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A girl from a small town who just got a front row ticket to see Monday Night RAW, was about to get an opportunity of a lifetime. However, the opportunity is not what she expected it would be. Pairing: Ted DibiasexOCxJack Swagger, hints of CenaxMickie

Katelyn's Riding on The Boarder of Dreamstreet and Swagger                                                                                   By AnimeWolfGirl70 Chapter 1: Hey, Names Katelyn West


'We'll go until the world stops turning
While we Burn It To The Ground Tonight'

The RAW theme echoed through out the area, as Michael Cole and Jerry 'The King' Lawler announced the start of Monday Night RAW. After the theme played the ring announcer: Lillian Garcia brought out this week's RAW guest host who just so happened to be the band Nickelback.

"Now introducing tonight's guest host is none other than Nickelback." Lillian said into the microphone.

They came out with one of the songs from there 2009 Dark Horse Album 'Gotta Be Somebody'. The audience in Minneapolis, Minnesota nearly blew the roof off of the target center when they came out. Well I stood ringside almost in shock thinking, 'wait, Nickelback…is in Minnesota hosting RAW on the night of my first time seeing it live…I can't believe this.' Ok, your probably wondering who I am and how I got front row seats to see Monday Night RAW?!

~Chapter 1- Introducing Katelyn~

Hey, my names Katelyn West (no relation to Adam West), and I'm 21 years old and stand at 5'4 basically I haven't grown since I was in seventh grade. I live in Buffalo, Minnesota and work at the local Human Society there, even though I love wrestling. That's how I got my front row ticket to see Monday Night RAW, my friend/co-worker knew someone who had them but couldn't go. He gave them to my friend and he couldn't go, so he gave them to me. The other ticket I got from them was a backstage pass, so I can also go hang out with the superstars and divas after or during the show, when their not busy anyway.

~back to RAW~

Now here I am standing front row where I can see the superstars come down the ramp, and even high-five the ones who go near the crowd. At home I decided to save the backstage pass for after the show, but after I got to the building I decided to use it after RAW started. At that moment I hear, Lillian Garcia announce the guest host of RAW this week as Nickelback, I nearly jumped the barricade to meet them. I watched as all four members of Nickelback walk up and step into the ring, while Chad Kroeger got a microphone.

"Minneapolis, Minnesota! Are you guys ready for the best RAW yet?" Chad asked only to be answered by the fans cheering.

"Well that's a good thing than cause we've got some big matches planned for tonight." Ryan Peake replied after borrowing the mic from Chad, "With tonight ending with a match between…" just before he finishes his announcement the all to familiar 'Voices' by Rev Theory started playing and cutting Ryan off.

I thought to myself, 'Wow! Go figure Orton would interfere.' shaking my head, still thinking, 'however Ted Dibiase is hot.'

When Randy got to the ring, followed by Legacy's Cody Rhoades and Ted Dibiase, he singled for Cody and Ted to stay ringside. Getting a microphone, he walks into the ring with Nickelback.

~Ted's P.O.V~

As Randy stepped into the ring with Nickelback, Cody and I stood watching ringside, but I decided to glance around the arena. That's when I noticed the most beautiful brunette standing ringside, she looked both tired and excited, obviously excited to be front row to see RAW. Why was she tired? Wondering if I'd see her again, I turn my attention back to Randy and Nickelback.

~Katelyn's P.O.V~

As I stood there I looked over and noticed Ted glanced in my direction, but turn his attention back to Randy and Nickelback. While looking at Ted, I started thinking, 'Was he seriously looking at me? I doubt, but he is seriously cute'

~Normal P.O.V~

"Now I really hope that the main event involves me and John Cena, Ryan!" Randy said with a sneer.

Daniel Adair grabbed another mic from ringside and said, "Actually Randy, what Ryan was going to say the main event tonight is going to be Legacy against D-Generation X and John Cena." After the announcement, Legacy was in shock, but the audience cheered like no tomorrow however, there were boos heard too.

After Daniel's announcement while the fans cheered or booed, Nickelback all walked out of the ring passing Legacy, while their theme music played them off.

Ted, Cody and Randy all were happy to be facing DX and Cena, but weren't happy at the 3 on 3 tag match. While they walked back up the ramp, thinking and talking about it. All the while a certain hazel eyed, brunette made their way to the lobby to put the backstage pass to good use, 'Well I'm better off using the thing now, than waiting till after the show.' the brunette thought while walking up to the backstage guard.

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