Serenity Raine James has caught the eyes of the WWE society with her rebellious side. She loves to fight, and isn't afraid to take a chance. She's the bad girl of the James sisters. She isn't your regular diva either. The least to say is she fights Superstars and Divas. What happens when a ambitious Serenity tries to get a chance at the Intercontinental Championship?
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Living For The Moment: Chapter 1                             By Hillary                                The Sweet Plan

This was great I thought as I walked down the ramp with CM Punk and his minion, Luke Gallows, who had a chair in his hand. Punk carried a back bag in his hand, and I know what was inside it. I didn’t want to be going down the ramp with this self-absorbed asshole. He made me so sick with is Straight Edge “Cult” which I called it. He’s no savior of mine.
I slid in with a look of distaste as CM Punk put his arm around me as he began to talk out to the crowd about how better he was than everybody else out in the WWE society. I zoned out completely through his speech, and didn’t notice that he had stopped to ask me a question.

“What?” I asked looking over at him. He still had his arm around me, which made me want to push it off me. I didn’t want him touching me.

“Today do you except Straight Edge into your life?” He asked me. I stared at him for a while and smiled.

“Look at my head, Punk,” I said pointing at my head. “Shaved it last night for you my “savior.”

“You did, did you?” He asked smiling.

“Would I lie to you?” I asked smirking and crossing my arms.

“I’m not so sure, Serenity?” He replied skeptically eyeing me suspiciously.

I smirked and began to laugh, “You know me too well, Punk.”

With that I ran out of the ring before he or his minion, Luke could catch me. When I made it up the ramp, I stopped turning back to him. I smirked as I took the bald cap off my head revealing my brown wavy locks. My best friend, Emilie, had set up the plan for me to wear one, so I would look bald. I say it was quite convincing. I knew Emilie was back stage laughing her ass off at what was about to happen. Our master plan has just begun. We had planned this ever since Vince McMahon had told me about my storyline. It happened to include me being Punk’s Girlfriend, but I had better plans, and I hated people telling me what I had to do. I wouldn’t be forced to be with this bastard.

I smirked, and then called for a microphone, which was given to me. “Punk, sorry, babe. I got better plans, and that’s not being with a self-absorbed, ignorant asshole like you. Did you seriously think I would shave my freaking head for you? I’m never going to be in your straight edged “cult” of yours. I’m too good for it, and I’m too good to be your girlfriend too. So I guess this means, Punk,” I paused then smirking at a furious CM Punk. “We are over, honey. Oh and by the way you should really shave more often. It isn’t very attractive.” I blew a kiss winking at him as he grabbed his scruffy bearded face.

The crowd yelled with joy as I jump up in the air smiling in triumph that I had accomplished the plan of getting out of the nightmare of a storyline. I knew this could jeopardize my contract, but fuck Vince, and his fucking stupid storylines.
I put the microphone down not even bothering to see or heard what Punk had to say about how I felt. I walked behind the curtains to be greeted by a red faced Emilie Hardy who by the looks of it was laughing her ass off at what just happened in Smackdown arena tonight.

“The crow loved it? Didn’t they, Emmy?” I asked giggling with her as she put her arm around me.

“Of course they did, Serenity,” She smirked after catching her breath. “Look who the mastermind of the epic plan was.” She stood with her hands on her hips, and then snapped her fingers rolling her head too.

“Emmy, I’ve got to hand it to you that you are the best mastermind of all,” I commented giggling at what my friend had just done.

“Thanks, I know,” She said smiling showing off her pearly whites as she shrugged.

“Well, I’ll let you go. I got to change, and then Vince will probably call me to his office to scream at me for wrecking his planned storyline for me,” I said. “Good luck, hun and beat some Maria ass tonight!” I gave her the thumbs up before waving goodbye, and heading off toward the diva’s locker room.