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Living For The Moment: Chapter 5                                                                                     Butt Kicking

I and Emilie walked out from behind the curtains ready to kick some major butt. Fireworks erupted of every color, and the lights flickered off and on as Scream by Avenged Sevenfold blasted around the arena. We made our way down to the ring where Michelle and Layla waited smirks on their ugly faces. Making it into the ring we faced them smirking back ominously. Their faces turned from confident ones to frightened ones as the referee called the match to begin, which I took no time in punching Michelle in the face strenuously.
Smirking as Michelle flew backwards onto the mat floor, I began to mount her punching her in the face a couple times. Each punch was full of rage and frustration. Michelle McCool had been on my bad side along with her comrade, Layla for far too long since I had make it here in the WWE. They would always constantly do things to me and my sister, especially the two dimwits would make fun of my older sister, Mickie, because she didn’t look super model approval to them. They would get on my nerves, because they wanted me to lose my cool and kick their asses, so that maybe Vince would fire me. So far it hasn’t gotten to that point, because I’ve been trying block them out. It’s not that hard for me, but Sarah is another story. Don’t get her angry, because that’s the last thing you want to do. She has angry management problems. No wonder why this job is so great for my youngest sister.
Michelle pushed me off her and pulled me up tossing me into a turnbuckle. Running at me as my foot flew up connecting with her lower body. She stumbled back gasping at my quickness. I smirked running at her spearing her in the stomach then beginning my stomps for a Sweet Chin Music, but I was intercepted by Layla, who pull my hair from outside the ring without the referee seeing. Instinctively, I grabbed at her screaming obscures at her while Michelle took this opportunity to try to make a pin fall.
Emilie ran from her assigned post at the side of the ring with a oncoming punch at Layla that connected, and then she pulled Michelle off me. My best friend smirked as she ran back to her side of the ring as, so did a baffled Layla.
I sprung up like Shawn Michaels does when he’s in the ring as Michelle was about to pull me to my feet. Surprised, Michelle didn’t know what was coming at her as my foot made contact with her face. I took this opportunity to put her in a Boston Crab, which she got out of after a few seconds, but I could tell I had hurt her bad.
Laying on the mat I took the opportunity to let Emilie into the ring where she started banging Michelle’s head on the mat as hard as she could. I smirked up at Layla, who was screaming at Emilie to stop, but Emilie kept going, but this time putting her in a powerbomb to the mat. Emilie smirked ominously as she circled Michelle, who scrambled slowly to her feet in endeavor to get to her tag team partner, but Emilie wouldn’t let that happen.
Being pulled away from salvation on the other side of the ring by the arm, Michelle got put in a painful arm bar by Emilie. Michelle was then thrown into a turnbuckle were she was put in a suplex to the mat where both Emilie and Michelle lay spawn out in pain from the fall.
Miraculously, Barbie Doll Michelle got to her feet and pulled Emilie into the middle of the ring where she was put into a Boston Crab. Screaming in pain Emilie struggled not to tap out. I knew Emilie to well to know she wouldn’t tap out anytime soon, because she was just that strong-willed. There were times when I seen her fight and get put into some pretty terrible situation where she’d have to find away out, and most of the times she would.

“Come on, Emilie!” I screamed encouragingly at my best friend who was in a sticky situation right now. “Don’t tap out! I’ve seen you take more pain then this! You can do it, break the hold!”

Incredulously, Emilie broke the hold, and got up running at the ropes that ricocheted her off of them. She drop kicked Michelle in the gut then went ricocheting off more rope, but Michelle caught her off guard. Michelle had round housed kicked Emilie to the mat.
Michelle took the opportunity to dash over to Layla and tag her in. Once she was tagged in, Layla put Emilie in a Snapmare followed by a drop kick to her back. Pulling her up Layla continuously began to punch Emilie in the head. Falling to the mat on her side, I on the sidelines began to scream obscures at Layla and lets just say they weren’t good things to say.

“Come on, Emmy!” I screamed until my throat went raw over the boos and screams of many fans in the arena. “Tear that fucking bitch apart once you get up!”

Layla turned to me, and lets just say that wasn’t good on her part. Emilie from behind her got up and proceed to lift her up on her shoulders. Acting like she was going into a backward backdrop, Emilie grabs a hold of Layla’s legs while still holding her up. Then all goes down hill from there. Layla comes down slamming into the mat face first forward inside of backwards. I had to suppress a giggle from escaping from my lips at the look on Layla’s face when she fell.
Emilie with that tried to get to me, but Layla grabbed hold of her ankle not letting her go. Emilie was only at least two feet away from me arm outstretched and I also had my hand out, but what happened next was surprising to me. With one big push Emilie hopped over to me hand slapping my own hand, and I jumped into the ring.
With that I stomped Layla’s foot to make her let Emilie go, and she did. Emilie slid outside the ring as I dash at a wide-eyed Michelle McCool, who had no time to move out of the way as I drop kicked her in the torso. With some surprising force I didn’t know I had, Michelle went flying back into the barricade outside the arena. Then I did a cartwheel, which is part of my finisher which is a flying clothesline.
Layla fell to the mat not knowing what hit her as I rolled her up in a pin. From the corner of my eye I seen Emilie running into the ring at the same time Michelle did. Emilie met up with her before Michelle could intercept the pin. Clotheslining her she fell to the ground as the referee’s hand came down for the three count.

“And there you have it, your winners are Serenity James and Emilie Hardy!”

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