Randy Orton's excessive gambling makes a turn for the worst when he gambles virtually everything him and his friends own. To make matters worse, he gets into an unpayable debt with a mobster (Ric Flair) who spares him if he can pick up an unknown package in Las Vegas and return it in 3 days.
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Las Vegas Or Bust : Chapter 1  

"Alright Jeff, would you rather have a permanent eight-inch boner or a two-inch wang?" Dani asked, raising a curious eyebrow.

"It's not like he'd used it either way" Randy muttered.

"Nice one, Orton!" Adam high-fived his friend .

The four friends sat around a small table with a tray of shots centered on it. They were in a dank, dingy bar. It was a bout eleven o'clock and the rain outside seemed to reflect a slow and tedious mood on the inside of the near-empty bar. About three other groups of people were drinking and carousing, but the lively and loud group of four seemed surreal in the dull atmosphere.

"Oh whatever man, I'd rather the eight-incher. And I'd be usin' it more than the both of you combined!" Jeff's deep southern accent blended oddly with the slight slur in his speech, due to his heavy drinking that night.

"Are you kidding me Jeff? You haven't has a girl in about five months!" Adam snorted all-knowingly.

"Hey guys, quit picking on Jeff! Just because he doesn't screw every girl he sees, doesn't mean he cant 'get' girls!" Dani contradicted.

"Well, of course, the virgin stands up for him." Randy teased.

"Yeah, Dani, I'll be more than happy to help you out with that problem." Adam grinned and winked at the slender brunette woman sitting across from him.

"I'd never Adam, and I'm not a virgin, thank you very much. Now can we get back to the game, please?" She sighed, irritated.

“Alright, Adam would you rather be sterile, or never be able to use birth control?” Jeff slurred.

“Oh man...” Adam contemplated the two options briefly, before shrugging and grabbing a shot from the tray, gulping down the alcohol in one swig.

“I knew it.” Dani chuckled and shook her head.

“Orton, would you rather cheat on your girlfriend and have nobody know or not cheat, and have everyone think you did?” Adam inquired, slamming the shot glass on the table.

“No fair! He's gone through both already!” Jeff protested loudly.

“Alright, alright, bang a chick with no legs or no arms?” Adam chuckled as he menacingly at Randy.

“Oh that's just sick, man!” Randy cringed at the thought of either option. He grabbed a shot glass and threw it down in one gulp.

“Ok, now, Dani... Who would you rather have pop your cherry? Me, Adam or Jeff?” Randy's handsome face stretched into a snake-like grin.

“Randy, I'm not a virgin.” Dani groaned in annoyance, rolling her eyes as well.

“Uh oh! Is she avoiding the question?! Does Dani have a crush on someone we don't know about?!” Adam smirked.

“Oh please, I'd never like any of you like that. And as for the answer to your question, Randy..” She paused before gulping down yet another shot. “None of you.”

Just then Dani, Adam and Randy all heard a loud thump. They all turned over to see their rainbow-haired friend sprawled across the floor, face-down.

“This is the third time third month the bastard passed out on us!” Dani groaned.

“Flip a coin to see who's bringing him back to the apartment with Dani.” Adam said, digging in his pocket for spare change.

“Why me?! Why do I have to go?!” Dani whined, her eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion.

“You answered the most questions, sweet cheeks, meaning you drank the least, making you the designated driver.” Adam responded, taking a coin out of his jean's pocket.

“Then why do one of you have to come with me?!” She continued to whine to the Blonde man before her.

“Heads ” Randy said as Adam tossed the coin in the air.

“Have fun at home.” Adam teased Randy, ignoring Dani's question briefly, before turning back to her. “Because you need a key to our apartment, and you left your's at home.” Adam said dismissively, before handing Dani his car keys and waving goodbye to his two friends.

“Well how the hell is he going to get home? We're the one's with the car.” Dani muttered angrily, once Adam was out of hearing range.

“He's got his own ride home.” Randy nodded his head toward Adam, who was flirting expertly with a petite blond-haired woman. One of which he towered over because of his well-built physique.

Dani watched them, and saw in under five minutes he had the girl mesmerized by his charm, and she was walking out with him soon after.

“What do girl see in him? He's and insensitive jerk, and defiantly doesn't have a way with words.” Dani said, struggling to pick up her heavy, passed out lump of a friend.

Randy came by and effortlessly picked him up and began to walk with Dani to Adam's car.

“It probably only seems that way to you. I'm sure if you didn't know him you'd be another one of his many 'victims'.” Randy shrugged and dexterously tossed Jeff's unconscious body in the back seat of the car.

“You've got to be kidding me, Randy, I'm not one of those easy chicks you and Adam pick up all the time.” She said in pure disgust, starting the car.

“It doesn't matter if you are or not. We'd take it like a challenge. It would take longer, but we'd have you, just like the rest.” Randy boasted with an obnoxiously conceited know-it-all tone of voice.

“Now you're just full of yourself! If that was true, then why have neither of you touched me in our four years of knowing each other?” Dani countered, almost with the same over-confident manner.

“Because Jeff met you first, and he didn't try to make a pass at you. He's the reason we're all friends now.”Randy shrugged.

“I'm glad he's the only one out of you three that possibly doesn't have an STD.” Dani laughed manically.

“Excuse me, but I'm clean, I don't know so much about Adam or Jeff.” Randy chuckled.

“Highly unbelievable. But whatever, I wont be touching any of you. So good luck with your herpes.” Dani stuck out her tongue.

“Careful where you're sticking that tongue, Dani, you might catch something.” Randy grinned.

“Oh you're so gross!” Dani pushed him playfully.

“Well, you virgins need to know these things.”

“Randy, I'm not a virgin!” She exclaimed.

“Could've fooled me.” He muttered.

Dani pursed her lips and shook her head disapprovingly.

“Alright, Randy, no skipping this one alright?” Dani said, glancing over at Randy before continuing. “Would you rather be incapable of love or honesty?”

“Aww, Dani you know I hate those mushy love questions!” Randy groaned in effortless protest.

“Come on Randy. Its not a mushy question! Just answer.” Dani demanded, rather pleaded.

“Fine.” He sighed, and contemplated the options silently, his facial expression softening slightly. “Well, you can't have love without honesty, in my opinion... But I don't really know what that whole 'love' thing is like yet. So, I guess I'd be incapable of love.” His smooth baritone voice softened slightly as well. He glanced over at Dani thoughtfully.

“What about you?” He asked curiously.

“Hey, it was your question. Not mine.” Dani defended, smirking slightly.

“Alright then, answer the question I asked you at the bar last. You have to pick.” Randy countered, crossing his arms over his large, muscular chest.

“Randy... I don't know I wouldn't- ”

“-Just answer Dani.”

The perpetual downpour of the raindrops falling on the windshield, and road ahead of them filled the silence as Dani thought.

“I guess Jeff, he'd at least think something of it the next morning. You and Adam would make me feel like shit.” Dani confessed, as she parked and shut the car off.

“Well thanks Dani. You really make me feel better about myself.” Randy sneered with sarcasm.

“Well I'm just being honest. I mean, at least you're not as bad as Adam.” Dani encouraged, getting out of the car and beginning to uselessly help Randy drag Jeff out of Adam's Black Dodge Ram 1500.

“I guess you're right on that one. I guess I am more selective with my girls. Adam on the other hand...” Randy grunted as he pulled his friend to the entrance of their apartment building.

“-Would fuck a pencil sharpener is I put a skirt on it.” Dani grinned.

Randy's laugh brought a larger smile to Dani's face.

“Hey Randy?” Dani asked, pressing the elevator's button.


“That question you asked... keep that whole thing between us right?” Dani asked, worriedly, knowing Randy, he's probably tease her about it until she decided to kill him.

“Sure I guess.” He said, opening his apartment's door with his key and tossing Jeff's unconscious body expertly onto the couch. His friend landed in an awkward position, his head leaning dangerously close to a suspicious looking bowl of chips.