Dave Bautista was just holdin' on to the memories of Amy.

Holdin' On                                                                                                                         By CraftyTink529

Dave had come home from a long stint on the road. He missed home. He missed his daughters, his missed his boys. Those grandsons meant so much to him. His huge house in Tampa was empty, dark and it felt cold. The usual warmth that occupied it was still out on the road with the ECW brand. Her new home.

Truth be told, he hadn’t been home-home in a few months. They broke up four months ago. He hadn’t been home in five. Too many over seas trips and signings, appearances and road shows. The only time someone had been home was when she came to pick up her things. And he never really wanted to come back to what they had shared for two years.

He dropped his bags in the hall before heading up the stairs to his room, their room. Her closet was still open and it was empty. Not a hanger or a t-shirt left behind.

As he sat on their bed, his bed, with his head in his hands, he breathed in deeply. He could still smell her as if her scent was locked in their room for the last five months.

Twenty minutes of staring blankly at an empty closet wasn’t doing Dave any good, so huffing along the way and sighing, he removed himself from the bedroom and headed back downstairs.

He grabbed his laundry bag and thought that maybe that would keep his mind off of her. At least for a few loads.

In the garage sat his Hummer. He looked at it and sighed. She was with him when he signed the papers to bring it home. He started a load of laundry and checked on his car. It was a bit dusty, but he couldn’t bear to wash it. Not just yet.

He see’s a soda can that was left in the bed of it. Picking it up, at first in disgust, thinking that maybe one of the girls used the car and left it there on accident. But seeing the color of lipstick, he knew better.

‘Maybe I should wash it.’ Dave said, opening the garage door to let the sunshine in. He sat in the driver’s seat and was about to start the car and pull it forward when the sun caught the windshield. He saw her foot prints on the glass and remembered the very moment they occurred.

They were out at Overlook Point and they had just come home from a long stint on the road. It was two weeks before they split up. She had chucked her sandals on the grass and climbed up to the top of the car. ‘I’m the queen of the world.’, Amy had shouted only causing Dave to erupt in laughter. That night was the last night they made love, the last night he had ever told her he loved her and wanted her to be his everything.

The phone rang from inside the garage springing him out of his flashback. He waited for the answering machine to pick it up, but cringed when it did.

‘Hey, you’ve reached Amy and Dave! Sorry we missed you! We’re either on the road or away from the house. We’ll call you back the minute we can! You know where to reach us if you need us!’ The machine played.

Dave groaned at the sound of her voice. He didn’t want to change the machine, he barely knew how to. Amy was always much better at that stuff. She’d always look so cute with her long, brown hair tossed up in a messy bun with either a pencil or pen; whatever she had handy, her black framed glasses on her face as she tried to read the directions to whatever she was putting together for them.

Amy had been on her own long enough than to know better to let a man do things for her. Dave always admired that in her. Her independence was one of her best attributes.

“Dave, its John and Tabs, we just wanted to make sure you made it home okay. Call us if you need us.” Then the machine went dead.

Dave appreciated the way people looked out for him, but knew that it was hard for Tabitha to be on either side of the fence. Amy was her best friend and Tabitha, being in the business for a while, knew Dave very well and considered him like family.

“Alright, let’s try something else.” Dave huffed. He changed clothes and headed down to his weight room next to his office on the first floor of his home. He cranked up his stereo system and started training fast and hard, releasing a small bit of frustrations.

‘Hey you it’s me. I was just calling to tell you that I love you and I miss you. Being here on ECW and being without you sucks. See you soon. I love you.’

He had finished the work out and was checking the missed messages on his cell phone from the last three hours. That was how long he was tied up in his workout and that made him feel a bit better.

Listening to that message just brought back more memories than necessary and he broke down, letting the tears fall from his tired eyes. He had screwed up and he knew he did. He was just holding on to her and it was killing him.

He never knew how drunk he would get that night he made his mistake. It was their first real big fight in two years. She had been drafted to ECW and he was stuck on Raw. They fought over the fairness of it all and she walked out, staying with Tabitha and kicking John out in the process. Dave left for the after party on his own that night. He never woke up in his room and when Amy went to find him to talk to him about their fight, she caught him coming out of Melina’s room. His shirt had been opened and he was barely dressed. Amy ended it in the hallway right then and there. He didn’t even need to fight her on it. He knew what he did wrong and accepted the responsibility for his actions and took the consequences.

Sighing deeply, Dave shut his phone off and hit the shower. When he was finished he ordered himself some Chinese and sat on his couch with a bottle of Jack while he waited for his dinner to arrive.

By the time Dave’s dinner had arrived, he was already half way through the Jack Daniels. And it was a brand new bottle when he started. He paid the delivery guy and plopped back down on his couch, chopsticks in hand.

He turned on the television and decided for some reason to torture himself even more and watch ECW.

His eyes brightened when her theme music played. He smirked as he watched her strut out, her curled brunette locks bouncing with her every step. She looked good. She had on her ring gear and she was ready for her match with Katie Lea and Paul Burchill.

Dave’s eyes turned to a scowl when he saw her tag partner for the night. Evan Bourne. That was his replacement. And while a part of him couldn’t blame her for now being with him, the other part of him was raging with envy. Amy was his girl and he let her go.

By the end of their match, Amy and Evan had won and Dave could sense the happiness in her just by the grin on her face. She wasn’t just happy that she had won her match, she was happy with Evan. Dave understood that. He knew things were never going to be the same with the two of them again.

“Not a chance in hell.” He said as he shut the television off and grabbed the bottle of JD, retiring to his bedroom.

He had long forgotten about his laundry that he had set out to do, long forgotten about the dirty car, and didn’t give to cares about the Chinese food he left out on the counter and the coffee table.

Dave Batista knew all he’d ever have that remained of the two of them were the memories of in this house, the pictures that were still hung on the walls and the various little things she left behind.

Eventually he’d be able to forgive himself and move on from his stupidity and losing Amy. Eventually he’d throw out the lipstick soda can. Eventually he’d wash the Hummer. Eventually he’d pack up all the pictures and little things. Eventually he’d get over it.

But until then, he’s only holding on.