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People falling in love and being flirty

LoveStruck                                By TBenitez33                                      Chapter 1: A Hard Day's Night

It was 7am and you woke up in your hotel with a huge headache because of the hangover you had from last night you remembered a really attractive man next to you. You then started to think about how you got suckered into wrestling because of your best friend, John Cena, you didn't know anyone from the WWE except for John which made you even more nervous the only question in your head was " Are the divas going to like me?" that's when you were about to turn around and you felt someone next to you.
Aub: Okay, are you the guy from last night?
Man: Yea that's me
Aub: I'm going to take a shower and when I come back, I hope you're not here I have to get to work
The man awkwardly stared at you while you left to the bathroom. You lasted a long time in there because you just needed think about things and what happened last night, when you got out you had seen he was not there anymore because he had done the bed. You sort of wished you would of got to know him better. When you got a text from John.
*Text Convo*
John: Hey Aubz are you ready?
Aub: Yeah I'm on my way
John: Graet I'll be waiting
Aub: BIG News to tell
John Okay...
You left your hotel room and went down to the lobby to meet with John to go to the gym.
Aub: Hey John
: Hey Aubrey you ready to go?
Aub: Yeah
John: So what's the big news?
Aub: I'll tell you during the workout
FF>>The Gym>>
You went to the weights to do some with John and to have a talk with him
Aub: Okay so I went to the bar last night and some guy who looked really sad soI started to talk to him and....
John: And...
Aub: Well he invited me back to his hotel keep in mind we were drunk and well we sort of had sex
John: Sex? On the first night, Seriously?
Aub: Yes, keep in mind we were drunk
John: Wow that's bad
Aub: No it's not, I mean I'm not saying he wasn't good I mean he was AMAZING!
John: Ok OK I get it
Aub: Fine! Let's go to the Jaccuzzi
John: Sounds good to me
You were walking to Mr.McMahon's office to finally recieve your contract you were sort of intimidated walking into his office but you just stepped up and knocked on the door.
Aub:*Knock Knock*
VM: Come In!
Aub: Hi I'm here for to discuss my contract terms with you
VM: Oh right and you must be ummm.. Aubrey right?
Aub: Yeah nice to meet you I'm Aubrey Bush
VM: So reading over your OVW paperwork it shows you were the very best over there so I want to see what you can do, how does $750,000 a year and 5 years with the WWE sound?
Aub: It sounds like a dream come true, I'm really excited
VM: Okay then I just need you to sign here
You signed your name and he officially stamped the contract you were so happy you ran to John's locker room when a really nice woman started talking to you.
Girl: Hey you must be the new girl right?
Aub: Yeah, Hi I'm Aubrey Bush
Girl: I'm Barbra Blank but I prefer my ring name Kelly Kelly
Aub: Great, so is there any good looking guys in the WWE?
Kel: Are you kidding the WWE is full of them but there is only one really amazing guy
Aub: And who might that be?
Kel: Randy Orton, make sure you meet him, oh and John Cena but I think you already know him
Aub: Yeah I do, and I'll make sure to meet him
Kel: Great, I have a match next I have to go, I'll talk to you later
Aub: Bye
You started thinking about how now you wanted to meet this "Randy Orton" so you curiously walked to John Cena's locker room
Aub: Hey John
John: Hey Why do you look so curious?
Aub: Because I met Kelly and she told me to make sure I meet Randy Orton
John: Well I could take you to see what he looks like
Aub: Really?
John: Of course follow me
You started to walk to the mini gym in the arena and you were getting anxious to see what he looked like, you arrived to the mini gym and saw a very in shape man, you started looking at his torso but when you saw his face you were shocked.
Aub: Oh my god, Oh my god!
John: What's the matter?
Aub: That's my one night stander I slept with last night, he wrestles here?
John: Yeah, wait you slept with Randy?
Aub: Yes oh geez what am I going to do?
John: That's all you
"What would you do if your one- night stander was closer to you then you thought?"