John and Haley's life story together.

Don't Take The Girl                                                                                                         By CraftyTink529


John Cena was about to attempt fishing with his father. He was eight years old and would have rather been playing football in the back yard or wrestling in the basement trying to win the Cena Championship Belt. Just as they were about to head out, a little green eyed blonde hair girl about the same age as John came through the front get of the Cena home. She too was holding her fishing pole.

John’s dad, Johnny, looked down at his second oldest son and smiled. “We can’t leave her behind.”

“But Dad.” John grumbled.

“Son, I know you dont want her to go. But someday,I can bet that you’ll change your mind.”

“What about Jimmy Johnson, or take tommy thompson, take my best friend Bo. Take anyone that you want as long as Haley doesn’t go. Take any boy in the world, Dad, but Daddy, please, please, don’t take Haley.”

John took Haley with him and his son fishing that day, no matter how much little John griped about it.

Ten years later…..

John and Haley were standing in the alley way outside the movie theater near their high school, CushingAcademy. They had just finished watching ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective When Nature Calls’. He was holding her hand tightly and kissing her deeply.

To this day, John’s dad would laugh at the fact that he had predicted that they would end up together. It was fate, destiny if one would say so.

A man in dark clothing came and pulled a gun on the young couple. He grabbed Haley by the arm.

“If you do what I tell you to, there won’t be any harm.” The man said.

Haley was scared out of her mind for she began crying. John, obviously shaken up, threw his hands up in defense.

“Here, take my money.” John handed him all his cash. “Take my whole wallet, all the credit cards in there. Here’s my gold watch that my grandpa gave me before he died, take that. Here’s the keys to my Jeep, it’s parked out front. Mister, please, just take anything, but please don’t hurt her. Don’t take my girl. Please, don’t hurt her.”

The man took the cash and the watch but left the keys to the Jeep. He let Haley go and John craddled his terrified girlfriend in his arms.

“Oh Hales. I’m right here baby. I’m right here.” John cried along with her. “He’s gone. We’re safe.”

Five years later……

“John!” Haley called from down the hall. They were living in California while John was persuing his body building career and looking to getting into the wrestling business, they were newlyweds, and they were going to have a baby any day now.

“Yeah…” John called back from the garage.

“We need to go and now.” Haley said walking into the garage.

“Now, like now, like right now, now.” John started panicking.

“Yeah.” Haley felt another contraction coming on.

John rushed them to the hospital and they rushed Haley into labor and delivery, but something was wrong and they wouldn’t let John come into the room.

Moments later, the doctor came out and said that the baby was fine. “It’s a boy. And he’s doing fine, but Haley has had some complications and she’s fading fast. I have a surgeon working on her now.”

John fell to his knees in tears and began praying. The doctor walked away to give him some space.

‘Take every breath you give me from this moment on, take my beating heart from my chest. I’ll take her place if you’ll let me. I’ll gladly do it. Make what I ask now, my last request. Take me, take my life, take me from this world. But please, God, please, don’t take Haley. Not my Haley.’ He prayed.

Eight Years later……

Johnny’s daddy was taking him fishing. Haley watched from the back yard of their Tampa, Florida home, holidng their new baby girl in her arms.

She had made it, he had made it and they named their first, a boy, after his father and his father before him.

“John make sure he doesn’t fall into the lake.” Haley laughed.

“I won’t.” He called back.

“Yeah, Mom, I won’t fall in!” John III called back.

“Boys.” Haley smirked at her daughter, Lilly Felix Cena and walked back inside to watch her boys on the dock from inside her kitchen.