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Las Vegas Or Bust                                                                                                                        Chapter 11

The group was quickly closing in on the 20th straight hour of the trip. Las Vegas was about  5 hours away, and there was no way Randy was going to allow Adam to stop driving at this point.

"Hey, Randy, are they asleep?" Adam asked, breaking the silence.

Randy glanced behind him and saw Dani curled across Jeff's lap; both sleeping soundly. He smirked slightly at the site.

"Yeah, why?" Randy asked, yawning tiredly.

Adam  quickly glanced behind him to verify.
"Thats adorable." Adam grinned, slight sarcasm in his voice. "I see some girls who need a ride, up ahead."

"What are you talking about, man?" Randy leaned back in his seat tiredly, closing his eyes.

"Hitchhikers, two of them." Adam grinned deviously as he pulled over, stopping next to a set of twins, both wearing a large red flower in their dark, long, bouncy curls.

"You girls look like you need a ride." Adam asked through the rolled down window, his words taking on two completely meanings.

"We sure do!" They replied simultaneously, a sly smirk reaching their red lips.

"And may you mind me asking, you gorgeous angels, what are your names?"  Adam quirked his brow.

"I'm Nikki."

"And I'm Brie."

"Well, I'm Adam, and that's my friend Randy. Hop in." He opened his door, and allowed the identical women to climb into his truck.

The women straddled Randy and Adam almost immediately as they entered the car.

"Why, hello there." Randy grinned, awaking from his attempt to sleep. He rested his hands comfortably on Nikki's hips.

Nikki simply giggled in response.

"Alright you two, we want your cash, and your car, now." Brie's previously bubbly voice became drastically serious within a matter of moments.

"You want my what?" Adam chuckled, slightly caught off guard by the sudden change of tone.

"You heard her, jackass, she said hand over the cash and get out of the car" Nikki replied, reaching behind her and taking a gun from her back pocket.

"Adam, you stupid dumbass! Why'd you-" Randy began, but Brie took out a gun as well.

Adam scrambled for his wallet, and handed it to Brie, knowing full-well nothing valuable was in it.

Nikki pressed the gun to Randy's throat.
"Hurry up!" Nikki commanded through clenched teeth.

Randy handed his wallet over to Nikki.

"Now get out, and take your little friends with you, or else we shoot." She threatened, her finger twitching on the trigger.

Adam quickly climbed out of the truck,  Randy following suit. They opened the backseat door, and hastily shook Jeff and Dani.

"Hmm?" Jeff grunted, as he stirred from his slumber.

"Get out, now." Brie pressed the gun to Jeff's cheek.

When Jeff felt the cold metal of the gun on his cheek, he shrieked and stumbled out of the car. Dani followed behind him, cautiously climbing out, as the other twin pointed her gun at her.

Within seconds, the identical twins climbed back into the car, and drove away.

Adam's eyes boiled to the brim with tears, as the four of them silently watched his truck disappear into the cold, dark, night.

"My Baby!" Adam sniffled. Pained at the fact that his truck, his baby was gone.

"What... the ... hell did you... do?" Dani shivered violently as she spoke to no one in particular.

"Who the hell were those girls?!" Jeff yelled, taking off his hoodie, and handing it to Dani.

"They were hitchhikers Adam decided to pick up, like an idiot." Randy sneered.

Adam's head snapped towards Randy, he made a face.

"You've got to be kidding me! It's not just my fault! You're just as much of an idiot as I am for not stopping me!"  The blonde snapped.

Jeff snickered slightly at Adam's defense. Dani however, groaned, anticipating another argument. She, unlike her cohorts, was becoming incredibly exhausted. She'd lost any ambition to stop the needless bickering.

"Oh, come on Adam! Even if I did try to stop you, you would've let them in anyway!" Randy defended.

"That doesn't matter at all! It's still just as much your fault as mine!"

Dani let out another unenthusiastic groan, and leaned against Jeff tiredly, nuzzling her head into his chest.

"Guys, come on." He gestured to an exhausted Dani, who could barely stand up on her own.

The two ceased to bicker when they saw the petite woman drifting back to sleep. However they continued to shoot glares at one another, continuing their argument silently.

"How are we going to get there now?" Jeff asked, lifting the woman effortlessly onto his back.

"Well from what I remember, we were about five hours away by car." Adam said glancing down the long, deserted, dark road. "We're going to have to walk until we find someone to help."

Randy sighed, and glanced at Dani worriedly. "What about Dani?"

"What about her?" Adam quirked a brow, beginning to walk.

"We all saw her earlier, she hasn't been herself since the trip started." Randy said, following Adam, Jeff doing the same.

"She was just carsick and a little stressed out. I wouldn't blame her, dealing with you two for 20 hours in a car would kill me too." Adam shrugged off the matter.

"She's not just carsick, Adam, somethings wrong with her, I don't want her getting anymore sick because of the cold out here." Randy's tone slightly raised, offended by Adam's casualness of the matter.

"Someone's got a little crush." Adam muttered under his breath.

"Just because I worry about her doesn't mean I have a crush, you moron." Randy's sharp voice matched his words.

"And besides, she's known us since highschool, the least we can do is care about her." Jeff added, offended by Adam's remark as well.

Adam was silenced, and they all continued to walk along the side of the road.


The twenty minutes passed in sheer silence, except for the occasional car passing by, not paying any attention to the quartet.

A black Sedona suddenly pulled up to the group.

The three stopped walking immediately, and watched as the window rolled down, revealing the careworn face of a middle-aged woman with maroon, shoulder length hair. To say the least, the average male wouldn't find her at all attractive.

"Do you guys need a ride?" The woman flashed a grin.