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A Walk To Remember: Chapter 6                                                                                              Promises

I looked at Matt then smiled. Before he knocked on the door I asked him to wait and braced myself for meeting his dad. It was going to be a long day.
I took a breath.

"Okay i'm ready."

"Hey Pap's. How are you?"

Matt gave his dad a bear hug and then smiled. His dad got a confused look on his face and looked at me. I blushed..something I happened to do a lot.

"Oh, yeah. This is Sarah. I met her at a show."

"Why, hello youngin, is Matt babysitting you?"

I almost choked on the water I was drinking.

"Haha your funny. No he's not babysitting me, in fact i'm old enough to take care of myself. I'm 14. Sorry I don't mean to sound rude but do you mind if I use your restroom, I really have to go."

"Wow, bringing home 14 year old girls now Matt? That's a new one. Anyways go right ahead, go down the hall and it's to the left."

I left to go the restroom well more like freshen up and such.

"Dad, why'd you crack that joke, you know it's not like that."

"Matt i'm not stupid. I know that. I just thought it was pretty funny."

"Well it's not, i'm just getting to know her, she seemed nice."

"If you brought home every nice person, you'd have a billion."

"Well she's different...there is something about her I like."

"Don't get to caught up Matt, you know curiousity killed the cat."

I walked out in just enough time to hear killed the cat. I almost started balling. I am very sensative to animals.

"Whats wrong?" Matt tried comforting me.

"Sorry nothing, I just thought a cat died or something, sorry I was being dumb."

"No you were not, anyways dad, Sarah would you like to get something to eat? I'm hungry."

We drove for a while and I put my headphones in. I didn't want to hear what they were talking about. Most likely sports and guy stuff,
fixing cars, and what not. It wasn't that long of a drive anyways we went to a nearby Waffle House. About mid way through the conversation Matt's dad turned and looked at me.

"So Sarah, what kind of stuff are you into? Obviously wrestling but what else?"

"Well i'm into fashion and animals. I like music a lot too. I guess i'm into a lot of stuff." "and Matt, yah i'm into him too."

I wispered the last part. But i'm pretty sure Matt heard because his eyes got huge. and He started choking.

"Hey dad can you please excuse me and Sarah for a moment I'd like to speak to her."

"Of course son, just don't take too long."

Matt grabbed me by my arm and practically dragged me to the other side of the room.

"What?" I asked stunned.

"You know what, what you said back there...your into me?"

"I didn't mean it like that, I just meant I like the way you wrestle yeah that's it."

"It better have been all you meant, look at you, your 14 and your crushing on guys who are majorly older then you."

"Look at the guy who is bringing home little girls. See whose the crazy one now?"

I shot back at him. We went back to our booth and he glared at me the whole time.

"Dad, I think i'm ready to head back home, Sarah said she's tired and i'd like to treat our guest nicely."

I knew he was just trying to find an excuse to leave. But I didn't feel like arguing with him right in front of his dad. The car ride seemed to drag on forever.
Either there was a lot on my mind or we were taking a different way back to the house. We got to the house and I said my goodbyes then went to bed. Or well into the bedroom. I figured i'd play along with the whole 'i'm tired' thing. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep.

"Dad, I need your advice."

"What about?"

"Well, what do you do when you've gotten a crush. One that you know it's wrong to even think about. In fact it's more then wrong it's sick. But you can't help but like this person. Even when it's wrong?"

"Well, Matt, i've never been there. If your talking about Sarah, I already know. Just the way you look at her and act around her, you don't lose your temper anymore like you used too, and you seem happier even when she gets on your nerves. But I can tell you this, don't do it. I know you like her, but she's 14 Matt. It's very wrong.
I know she likes you too, but she trust you, don't hurt her."

"I know dad, I know, hey i'm tired i'm heading to bed."

"Goodnight son, just...promise me you'll think about what I said."

"I promise."

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