Ken falls in love with a hot ER nurse. But he just can't seem to tell her. Being with her just makes him "feel way too damn good".

Feelin' Way Too Damn Good                                                                                     By CraftyTink529

From the moment I saw her a year ago, I knew I had to have her. It was by chance that we met like we did, but it was fate in my eyes. I had taken a hard fall in the ring and I needed to get to the ER for some tests. She was my nurse. Her dark blue eyes sucked me in. Her red hair was pulled into a pony tail with its natural curls bouncing around.


I’m Ken.”

I know who you are. I read it on your chart.” She laughed.

Idiot!’ I thought of myself.

That and I’m a huge fan.” She admitted. “I’m Lea.”

Nice to meet you.” I smiled. My heart was pumping fast and I knew she could tell by the noise the machine was making.

Try and clam down Mr. Kennedy. I’ll be back in a few minutes. We’re going to have to take a CT scan of your head.” Lea smiled and turned on her heel, walking away from me.

End flashback

After all my tests came back, and I had been cleared to leave the ER, I had to get her number. I had to see her again. Something about this woman intrigued me. Reluctant at first, she smiled and denied me the number, but I kept pushing. And I waited, like a freak of nature, for her to leave for a break of get off of her shift.


Bye ladies.” Lea said as she zipped up her hoodie and walked through the automatic doors of the emergency room. She noticed me sitting on the bench outside. “Are you following me now?”

Nope. Just trying my luck again for your number.” I answered, running a hand through my blonde hair.

Alright.” She sighed. “Here.” She handed me her card with her number written on the back.

Do you always carry business cards around with your phone number written on the back?” I laughed.

No, just ones for when hot wrestlers walk into my ER.” She laughed and walked to her car.

End flashback

I called her that night and I explained that I was going to be in town for the next three or four days. I picked her up the next night and had the most amazing two days of my life with Lea.

We never left my room for two days. We had dinner out that first night and I never looked back. I got to know her. I found out she had two kids, a son 10 and a daughter 9, she worked long shifts at the hospital, she loved rock and roll, she loved being on the wild side of things and she just wasn’t your typical woman that most people are used to.

We had the most mind blowing sex throughout those two days. I kissed each and every inch of her five foot flat, athletic frame. Ran my fingers along the outlines of her tattoos. And dipped my tongue in and around her pierced belly button. Making love in the shower was the most amazing thing. This woman, Lea, she really knew what I liked and we clicked together so well.

Every time I’ve been in town, we’ve hooked up and gone out. I’ve not dated or touched anyone else. I feel like I’m dreaming. Like, I’m going to wake up one day and she’ll be gone.

We’ve never fought, we’ve never argued, and I feel myself falling more and more in love with her as the days go by. I haven’t told her yet, and I don’t know if I plan on doing so soon. But I can feel it. I love her kids too. I love everything about her. I just feel like something’s gotta go wrong. It always does when I start to feel happy. But so far, I’ve pressed my luck. The balls are in the air and I’m waiting for one to drop.

I thought for sure that when I asked her to come out to see me for Wrestlemania that I would be left alone. I’ve asked her time and time again, and she always said no. She always said no because of the kids or work. And I understood that. I understood that she had her responsibilities. But this time, something must have told her to say yes. That’s because she gets here tonight. I pick her up in a couple of hours. Right now, I’m just pacing through the arena, looking like a fool. But I’m a fool in love. And I think tonight, yep, tonight I’m going to tell her.

I can see her walking my way. Her tiny frame dragging her carry on along side her on one side and her duffle bag over her other shoulder. She was in a cute paid of shorts and a tank top. Her long curly red hair was now streaked with dark brown and straight. Her sunglasses covered her beautiful dark blue eyes. As I look her over, I can see the tattoos on her ankles and left foot. The vine creeps up along her foot and around her right ankle. The roses on her left representing her kids, one red, one blue, were glistening from the lotion she must have put on while she was on the plane. ‘God she is so beautiful.’ I thought.

I wave to her and she grins back. She’s in front of me now.

“Hey baby.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

“Hey you!” She smiled.

“I’ve missed you so much.” I told her. “I’m so glad you came.

“Me too. It was time.” Lea beamed.

We made love when we got to the hotel room. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. She’s too amazing. She’s too beautiful. She’s just perfect. She’s my perfect. As we lied in bed, her lying face down, snuggled up to the pillow, I traced my fingers along the fairy tattoo on her right shoulder, then to the dolphins on her lower back and then back up to the dolphin among the sunset on her left shoulder.

“What are you thinking about?” Lea asked me.

“Hmm?” I asked, snapping out of my la la land.

“What are you thinking about? You always trace my tattoos when you think. I’ve noticed that.” She smiled as she turning around to her side, so she could face me.

“I was just thinking about us. About you.” I answered honestly.

“Well, then do tell.” She said, looking at me with her beautiful blue orbs.

“Some times I think that this is just way too good to be true. You’re too perfect and I’m not good enough for you. It takes a lot for me to get to where I am today. And I love every minute I spend with you. Every time I turn around there is something there that reminds me of you, about you, about us. It’s hard to shake that sometimes. You’re constantly in my head, in my heart. I think about you all the time. Sometimes I want to just start a fight with you to see if we can handle it. We’ve been together for almost a year now and I can’t imagine things with out you. I’m just feelin’ way too damn good.” I told her.

She just looked at me, like she was slightly lost. Did I say something wrong? I’m in this far now; I just need to tell her.

“Lea, what I’m trying to say is that, well, I love you.” I held my breath waiting for her response.

“Ken, I love you too.” She smiled and pulled my lips to hers in a sweet kiss.

That afternoon, I made love to the love of my life. I’ve always loved her I think, from the moment I met her. And I gotta say, I’m feelin’ way too damn good right now!