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Living For The Moment : Chapter 4                                                        It Can If You Want It To Be

That Friday night on Smackdown I heard of the coming of a new diva. I wondered who they were, and if they would be any good at this job. Hoping they wouldn’t be like some of these divas on here like Michelle McCool; however, I doubted it. It just seems like Vince wants eye candy for the men in the WWE Society, and that he doesn’t care if they actually have potential or not; moreover, I wished that some divas would be like “us.”
I know you are wondering who exactly is “us.” And that would be me, Emilie, and my sisters. I’m not saying there aren’t others that have potential it’s just that most just look like they couldn’t fight their way thorough a plastic bag.

“Hey, Serenity,” Emilie said coming up to me in the locker room where I was changing into my ring attire, which was a black tank with a fishnet long sleeved shirt over it, shredded up skinny jeans with stud belt, and to finish it off black converses. “Guess what I heard on my way over to the locker room?”

“What?” I asked as I began to apply black eyeliner to my eyes.

“I heard that our lucky new diva gets to go one-on-one with Maryse,” Emilie answered.

“I wonder how that’s going to work out?” I asked smiling. Deep inside I was wishing the new diva would kick Maryse’s slutty ass. It truly would make my night.

“Don’t know, but hope Maryse gets her ass kicked up in the ring,” said a grinning Emilie from beside me as I applied bright red eyeshadow to my eyes.

I smiled up at her after and pulled out some crimson red lipstick that I applied to my lips from the makeup. I put the lipstick in the makeup bag along with the eyeshadow after I was done. Walking to the door to go to the refreshment table, Emilie called out behind me. I turned to her.

“Where you going?” she asked as she began to change into her attire.

“To get some refreshments,” I replied. “Did you want me to wait for you?”

“Nah,” she replied taking off her shoes. “I’ll catch up with you later before our match with LayCool begins. ”

“Okay,” I replied walking out the locker room door walking into the room that had the refreshments on a table. John Morrison stood with her back to me and was apparently the only one in the room right now all except for me.
I grinned evilly thinking of a way to scare the hell out of him. So I just walked up behind him slowly and quietly. Slapping him on the back hard he jumped cussing obscures. He turned to see me smirking at him.

“Hey, John,” I said.

“What was that slap on the back for?” John asked eying me.

I shrugged picking up a water bottle. “I felt like it.”

“So you slap people when you feel like it?” He asked.

“Yes, I do,” I replied. “You happened to be the one I wanted to slap today.”

“Warn me before you do that again,” He replied rubbing his back. “You have a good hand on you.”

“Thanks, but what would be the fun in telling you when I was going to slap you?” I smirked as I left the room after opening the water bottle’s top.

“Hey!” I turned to see John running up to me from the room I was just in.

“What John?” I asked pausing after taking a sip of water.

“I was wondering if maybe since we are together in a storyline that maybe we could get to know one another,” he said closing the distance between us. “And what way better to get to know someone than over some lunch, say maybe tomorrow at one?”

“John, are you asking me on a date?” I asked crossing my arms considering what my answer to his question would be.

“It can be if you want it to be,” he replied smirking at me. I grew warm at that smirk, but shook it off as I heard my name being called from down the hall. I turned to see Emilie walking up with a curious look on her face. “Serenity please let me know your answer before you leave. It would be nice to get to know such a beautiful woman like you.”

“What was that?” Emilie asked as she caught up to me as John walked off in the opposite direction as us.

“Emmy, I just got asked out by Morrison,” I said in disbelief staring after him.

“Whoa! Serenity you are kidding?” She asked in skepticism. “I could tell something was up with him after you two kissed Monday on scene. Girl, you could tell he wanted to kiss you!”

“No, he didn’t,” I replied face growing warm. “He had too, because it was part of the stupid script.”

“You can deny it, but Morrison’s has got it bad for you. Why else would be asking you out of all the other divas here?” she asked smirking as she heard me groan.

“Damn,” I murmured to myself.

She was right. It all made sense to me now. No wonder John’s kiss held so much emotion. Why did he have to choose me though? I don’t even like him, but he’s been flirting with me since we got put together in a storyline. Was it that he had been dreaming of this day to come, so he could get to know me, date me, and then break my heart?

“You are going to say yes? Aren’t you?” asked Emilie tearing me away from my stupor.

“I don’t know,” was all I could say.

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