Baby's Got Her Gun                                                                                                 By CodyRhodesFan

It was supposed to be a game.

His body onto the table, beautiful body, Phil couldn't stop giggling as Jeff worked his way through Phil, deflowering the virrgin and Phil pretended as if it didn't hurt even if he felt as if his body was about to explode at Jeff's thrusts of pain and desolation.

"It's a fun game, right?"

Phil nodded. He didn't know what else to say.

He didn't want Jeff sad.

That would be bad.

"Want to play another fun game?"

Phil nodded his head.

"Take the gun over there."

Phil did as he was told, getting the gun from its place, holding it firmly and looking up at Jeff for guidance. "And I want you to sing that song. I want you to sing it."

Phil knew instantly what Jeff was taking about. "The colors of the world, my dearest friend, the pretty colors, they have no end...and the ocean that we see, it's laid across for you and me..."

"Now, sing it again and bring the gun to me."

Phil held the gun towards Jeff.

"The colors of the world, my dearest friend, te pretty colors, they have no end...and the ocean that we see, it's laid across for you and me..."

"Are you in love?"

Phil's eyes were cascading with tears. He was confused. He didn't want the gun anymore. "Y-yes."

"Tell me with who."



That made Phil accidentally let go of the trigger, hitting Jeff square into the heart, Phil screamed. "JEFF!"

Phil laid beside him.

"If I tell you who it is, will you wake up?"


"It's you, Jeffy."


"I love you..."

Sobs fall out of Phil's mouth.

"Please, Jeffy, wake up...the's for you and me..."

More sobs. "Please...."

Phil was choking on ters. "I love you so much, baby. Just please look at me...look at me..."

He held onto the body.


Matt walked in, shocked at what he saw. "You little bitch..."

"PLEASE! Don't take him away from me! I...I love him...I'm sorry...I...I..."

Matt tore Jeff's corpse away from Phil, leaving Phil on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably.


Phil stared up.

"Just wake up, Jeffy."


Uniforms of black and blue.

They tore Phil apart from the floor.

Phil was still crying.

Cascading tears.

"I'm sorry...Jeffy..."


"I don't like this game anymore...I don't like it!"