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Friend or Foe: Chapter 4                                                                                        Sensibility or Hysteria

Violet's POV

I had to jog to catch up with Matt. “Matt, wait up!” I called to him but he didn't slow the slightest. “Rude,” I muttered under my breath as I jogged faster. I finally caught up to him and placed my hand on his shoulder. He stopped walking and turned to look at me. “What Violet?” he asked, sounding a little pissed. “Look Matt, I didn't do anything to you. I'm trying to be nice, chill, or so help me God I will kick your ungrateful friendless ass,”I threatened.

That shut him up, “I'm not friendless,” he muttered. “Yet,” I replied, rolling my eyes. He looked at me shocked, “If you keep acting this way none of us will wanna talk to you anymore,” I stated matter-of-factly. I shook my head, “Matt, I've known you for a damn long time. You're acting differently than usual. I would know. What's up, why are you acting so strangely?” I asked staring him straight in the eyes. My pale green eyes were filling with frustrated tears again. “Hey Violet! What's up girly?” it was Maria. I choked my tears down and wiped the one that had fallen away.

I turned to her, “oh, nothing,” I replied smiling. She smiled her bubbly smile at me. “Cool, um, Jeff's match is next,” she informed me, winking. I couldn't help but laugh at her, “Are you ready to be the first one to congratulate him after he wins?” I asked her giggling. She nodded excitedly, “I feel like it's right,” she said then sighed. And something occurred to me, “we never asked you how your date went!” I exclaimed. “Oh, well, it didn't happen,” she said quietly. “Wait, what!?! It didn't happen?” I asked confused. She nodded, “he canceled after his match.”

I stared at her surprised. I felt horrible. I had totally forgotten about her date and it was like a whole week later! I am such a bad friend. “Don't worry about it, c'mon!” she grabbed my hand and pulled me away. I forgot all about Matt.

We were watching Jeff's match. Completely content with the way it was turning out. Jeff jumped off of a ladder onto Chavo and through the announce table. I smiled widely loving that Jeff was so in his element with a no-disqualification match. Thank you Vickie! I said for one of the first times, EVER! Wow. Anyways, we were all watching with Shane at my side. We both felt it, though. I could feel that horrible pulling, dark, nagging, feeling of dread which had formed in the pit of my stomach.

I reached out for Shane's hand and linked my fingers through his. Shane glanced over at me and tried to smile reassuringly. I leaned against his shoulder and continued watching Jeff's match. I looked toward the curtain and saw Vickie walking toward it quickly. “Dammit,” I muttered trying to pull away from Shane. “No,” he whispered grabbing my arm and holding me back. He nodded toward Vickie's right and there he was. The one guy who could go out there and help Jeff; Matt. I smiled, know I knew everything would be okay. I looked up into Shane's eyes and he looked just as relieved.

Matt smiled at us and lifted the chair he was gripping tightly. I looked up at the screen again and saw Vickie pull the ref out of the ring. I glanced over again to make eye contact with Matt but he was gone. I watched the screen closely. He pulled Vickie away, got in, and the set up the chair. Matt nodded at Jeff and he went to get the second chair. Perfect! They're gonna conchairto Edge! Beautiful! “A conchairto,” I whispered sounding surprised. Shane nodded, “yep.”

We both smiled up at the TV as they set the conchairto up. Jeff was just straightening up when... The world froze and the scene played out in slow motion. “No,” I breathed as I watched in disbelief. I couldn't believe it!!! No way did Matt just do that!!! I can't believe it!!! Matt! Why?!? I don't get it! Why would he do this? It felt like the world was exploding around me and the only safe place that was safe were the few feet surrounding me where my friends were standing. Shane's hand tensed in mine.

The tears fell down my face. I shook my head feebly and I felt as if every ounce of the friendship I shared with Matt had just been completely erased. I choked on my breath and Shane grabbed my chin gently and turned my face to look at him. “Please, Vio, calm down,” he whispered worriedly. I nodded but the tears didn't stop. He took my face in his hands and thumbed away my tears.

He pulled me against his chest and I could tell he was glaring at Matt over my head as he walked backstage and off to his locker room. Shane let go of me eventually and pulled me away at arms length. “I don't believe it,” I whispered. “Neither do I,” Shane said softly looking away. I could tell he was angry with himself for not doing anything. I felt the same way. “It's not your fault Shane,” I said softly turning his face toward mine. I bit my lip and he sighed. “I know, but, our bad feeling. I'm going to kill him,” he growled the last bit. “No!” I said quickly, my eyes widening.

I felt a tremor run through his body. “How could he do that to his own brother?” He asked in disbelief. “Shane, I don't know. I don't know. Jimmy placed his hand on my back and I turned to face him. He nodded over to where two refs were helping Jeff walk. “Jeff,” I said worriedly. They sat him down on a chair and looked him over. Jeff could barely keep his eyes open.

After a few moments they took him back to their office/room thing. Charles Robinson approached me and my friends. “It looks like he has a concussion,” he said sadly. “Holy hell,” I breathed through my teeth. The anger was seething through me and I was desperately trying to control it and hold it back. I bit down on my lip trying to stop myself from screaming. Charles said something more to Shane and Jimmy but I didn't hear any of it.

I was focusing too hard on trying to be calm. Shane finally noticed how quiet I was. “Vio, are you alright?” he asked, concerned. “No, I'm gonna hit something, hard,” I growled letting my anger slip through slightly. Jimmy and Shane looked slightly scared. They knew a made Violet Pierce was the scariest thing in the world, no doubt. “Calm down, please, Vio,” Shane said firmly placing his hands on my shoulders. “I could kill him,” I said darkly. “Calm down,” Shane repeated.

I nodded, taking a deep breath, “I'll try. But I make no promises in not harming him.” Shane nodded, “I can't make any promises either,” he sighed angrily. “This better be some kind of sick joke or I'm gonna seriously kill him. How the hell could he do that, to his own brother!?! That would be like me hitting Shannon in the head with a sledge hammer. It's just something you would never do!!!” I said near hysteria. No I was going insane.

I ran a hand through my hair. Maria came over to us, frowning. “Violet, darling, chill, please,” she begged. I shook my head quickly, “I can't I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill one of my closest friends that I've know since I was five! I'm gonna do it. I have to!!!” I was talking hysterically. I couldn't help it. This was my default emotion in these kind of situations. Screw Sensibility!

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