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What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? What happens if he falls in love with you too? Read as Candice and CM Punk discover that they are ment to be more than just friends. What happens when his ex girlfriend finds out?

Connected                                         By Meesha                             Chapter 1: I Don't Do Blind Dates

"Why are all men jerks!" a frustrated Candice Michelle said as she plopped on a near by sofa in her apartment she shared with her best friends Maryse Ouellet and Mickie James.

"Sweetie, all men aren't jerks. Maybe your just falling for he wrong kind." reassured Mickie James. Maryse nodded her head in agreement.

"Easy for you two to say you have have boyfriends, Maryse yours is on his way over as we speak so shhhh it!!! Candice hissed back in defense. She hated when Maryse and Mickie ganged up on her. She felt she had to yell to get her point across. She wished she had someone in her life. She really did it was that every mean she dated ended up breaking her heart. It happened with Randy, Adian, and now with Ken. See she wasn't shallow she just didn't want to fall into the whole "I'm in love" trap then ultimately get her heart stomped on.....again.

Candice sighed as she thought about her previous relationships. She sighed again as she heard a knock at the door, signaling Matt Hardy was here to pick up his girlfriend, Maryse.

Phil Brooks waited outside his girlfriends bathroom slightly annoyed. "Babe, you look fine. Lets go!" he said for what like the 100th time.

"No, did you see my hair!?! It looks like a lion mane." Kelly yelled through the door trying to fix her mane. Once again Kelly was going to make them late. A frustrated CM Punk pulled his phone from his pockets and began flipping through his pictures. He chuckled a little when he came across a picture of his girlfriend -Kelly- and his best friend -Candice-. Kelly sooned emerged from the bathroom door.

"How do I look?" she asked."

You look-" he hated when she interrupted him. And she did that a lot.

"You don't have to answer that."she giggled. "I know i look flawless."

Candice was bored to death. Maryse was out with Matt.........again and Mickie was rambling on about boys and one in particular her boyfriend, John Cena.

"I think I should set you up on a blind date." Mickie said out of the blue.

Candice was didnt know if that was a question or a statement?

"No, Micks you know i don't do blind dates."

"Candi, please this guy will be perfect for you. I just know it." Mickie begged.

She was like a fly when she got like this. She had a mission and wouldn't go away until it got what it wanted in the first place. Or you kill it.

" Mickie Laree James i said NO!! Final answer i can't believe you'd even suggest that to me. You know i don't do blind dates. And to prove her point Candice walked into her room and slammed the door shut.

To say that Candice was a drama queen was well dead on but her stubborn side refused to admit it to anyone. she couldn't believe Mickie, trying to set her up on a blind date. Had Candice been single that long? All Candice knew was she couldn't wait for Maryse to return home.