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Katelyn's Riding on The Boarder of Dreamstreet and Swagger                                                                                   By AnimeWolfGirl70 Chapter 3: Swagger Gets A Date?

~Jake's P.O.V~ (Note: Jake means Jack)

As I stood in the hall watching Katelyn walk off to catering with Ted, I started thinking 'what is this I'm feeling toward Ted?' I was so caught up with my own thoughts, I failed to notice that Eve Torres was next to me until.

"Hey Jake, you ok?" Eve asked waving a hand in front of my face.

"huh?" I shake my head snapping out of my thoughts, "oh, hey Eve…did you say something?"

"um, yeah, I was asking if your ok?" she said.

"yeah, I'm fine." I say smiling at her.

"oh, ok than!" she says walking away.

"hey Eve, I'm just wondering…" I start trying to figure out how to say it.

She looks behind her at me, "what is it?"

"…I was just wondering what a romantic thing to do, that a girl would actually like?" I ask.

"well let's see…a romantic dinner and a movie. Why do you ask?" she answers and asks.

"oh, no reason." I say turning and walking away thinking 'well that's what I can do take Katelyn out to dinner and see a movie.'

Just as I pass Legacy's locker room Cody Runnels(Rhodes) comes out, mumbling to himself.

"Jake, have you seen Ted? Randy wants to go over tonight's match script one more time." he asks me.

"yeah, he headed off to catering." I say with a small smile on my face.

"oh, okay…thanks Jake." Cody says unaware of my smile, as he heads toward catering.

I start to think, 'well I'll let Cody get Ted away from Katelyn for the match, than I'll go ask Katelyn if she wants to go have dinner.'

~Catering~ Cody's P.O.V~ (this may not happen again)

As I walk into catering looking for Ted, I'm thinking 'how long does it take one guy to go get something to eat and come back.'

I see ted sitting at a table opposite where I am talking to a short haired brunette girl. I walk over to them, thinking 'um, I wonder who that is."

"hey Ted, what's taking so long?" I asked upon arriving.

"huh, oh Cody! I was talking with Katelyn here…Katelyn, this is Cody." he says introducing the brunette(Katelyn) to me.

She turns her attention to me, and smiles "nice to meet you, Cody Rhodes or would you prefer Cody Runnels?"

"um…doesn't matter." I manage to get out from shock after hearing my real last name said by a fan.

"she knows peoples real names, so you can have her call you by your stage name or real name!" Ted explains.

"hehe, so what would you like more?" she asks, "or is it still 'doesn't matter'?"

~Normal P.O.V~

Cody just shook off his shock and replied, "how about just, Cody?"

"No fair, answering a question with a question." I complained.

Ted laughed, while I pouted and Cody smiled, before Ted asked, "So Cody, why are you here?"

"huh? Oh, yeah…Randy, wants both of us to go over tonight's script(plan) again." Cody said.

"Oh, ok!" Ted said while getting up, "see you later, Katelyn?"

"Oh, yeah sure." I smile as Ted and Cody walk out of catering. I than decide to get up and walk around backstage, while waiting for after the main event.

~Hall, near Catering~ Normal P.O.V~

That is until I walk face to …chest and fall on my ass…again, "Ow…" I say rubbing my poor butt, since it's the second time today I fell on it, thinking 'who is it this time?"

"We got to really stop meeting like this." the person said as I looked up.

"Jake!" I smile up at him. "yep!" he says offering a hand to me, "let me help you up this time."

"thanks!" I said putting my hand up and in his hand, letting him help me up.

After I got back to a stand position, thanks to Jake, he asks "so…um, Katelyn, after RAW do you want to go have dinner and see a movie?"

I look at him, still smiling, "um…sure, however I don't know if any movie theaters will be open."

"that's ok, you can come to my apartment to watch a movie, after we eat." he says with a slight smile.

"I hope your not trying to get me up to your apartment for something things?" I question him, while raising my eyebrow.

"nah, you were just saying how theaters may not be opened and yeah." he replies quickly.

"I know… I was just making sure you remembered." I said, "I just got to let Ted know, I told him I'd see him later, is that ok?"

"yeah, no problem." he says with his infamous smile never leaving his lips.

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