This features Amy and Evan from the Blind Date story. Based off a Tweet to @findevan.  TOTALLY RATED M FOR MATURE!

Better Than HBO                                                                                                             By CraftyTink529

Amy was in town for one of her frequent visits to Raw. She was elated that Evan was moved from ECW to Raw during the Trump trade because that meant that his career was going to really start taking off. He was no longer going to be low to mid card but he’d be on top and close to main even status. However, at times, this scared her because she was going to be in for a rude awakening when he reached that status.


Tabitha had warned her because she had experienced it with John. It was hard to adjust to the business of the schedule and lack of time for a relationship. But Amy thought that if Tabs and John could make it work, then so could she and Evan.


“Babe?” Amy called out as she entered the hotel room. She wasn’t sure if he was there or not until she heard the television on in the bedroom of their suite.


“I’m in here babe.” Evan called from the bedroom.


Amy walked in, rolling her large suitcase behind her. She was staying for four days and Evan always laughed at her because it looked like she was staying for a month.


“Hey you.” Amy smiled as she walked up to him and gave him a deep kiss. When they broke apart, she laughed. “Don’t get out of bed or anything.”


“Sorry. Practice this morning was rough and I have this damn headache now because of it.” Evan groaned.


“Did you just get back?” Amy asked. She knew he wasn’t going to be able to pick her up from the airport and that was why she met him at the hotel.


“Yeah. Showered and dressed just before you got here.” Evan smiled. He patted the bed next to him. “Lay with me?”


“Should it even be a question?” Amy giggled. She set her suitcase near Evan’s, kicked off her sandals and joined him. She snuggled in close to him and he wrapped his arms around her.


“Whatcha watchin’?” She asked.


“HBO on Demand.” Evan said as he kissed the top of her head. “I missed you.”


“Me too.” She looked up at him and gave him a wink.


They sat in silence for a little while until Amy felt the light bulb click on in her head. She smirked and Evan could feel her cheek rise against his shirt.


‘Uh-oh.’ He thought. Her smirks meant trouble and it was always the dirty kind of trouble. “Aims?”


‘Busted.’ She thought. “Hmm?”


“Spill.” Evan laughed at her attempt of being coy.


“Still have a headache?” She asked sitting up still keeping her hand on his chest.


“Kinda.” Evan answered honestly.


“Well let me show you how to get rid of it. I can promise that it’s more entertaining that HBO on Demand.” She said as she straddled him.


Evan’s attention was instantly on her. She looked so beautiful. Her brown hair was down and straight, just like he liked it. So he could run his hands all through it. Her plain black tank top snuggled all the right curves on her 5’9 frame. Her jeans looked like they were painted on her they were so tight and hugged her ass like he loved.


“What did you have in mind?” Evan licked his lips at her sexiness. God, how he had missed her.


Amy didn’t speak. She just leaned in and captured his lips in a seductive French kiss. Evan responded to her kiss by taking one hand and cupping her face to deepen the kiss and ran his other along her back, under her shirt.


As Amy pushed Evan back on the bed more, he pulled her with her until she was lying on top of him, continuing to kiss passionately. As their tongues swirled, Amy’s hand traveled to the elastic of Evan’s shorts. She dipped it inside, touching his now hard manhood, causing him to moan at her touch.


Amy broke away from Evan’s lips and started kissing down his chiseled jaw to his neck, chest and continue her trail to the waistband. With both of her hands and a little help from Evan lifting his ass from the bed, she swiped his shorts off in one quick motion. She was eager to have him and wanted to waste no time.


Immediately she wrapped her mouth around him, taking all of him in. Evan again moaned at her touch and thought he would blow his lid right there. It had been a few weeks since he had seen her or been with her and he was dying just as much as she was to have her.


“Go…slow… baby…” Evan tried to get out. Amy slowed her pace, but continued her up and down bobbing motions while swirling her tongue around his shaft.


She could feel him slightly spasm against her tongue and knew she needed to stop for a moment or her play time would soon be over. She pulled away from him and started kissing back up his well defined abs to his luscious lips.


Evan took this opportunity to take charge of the situation. He pulled at Amy’s tank top, slipping it with ease over her head and with one hand unclasping her black bra. As they continued to kiss, Evan rolled the two over and it was his turn to be on top.


He took control by copying Amy’s motions from earlier. First her lips, then her neck; only he took a slight nip at the soft flesh before continuing on his way. He moved from her neck to her shoulder to the valley between her breasts before giving one attention over the other. As he sucked on one nipple he rubbed her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Amy gasped at the feeling of his warm mouth flickering deep sensations through her breasts. He switched sides and repeated his actions.


Once finished he moved down, placing sweet, wet kisses along her toned stomach. God, he loved her body. He reached the button of her jeans and quickly unbuttoned them, pulling them along with her black lace panties off her long legs.


Running a hand up the bare flesh he stared at her center. It looked warm and was glistening with her juices. Amy bit her lip waiting for him to do something instead of just looking at her.


“I love you.” Evan said as he moved his naked frame up her body to capture her in a kiss.


When they broke apart, Amy whispered the same back to him. Evan moved back towards her center and kissed just above it while he teased her with one finger and then two, inserting them gently and slowly moving them inside and out in a steady motion.


“Oh fuck!” Amy gasped. Before she could get anything else out she let out a slight squeal as Evan replaced his fingers with his tongue. His mouth fully tasting her.


As she neared her climax, she began to slow buck her hips in order for his tongue to go deeper, lapping up all that she had. Evan smiled a bit and placed an arm over her hips to keep her grounded. Amy soon came and he swallowed everything that escaped her, her walls contracting around his tongue.


Evan had her where he wanted her and he slid up her body, slipping himself with ease inside of her as he started kissing her, letting her taste herself.


As Evan started a decent pace, Amy’s moans got louder.


“You like that?” Evan asked.


“Yes.” Amy whispered. She could barely find her voice as his thrusts continued.


In and out, fast and then slow, Evan kept her guessing at his next move. At one point, he was slipping in and out of her while moving his hips in circles creating a different sense of pleasure that she hadn’t experience with him before. In fact, she had never experienced sex like this before. Not with Dave, not with Evan, at least until now that was.


“Oh Evan…” She moaned as he began quickening his pace. They were both close to climax. “Don’t stop.”


Evan kept on and they both kept moaning. And within minutes more, Amy came bringing Evan’s orgasm along with her.


Evan collapsed on top her, gently kissing her as he pulled out. Together, they lied in bed trying to regain their composure and breath while holding each other.


“I think I should have headaches more often.” Evan whispered as he kissed Amy’s bare shoulder.


“Did it help?” She giggled.


“It was far better than HBO.” Evan whispered.