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Katelyn's Riding on The Boarder of Dreamstreet and Swagger                                                                                   By AnimeWolfGirl70 Chapter 4: The Miz, The Match, Asking For Advice

I leave Jake and continue looking around backstage, hopeing I DON'T walk into anyone else's chests, since I've walked into Jake that way…twice now. As I look at the different names on the doors, I stop when I see 'Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin'.

I think, 'hm, I have always wanted to meet Miz.' Just as I'm about to knock on the door someone comes behind me and says, "Hello?" making me jump and spin and HITTING my head on the door. 'while I didn't go face to chest again.' I thought rubbing my head.

"Who are you?" the person asked by his voice could tell that the person was a guy.

"I'm Katelyn and who's the…" I started while looking up at him, thinking 'oh, holy hell…son of a farting biscuit, it's Mike Mizanin.' (ok, i officially put 'holy hell son of a farting biscuit' on copyright..that's my saying)

"Hello Katelyn, I'm The Miz…" he said. "yeah, yeah! You're the Miz and you're awesome!" I said nonchalantly as I turn and walk away leaving 'The Miz' to his thoughts.

~About 30 minutes left of RAW~ Time Skip, some what~

I sat on a box backstage and glanced at my phone thinking, 'hm, 30 minutes left the main event 'should' be starting soon.' I've met quite a few of the superstars and divas, naming a few would be Matt Korklan a.k.a Evan Bourne, John Cena, Mickie James and Maryse.

"Well I think I better get somewhere to see this main event match…I also have to tell Ted about Jake." I said to myself, while hoping off the box and shoving my mp3 player into my pocket.

~Back to Catering: Jake's P.O.V~

As I got something small to eat since I was having dinner with Katelyn, I didn't want to eat to much now, but I was hungry at the moment. I look over for some place to sit down I saw Katelyn poke her head in and look around than she left. I thought 'hm…what could she being looking for?' looking at the clock I see the was 9:35, 'oh, so she must be looking for a TV, to watch that main event match.'

I walk out of catering to catch, just than as she walked past Legacy's locker room the door opened and out came Randy, Cody and Ted.

~Katelyn's P.O.V~

I walked past the door labeled 'Legacy' just has it opened and the three members of Legacy come out. Randy and Cody walked past me almost as if I weren't there, which was fine with me. Ted stopped however, and said "Katelyn, what are you doing here?"

"I was just trying to find a place to watch the main event!" I explain while thinking 'damn it, I still don't have a clue of how I should tell him.'

"TED, COME ON!" Cody said/yelled down the hall. "BE RIGHT THERE!" Ted yelled back, before looking at me again, "you can watch it in there." he gestured to the locker room door marked 'Legacy'.

"Ok, thanks!" I accepted smiling figuring it's better than 'accidentally' walking on to the stage.

Ted walked me into the room and turned the TV on for me, before hugging and practically running out of the room. As I sit on the couch and watch the screen, as 'Voices' by Rev Theory echoed, for the second time that night, through the arena. Which gave Randy, Cody, and Ted their cue to walk out to the crowd of cheering or booing fans. Once they got done with their entrance, the words 'Are You Ready?' along with drums pounding singled the cue of Triple H and Shawn Michaels; which means D-Generation X has entered the arena.

Once they were done 'My Time is Now' played allowing the final member of the six-man tag match to come out. Now the match can begin!

~The Match~

"It looks like that this match will start with Cody Rhodes against John Cena." Michael Cole said.

As Michael Cole and Jerry 'The King' Lawler talked either about the match or one of the people in the match. The match continued on!

~Near the end of the match and RAW~

As the match was ending everyone was ending it with their finishing move. John Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on to Randy Orton, than went straight to pinning him. That got broken up by Cody, however, only for Cody to stand up and get super kicked by Shawn Michaels. Michaels than ended up in Ted DiBiase's DreamStreet move and as Ted was getting up, while Shawn rolled out of the ring. Triple H caught Ted and hit him with the Pedigree, while getting into a standing position once again. Orton got him with the RKO, making Cole and King add more commentary.

Just as Randy got up after attacking Triple H, he walked right into Cena's arms and was lifted onto John's shoulders for another attitude adjustment. Randy quickly reversed and got down and quickly striked Cena with the RKO.


Randy pinned John and quickly slid out of the ring as Triple H and Shawn got in, to break up the pin. Cody and Ted, both holding their heads, walked up the ramp with Randy following them. All three of them letting off the glow of victory.

"…and there you have it, now that Randy is done targeting Triple H and Shawn Michaels! He's set his sights back onto John Cena and the WWE Championship." Michael Cole stated as RAW ended with the cameras looking from Legacy to D-Generation X and Cena.

~Backstage, After RAW~

I decided to go meet Ted backstage behind the ramp, just as they came back Ted saw me and smiled.

"Congratulations!" I say as Ted hugs me, "um, Ted! I need to A) breathe and B) tell you something!" I managed to get out between breathes.

"Ah, sure!" he says releasing me from a death hug, to Randy and Cody, "I'll catch up with you guys."

"yeah, ok man." Cody says sending a sly smile toward Ted as him and Randy walked off.

Ted turned to me once Cody and Randy were gone and asked, "ok, what's up? I kinda have to go change."

I look at the ground, than I look up at him, "I just wanted to say that we won't really be able to hang out after you change out of that…" I motion to his tights, "…Jake, kinda asked and it completely slipped my mind that I told you we'd hang out after RAW!"

"Oh, ok, no problem." he said smiling, "I understand"

"Thanks Ted!" I said reaching up and placing a kiss on his cheek.

~Ted's P.O.V~

"oh, ok, no problem." I say while smiling, "I understand!"

"thanks Ted!" she said as she reachs up and places a kiss on my cheek, before turning to leave me, "bye Ted! Hope to see you again!" she says while running off to meet Hager.

I just stood there feeling a tinge of …what is this…jealous for Jake, over a girl I just met. I even failed to notice two people witnessed the end of the talk with Katelyn, until one of them.

"hey Ted? You ok?" one of them said, he was wearing a shirt with a crown on it.

Snapping back to reality, "huh? Oh, Jerry…Michael, how long were you two standing there?" I asked.

"oh, just enough to see that girl kiss you." Jerry Lawler said with the 'oh, yeah man' smile on his face.

"who was that, Ted?" Michael Cole asked ignoring Lawler's smirks toward Ted.

"her name is Katelyn, and she's a fan who got a backstage pass from a friend." I say shrugging Lawler's looks off, "Oh, Jerry, can I ask you something?"

As I explain to Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole, more to Jerry, my predicament about my relationship with Katelyn, and what I suspect Jake's relationship. I than just waited for an answer and for my plan to go from complicated to easy.