Matt betrays Jeff at the Royal Rumble. How does their best friend since the age of 5 take it. When her world seems to fall apart, who will be there for her? Matt or Gregory? And whose feelings will she return? Gregory/OC/Matt
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Friend Or Foe: Chapter 1                                By Angel                                It's 'Adam Copeland'

Violet's POV

I was stretching with Maria and Ashley in the Gorilla position, laughing and giggling with my two best friends. Then he walked by. He being Matt Hardy. Something has been up with him lately. He's not, well, himself, or something like that. Just not normal. It's bothering me. He's been giving me a lot of attention lately, I don't know why.

I purposefully started a conversation with Ashley just to distract myself. Then Maria nudged me stealthily in my side. “Uh, Vi, Adam Copeland is staring at you,” she whispered to me. My eyes widened as I sent a sneaky glance in his direction. Sure enough, he was. I groaned mentally, What the hell does he want? “He is staring at me,” I echoed what Maria said, but it wasn't a question. “I know, that's what Maria said,” Ashley whispered.

“You should go talk to him,” Maria suggested, “and find out why he's looking at you like that.” I looked at her as if she were crazy and I knew Ashley was mirroring my look. “It's freaking Adam Copeland you just don't wanna get caught up in him!” Ashley whisper-yelled. I nodded in agreement. “Do you not remember all the stories we've been told about him and how he treats women,” I said pointing at Maria. “I thought he only acted that way. Like when he's Edge he's like that, but when he's Adam he's different. You never know,” she sighed.

I shook my head again. “I don't need a guy, or a relationship, right now. I'm focusing on winning the Diva's Championship from Maryse,” I glanced worriedly at Maria's face. “Are you okay after what happened?” I asked nervously. “I'm fine, promise!” Maria beamed happily. “I don't believe you,” Ashley sighed. I nodded my head in agreement. Maria wasn't okay, I could tell. “I think you should stop lying, Ria,” I said in a sing-song voice. She glowered at us and shook her head, “I told you, I'm fine. I just wish someone could've come out and helped me,” she muttered.

If you didn't know two weeks ago Maria was attacked by Michelle McCool, the bitch. Last week Michelle beat the crap out of my other friend Eve. This week there is nothing for her to do. So, ya know. Whatever to her...

Both Ashley and I sighed. “You know, this week is my first week back,” Ashley pointed out. “And I wasn't even here, in the same state as you, two weeks ago,” I informed her. Maria rolled her eyes, “I know, I was just hoping someone else would help me, you know,” She said, hinting to a certain guy she had a thing for. “Oh, you mean Jeff!” Ashley laughed. Both Maria and I elbowed her in the stomach to make her shut up. “No one's supposed to know, remember?” Maria growled. “Yeah, Ash, so shut up!!!” I whisper-yelled in her ear.

“Oh,” she said sending an apologetic smile in Maria's direction. Maria smiled back accepting Ashley's unspoken apology. I giggled at the two friends. “Yeah, we're glad to have you back, Ash,” I said giggling still. “Thanks!” she glowed happily. Then she turned curious, “why weren't you here, as in SmackDown, last week?” she questioned. I sighed, “I got time off, somehow, 'cause it was my mama's birthday,” I explained. “Why did you sigh?” Maria asked quirking an eyebrow. “Because my whole family was there, and although my immediate family supports my profession the others, my grandparents, aunties, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, and others, don't agree with my job choice,” I explained unenthusiastically.

“Oh right,” Maria said guiltily, apologetically. I shrugged, “whatever, their loss,” I replied nonchalantly. All of a sudden Maria and Ashley's eyes widened “Hey Maria,” a deep voice greeted my red-headed friend. I turned around slightly to see Adam Copeland approaching our small group. “Uh, Hi Adam,” Maria stuttered her greeting. She smiled flirtatiously and it made me want to gag. Maria tossed her long locks over her right shoulder and batted her eyelashes and crossed her arms over her chest emphasizing her cleavage.

I met Ashley's eyes and she made a gagging motion across her neck with her hands. I cracked a smile and wanted to start laughing. Ashley and I shared a smile then focused back on Maria and Adam's flirting. He finally got to the point. “Would you like to go get something to eat after the show?” Adam asked Maria. She smiled widely then recovered her cool and flirtatious composure. “Sure Adam, I'd like that,” she said with a small grin and nodded a few times.

“Great. I'll meet you outside the arena a half hour after the show,” he said cheerily and nodded. He smiled one last, Edge-like, time then left. Once he was gone, like traditional girlfriends who just stood by and watched while their best friend got asked out, we squealed in excitement. Yeah, I mean Ashley and I don't think Adam is the greatest guy but we were still happy Maria got asked out. Sure, Maria's been crushing on Jeff since their small storyline back on RAW, but it never turned into anything. Though Maria secretly wished it would.

She turned to us placing a finger to her pale pink lips trying to shush us. But Ashley and I couldn't help it! The two of us finally settled down and Ashley nudged Maria in her ribs. “Now you get to find out if your assumption is true,” Ashley pointed out. I giggled and glanced around the backstage area. That's when I noticed Jeff watching the three of us. My mouth dropped as I looked back at Ashley. I nodded my head stealthily to where Jeff was watching.

She saw it and mouthed 'oh boy!' I couldn't help but giggle. We were such little kids! Maria raised her eyebrows questioningly at us. I smirked and rolled my eyes toward Jeff. “Your crush was watching the flirting showdown between you and Adam,” I whisper-giggled to her. She blushed fiercely. “OMG! I had no idea he was looking! I'm so stupid!” she whisper-yelled to me and Ashley trying to keep her voice as quiet as possible. I smirked, “isn't it cute how she doesn't want it to seem like she doesn't like him,” I teased talking to Ashley. Ash nodded in agreement.

Maria's face turned a bright crimson and I couldn't help but smile at her. “You look like a tomato, Ria,” I told her giggling. “Ha!” Ashley burst out pointing a finger at Maria. “I told you I'm not the only one that describes you like that when you're embarrassed,” she said pointedly. I smirked at Ashley. Maria just nodded, feeling frazzled. “I'm gonna go to hair and make up,” she informed then walked off. “Ashley and I will help you get ready for your date later!” I called after her. Surprisingly, and very uncharacteristically she flipped me off as she hurried away down the hall.

“Why is she going to hair and make up?” Ashley asked, her cheeks puffing up with air as she tried to hold back her laughter. “I have no idea! She doesn't even have a match. She's not even supposed to be here,” I giggled. Ashley and I both burst out in laughter.

Ashley and I were left their laughing our asses off. Then an arm was thrown around my shoulders. “Hey Violet,” Gregory greeted. “Aw! The Hurricane has finally found me,” I teased. He smiled as I turned to face him. “Wat's up? Shane!” I asked grinning. “Nothing really. But Jeff's kinda mad that Maria agreed to go on a date with Copeland. You know how he still feels about Adam,” he sighed. “Oh, really. Are you sure it's jealousy not anger,” Ashley stated smirking. “Hmm... It could be that Ash, you never know,” Gregory smiled at me.

I smiled back at him wrapping one of my arms around his waist as he placed his arm back around my shoulders. Ashley smiled, “this is such a cute picture!” she exclaimed. My cheeks burned in embarrassment as I glanced up at Shane. He was blushing too and it kinda comforted my embarrassment slightly. I reached my hand up and tugged on his ponytail, “so, you have a match tonight,” I asked changing the subject. He smiled at me gratefully as he wanted to change the subject as well.

“Me against Shelton, again,” he sighed sounding bored. I smiled up at him. “What about you Vio?” he asked using my nickname that he and Matt had given me when I first started in the WWE. “I'm teaming with Ash,” I replied grinning widely. “And we're scheduled to win!” Ashley said proudly. “Who're you two up against?” He asked curiously. “Victoria and Michelle,” I answered placing every feeling of hatred I had in her name. I really, seriously wasn't too fond of Michelle any longer.

After what she did to Ria, and my other close friend, Eve, I would probably never like her again. Those two attacks weren't scripted. Yeah, I know it looked like it was supposed to, but it wasn't. Her character was supposed to turn heel but not by beating the crap out of my friends, never like that. I loathed the sight of her, especially when she throws herself all over Jeff and Matt like they belong to her. It's gross, seriously. I know Shane thinks the same but Matt and Jeff seem to be too entranced by her to care what Shane and Jimmy and Ron and I thought.

Ashley distracted me from my angry mental rant for a second. “It's Victoria's last match before retirement, you know,” she informed us. “Really!?!” I asked/yelled in astonishment. I was so gonna miss her. Victoria helped train me. She was like a big, tough loving sister to me. I really respected her in the ring. “Wait, that means she's gonna beat the shit out of Lisa after we win, huh?” I asked fully anticipating the answer I received. “Uh, yeah, she is,” Ash replied quietly. Yep, I hate Michelle, the bitch! She was so arrogant. She was worse than Maryse now. That's hard to beat 'cause Maryse calls herself the 'sexiest of the sexy' … yeah... right... back to Michelle.

It kinda disgusted me that she thought any guy who was with her was blessed and lucky to be with her. In my opinion, any guys who was with her was a freaking idiot! Ugh! I can't wait till my new feud with her starts. Maybe they'll team me with Ria and Eve to take the bitch down. Hopefully!