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Katelyn's Riding on The Boarder of Dreamstreet and Swagger                                                                                   By AnimeWolfGirl70 Chapter 2: Meeting Jack Swagger and Ted DiBiase

After getting passed the guard I looked around me at everything backstage, until I walked into someone with the side of my head to their chest, making me fall back landing on my butt.

"Ow…watch it! I said to the stranger, even though I was the one who walked into them.

"How bout you watch it!" the stranger said back with lisp, "Do you know who I am?"

'wait a minute, a lispy voice it couldn't be.' I thought while looking up to see the person. The mystery person had short dirty blond hair, and from where i sat on ground blue eyes.

"I am the two-time All American American…" he started.

"…Jack Swagger, are should I call you Jake Hager?" I finished while standing up, figuring he's not going to help me up himself.

He just looked at me shocked that stood up to him and actually called him by his real name, when he thought I'd just be a fan who goes by his stage name 'Jack Swagger'. I looked at him waiting for an answer, when nothing came I decided to leave him be.

"Well bye Hager!" I said as I went to walk around and look for someone who will actually talk back.

"Wait, what's your name?" he asked, only to make me look over my shoulder and smile sweetly before answering. "Names Katelyn." I reply deciding it best not to give my last name, since people tend to make fun of me for it.

"Katelyn! Hm…so you becoming a new diva?"

"No, just here cause a friend got a backstage pass, but couldn't go!" I explain.

~Ted's P.O.V~

I came out of Legacy's locker room to get something to eat from catering, when I noticed a brunette haired girl talking with Hager(Swagger). I only saw the back of her, so I couldn't see her face, but her outfit the back of it looked like the one I saw on the girl in front row. I start thinking, 'What could she possible be doing backstage! Could she have a pass to be back here?' Instead of trying to figure it out I decided to go and find out, so I walked over to them.

"So what's going on here, Hager?" I asked curiously.

Jake looks up from looking at the girl at me, "Oh, hello to you Ted."

"Who do we have here, Jake?" I say stopping behind the girl, "The girl a new diva?"

At that last comment she turns around revealing beautiful hazel eyes and bangs that sway to the left side of her face. " 'The girl' can speak for herself and no, I'm not a new diva." she said, "By the way, the names Katelyn!"

"hm, Katelyn! Nice name, mines Ted." I say give a kiss on the back of her hand.

~Katelyn's P.O.V~

As Ted kissed my hand I could feel my cheeks getting alittle warm, thinking 'He kissed my hand…gah, I'm about to die, wait ah, say something Katelyn.'

"Nice to meet you, Ted!" I say smiling to him.

"So anyway, Ted what are you doing here?" Jake(Jack) asked snapping me back to reality of whatever fantasy I was in.

"Hm? OH, I was just on my way to catering to get something to eat before my match." Ted said, "Katelyn, want to join me?"

I glance back at Jake, than look back at Ted, "I'd love too.."

Ted smiles and leads me toward catering, I look back at Jake and see him alittle disappointed.

~Catering Area: Normal P.O.V~

Once Ted and I got to catering, we walked over to the table with the food. Ted looks at it all and glances at me and asks, "So what do you want?"

I look at the food, "um, I'm not really that hungry so probably just some fruit." He smiles and replies, "Ok!" He puts some strawberries on to a plate with a slice of pizza.

"Shall we go sit?" He asked making me giggle and ask him, "Shouldn't we first get something to drink?"

"Oh, yeah..I kinda forgot that." He said smiling.

"It's ok, I understand." I say taking the plate from him, "I'll take a water, please and I'll get a table for us."

"Ok!" he said letting me take the plate and heads over to get some drinks, while I head over and get a empty table, sitting down.

When Ted came over and sat across from and setting a water bottle in front of me. We sat there and talked for the last 30 minutes, as Ted asked about and I asked some questions about him.

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