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Las Vegas Or Bust : Chapter 2

“Holy shit, what happened here?” Dani decried at the eyesore of an apartment building, she cringed the site before her. “This place is a complete sty!”

“You say that like your surprised.” Randy rolled his eyes, finding Dani's criticism superfluous. “We don't have time to clean this place up, and you know why?”

Dani quirked an eyebrow and flatly asked. “Why?”

“Because even if we did clean this place, it would return to this state in a matter of minutes.” He replied mockingly.

Dani simply scoffed in annoyance and shook her head disapprovingly. The apartment was nice, if it weren't covered almost entirely with garbage. The floors were spotted with random beer stains, dirty clothes were scattered about the scene in a cumulative manner. Bowls of chips and empty beer cans graced the floors and tables in the same fashion.

“How do you and Adam pick up girls with your place looking like this?” Dani's tone was astonished.

“They usually aren't too focused on the condition of the apartment, Dani.” Randy grinned deviously.

“Whatever, Orton.” Dani struggled as she tried rolling Jeff's heavy body off of the couch. She groaned, amplifying it just enough for Randy to notice the struggling woman.

He took his time getting over to the smaller brunette. He displayed his great strength when he shoved the still-unconscious form off of the couch with one hand.

“Do you feel like hanging out with your dearest friend and watching a stupid-funny guy movie?” Dani's voice softened noticeably, her annoyed expression following suit.

Stupid funny guy movie? Dearest friend?” Randy scoffed at Dani's choice of words. “Really Dani, I didn't think you could get any more pathetic, but you've proved me wrong.”

“So that's a no.” Dani said dismissively, pursing her lips as she grabbed the remote from the couch.

“You got it, Dani.” Randy said, heading in the direction of his room. Not even catching the expression of dejection on Dani's face. “Don't forget to lock the door on your way out when you're done.”

She rolled her eyes briefly before turning off the TV and getting up. She carefully made her way to her apartment next door to Adam, Jeff and Randy's.

She heard a faint moaning coming from the other side of her apartment's door. She groaned in sheer annoyance when she almost immediately understood what the sounds on the other side of the door translated to; Adam and yet another woman he picked up. She didn't bother going into her apartment anymore, she didn't want to risk seeing the scene. Instead, she turned around and headed into Randy, Adam and Jeff's apartment, once again.

She stepped over Jeff as she sat on the couch, and began to channel surf aimlessly.


It was ten o'clock, and Dani's body began to stir when she heard the obnoxious buzzing of an alarm clock. She sat up and slammed her hand on the black box next to the bed. Her frown deepened when she realized she wasn't on the couch she fell asleep on the previous night.

“Randy?!” Dani called, rubbing her eyes to rid the of sleep.

“What?” The towering, tan, handsome man's eyes bored into her's.

“Why would you put me in Adam's bed? Do you understand how disgusting that thing probably is?! If I had a black-light do you understand the amount of stains I'd find?!” Dani practically panicked, climbing out of the bed in a rush to stay as far away as possible from Adam's bed.

“You're acting like the couch was any better.” Randy shrugged, walking away from the bickering woman.

“You guys are disgusting!” Dani spat, her facial expression defined pure horror. She opened her mouth to continue to scold the handsome man (who'd completely tuned her out by now). But she heard a few disgruntling coughs, coming from the bathroom. She followed the noises until she saw Jeff bent over the toilet, profusely puking, with an abundance of added sound effects as well.

“Unbelievable.” Dani shook her head and walked away from the scene before her. She glanced at her wrist watch and creased her brow in question. “Jeff aren't you supposed to be at work by now?”

“Shit!” Jeff;s voice was coarse and abrupt as she heard the toilet flush, the sink run, keys get picked up and a door slamming. The noises blurred and before Dani could blink, Jeff was out of the apartment.


“That'll be four ninety three.” Jeff said flatly as he tapped a few buttons on the cash register, collected the five dollar bill from the customer and gave them back their change.

His expression of pure disinterest and fatigue mirrored exactly how he felt on the inside. His head was pounding with a familiar fervor, and his senses intensifies everything around him to the point of extreme pain, and discomfort. Every now and the again, Jeff's nose would wrinkle at the strong scent of coffee surrounding him. The aroma added an unnecessary depth to the growing headache, and unbearable hangover.

“Shit.” He muttered to himself as he buried his face in his hands.

“Err – excuse me?” A woman's voice interrupted Jeff's complaining.

Jeff looked up at the woman standing on the other side of the counter, who stared at him expectantly.

“Hello? Jeff, are you okay?” The woman waved her hands in front of the cashier's face.

Jeff's dulled green gaze fell upon the worried face of his 1-year-crush, Beth.

Almost immediately, Jeff's posture coiled into a near-perfect stance, and his focus snapped towards the now puzzled brunette in front of him.

“Yes?” Jeff struggled to say, as he strained to look as focused and intensive as possible. Sadly enough, the struggle reflected on his tired-looking face.

“Are you okay? You look terrible.” Beth's brow's pulled together in concern.

“Oh, no, no.. I'm just a little...” He mustered up a fake yawn. “...tired. How've you been?”

“I'm alright... But, Jeff you look a little more than tired... you sure you're okay?” She pressed, ignoring the increasingly impatient crowd of people behind her.

“I'm fine... Hey, I've been meaning to ask you --” Jeff was then rudely cut off by an irritated buisness man behind Beth.

“Hey man, I've got to be at work in ten minutes, and I better be there with a cup of coffee in hand. So can you hurry this up some?!”

Jeff's headache seemed to respond with an intensified pounding, making Jeff clutch onto the side of his head, as if someone took a hammer and slammed it into his skull.

“Sir, please be patient, and I will be right with you.” Jeff said in a strained, calm voice.

“Would you like to come over sometime? You know, for a movie, or something. I'd take you out to a movie and dinner, but I'm a bit short on money, you know, with the rent being due and all.”

You know Jeff, you forgot to mention you're short on money due to all those drugs you do. Jeff's conscious pestered. He gritted his teeth in annoyance, it was the last thing he needed at the moment, a guilt trip.

“Oh Jeff, that's so sweet.” Beth grinned, her face slightly turning the hue of a rosy pink.

I bet you she wouldn't think you were so sweet if she saw you passed out on your couch due to another one of your frequent drinking binges! His conscious mocked. He groaned in response.

“I'd love to... Here's my number” She nodded, jotting down her number on the back of the cafe's business cards, and handing it to him.

So when we're you planning on calling her? Before you smoke your pot? Or After? Jeff ignored his conscious once again, he was too elated to listen to the annoying voice in his head. A boyish grin stretched his face into a truly dumbstruck expression.

Beth giggled slightly at the rainbow-haired cashier.

“I'll be needing that coffee I ordered, Jeff.” She said, grinning.

“Oh... right.” Jeff muttered, nearly forgetting he was working at the cafe.

He collected her money, gave her the change, and directed her to the barista working at the other end of the long counter.

He continued to work, and take care of the people's orders, his headache was still persistent, and his conscious wouldn't cease to be quiet.

DRUGS AND ALCOHOL! That's ALL you care about Jeff! His conscious screamed.

“Lord, Jesus, Will you just please shut the fuck up?!” Jeff exclaimed in a pure agony as he clenched onto his colorful locks.

But his face expressed a great pallor when he realized the low humming of voices around him come to a brusque silence, and an elderly woman with overbearing bi-focals stood before him with astonished, wide eyes.

“This is going to be a long day.” Jeff sighed, and whispered to no one in particular.

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