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Living For The Moment : Chapter 6                                                                                       Ultra Violet

After the hard fought tag team match I and Emilie walked back to the locker room. There we ran into a woman we had never seen before. She had long orange-red hair that went all the way to her waist, which was now up in a ponytail. Turning to see who had came in she paused from putting on some black combat boots.

“Hello, you must be the new diva everyone’s been talking about,” I said putting out a hand for her to shake.

“Yes, I am,” she said as we shook hands. “I’m Violet Toro.”

“Wait!” said an excited, Emilie from beside me. “Are you related to the magnificent one and only, Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance?!”

“Yes, I am,” Violet smiled up at the beaming, Emilie who was grinning ear to ear. “He’s suppose to be here to see me fight my first match with Gerard along with him.”

“Cool!” both of us exclaimed at the same time.

“Well, I’ve gotta get going,” Violet said as she stood up from the bench she had been sitting on to put on her boots. “My match starts in five minutes.”

“We’ll be cheering for you, Violet,” Emilie exclaimed as she walked out the door.

“Kick some Maryse ass!” I exclaimed also as she walked out the door.

Quickly we both changed out of our ring attire into something more suitable. We both decided we would watch how Violet’s match went before we left to go to the hotel. I could tell that maybe just maybe this girl had potential, because she sure did look it, but then again looks don’t mean a thing. Walking out the locker room we walked into the interviewing area where they always had a flat screened televison hanging up on the wall.
We walked in just in time to hear If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) by AC/DC starting to play as Violet’s entrance music. She came out on screen walking toward the ring where Maryse waited already in the ring. Violet looked both anxious and nervous as she ran down the ramp greeted by the cheers of fans. Climbing the steps into the ring, Violet waved at the fans smiling. For a moment or two both I and Emilie caught a glimpse of Ray Toro and Gerard Way behind the barricade. Violet’s brother had his hands up cheering his sister on as she enter the ring as Gerard looked on as the bell rang, and the match had begun.
Maryse stupidly ran at Violet, who countered her grapple and threw her into the ropes. Ricocheting off the ropes Maryse came back being drop kicked by Violet. She fell to the mat in a pain stricken mass. Maryse rolled over on her side, which gave Violet the prefect opportunity to kick her in the back a couple times.
Being drug by the arm and leg over to a turnbuckle, Violet then mounted it. She leaped off into a missile dropkick as soon as Maryse had got up, and once again she fell to the mat again. I looked over at Emilie, who was giggling as Violet banged Maryse’s head on the mat numerous times, before the referee told her to stop. She did reluctantly and then put her in a overpowering submission that was a headlock.
Maryse looked like she had met her match, because she was fighting to breath as Violet increase her hold on her. She clawed at Violet’s arms in desperation to get her to let go. Face turning red, Maryse was let go after getting to the ropes as she held her neck as she kneeled on the mat.

“She should’ve tapped out,” Emilie murmured over to me and I nodded, because Violet looked frustrated with Maryse.

With that being said Violet kicked Maryse in the side making her fall to her hands and knees in pain. Smirking, Violet then continued to stomp her angrily like Randy Orton. Pulling her up, Violet threw Maryse into a turnbuckle. She hit it wincing in pain at the impact as Violet ran at her. Maryse being sneaky put her leg up, and Violet ran into it.
Violet held her torso in pain as Maryse climbed the top turnbuckle. She jumped off elbow dropping Violet and she fell to the mat in a mass. I balled up my fists as Maryse pulled Violet up by her hair, and put her in a spinning side slam backbreaker. Over to my right Emilie cussed obscures at the television as Maryse banged Violet’s head on the mat floor a couple times. Maryse then wrenched Violet up by her arm and then threw her into the ropes making her bounce off them as Maryse tried to kick her, but somehow Violet caught her leg in time pushing Maryse away.
Then Violet kicked Maryse in the stomach putting her in her own snap DDT, which was called French Kiss. Maryse looked surprised as Violet slammed her head into the mat, and Violet went for the pin. I and Emilie screamed and jumped up and down as Violet got the three count.

“She did it!” I exclaimed still jumping up and down with Emilie.

Violet’s arm was put up in the air by the referee as her theme music blasted around the arena, and the announcer screamed that she had won. Maryse laid on the mat apparently dazed and confused as to what had just happened, and how she got beat. Violet took one look at Maryse and slid out the ring, and a evil smirk graced her lips. I and Emilie looked at one another in disarray as to what Violet was about to do.
Violet slid out the ring, and scurried under the ring coming out with a metal chair. Sliding back in the ring, Violet stood over a disoriented, Maryse Ouellet with chair in hand. I could tell this wasn’t going to be good as Violet brought up the chair over her head threateningly. The chair came down on Maryse’s prone body. Maryse screamed in pain as Violet brought it back up for another hit as the referee tried to make her stop the beating, but Violet shook him off giving him a malicious glare.
After three more hit form the chair, Violet was done. She called for a microphone, which was given to her immediately. I was wondering what her explanation was for beating Maryse to a bloody pulp as she put the microphone to her mouth to speak.
“I bet you guys are wondering why I beat the heck out off Maryse here,” Violet spoke to the crowd of either booing fans or scream for joy fans. “I beat her up, because she’s in my way for the Divas Championship belt that will one day be mine. I plan to terminate all divas that have no potential, so I can fight those that do have potential. Ones like Maryse are an great example of what I mean, so for you divas out there that don’t have potential, watch out for me, Ultra Violet.”

With that put down the microphone, and then she slid out the ring. We met up with her as she walked in from the arena from the curtains. She appeared exhausted, but ecstatic about winning her first match.

“Violet, you kicked ass tonight!” I exclaimed putting my hand up for a high five.

“Sure did show Maryse who’s boss,” Emilie said smiling as mine and Violet’s hands smacked together in a high five. “She didn’t know what the hell hit her!”

“It was epic the way you countered her kick, and then put her in her own finisher,” I said smiling.

“Yeah, how did you learn her move?” Emilie asked.

“Well, I practiced it, because I knew one day I’d be a diva and if I had to fight Maryse I could put her in her own place by putting her in her own finisher,” Violet explained smiling. “I’m kinda a move thief you’d say.”

“Well, I think it’s cool you beat the shit out of Maryse,” Emilie smirked. “I would’ve done it, but you beat me to it. She’s been getting on my last nerve since the first day I met her when I went to Raw to fight the Bella Twins.”

“Well, it was nice meeting you guys,” Violet said as she waved us goodbye. “I have to get changed out of these clothes. See you guys around.”

After she left John came up and Emilie gave me this look that meant “Say yes.” I sighed as Emilie excused herself before giving me another one of her looks. John and I were finally alone. My face grew warm as John begun to speak.

“So what’s you’re answer, Serenity?” asked John smiling at me.

“What do you want my answer to be?” I asked smirking at him.

“I was hoping it’d be a yes,” John answered.

“Well, my answer is,” I paused smirking up at him as his eyes begun to show hope.“is yes. Yes, John, I will go on a date with you.”

John smiled at me scooping me up in a hug. “Hey, Johnny, did I say you could hug me?”

“You know you wanted it,” John smirked putting me down on my feet. “Well then, Serenity I’ll see you tomorrow.” He winked at me and walked off making me feel something strange, and I couldn't figure what that feeling was.