.

"Your such a liar."

I slapped him a little playfully and blushed.

"Mind if we stop at the gas station? I'm thirsty and I really really have to pee."

"yeah sure thing, I need to get gas anyways."

This is pretty much how it went for half the ride. Us taking turns sleeping (I had my permit.) and stopping at the gas station, We only talked when Matt decided to make fun of me about something.

I looked over at him and smiled.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" He said startled.

"Nope, your just adorable, you and your nose." I laughed.

"Why thanks young N'. Your not so bad yourself."

I knew he meant it in the most un flirty way possible, but I couldn't help but hope otherwise. We stopped at a near by Wesco and got some snacks and red bull. I caught an older guy looking at me.

"Hey! Don't look at her that way, she's FOURTEEN You perv."

Matt gave the guy an evil glare like if he were in the ring against someone and took me by the arm and left.

"Thanks, but I could of handled myself thank you."

"He was a perv, he deserved it."

"Why do you care so much anyways?"

I wasn't really mad but I never get alot of attention and in a way I kind of enjoyed it.

" I care because...well I'm not sure why I care but I do."

The rest of the ride was silent, so i decided i'd pull out my cellphone and call Shawn.

"Hey Papa Bear, How are you?"

"Yeah i'm good too thanks, hey do you think you can do me a favor?"

"Do you mind giving the phone to John..Yah Cena, I'd like to speak with him."

Seeing as I already was on Matt's nerves..I wondered just how far I could push them. I knew that John was a player and he didn't know me So as long as I sound cute it'd be fine.

"Hey Johnykinzz, how are you babe?"

"Yah, i'm a friend of his so hey listen I should be seeing you at the next few events maybe we could hang out or something?"

"Sounds good, see you later."

I hung the phone up and looked at Matt's face. He seemed really disturbed.

"Do you know what your getting yourself into little girl?" He tensed.

"Yeah I know Exactly what i'm getting into. anyways i'm taking a nap."

I didn't want to push him too far because I could tell he was going to blow right then and there. This was enough testing him for now...Lets just wait until we got to his house, then let the games begin.

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