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Las Vegas Or Bust : Chapter 6

Over the span of three days, Dani distanced herself from her neighbors, and became increasingly focused on her exams.

She'd occasionally hear an argument through the wall, while she studied. Arguments she could've prevented, stopped or even become a part of. She persisted through it though, and after those three days, she finally finished her exams. She decided to fulfill her promise to Randy, and inform him that him and his roommates could move into her apartment, temporarily.

She made her way next door, and let herself in with her key. Almost immediately after she stepped foot into the apartment, Adam rushed to her, in a lunatic's manner.

"Thank god your here! Dani, Jeff's lost it." Adam said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"What do you mean he's lost it? Hasn't he already lost it?" Dani joked.

"No, Dani. I mean it. Jeff's on a rampage. Randy broke Jeff's flip-flops." Adam said, in a still cautious voice.

"The orange ones? So what? I though he never liked those ones." She shrugged.

"No. But Randy also lost his sunglasses and somehow broke the volume buttons on his TV."

"Why'd Randy do all of that?"

"About two days ago Jeff puked on Randy's shirt." Adam shook his head disapprovingly. " They've been at it ever since."

"Oh come on Adam, it can't be that bad."

Dani head snapped toward the sound of an alarm clock hitting a wall, followed by the sound of a door slamming.

Dani rushed to the source of the loud noises, only to see Jeff with a broken flip-flop in hand. He looked rabid and frighteningly feral.

"Jeff... Put the flip-flop down..." She said cautiously, putting her hands up in a guarding matter.

She glanced behind her and saw Randy, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Come here, you bastard!" Jeff charged for Randy, and got him in a headlock.

Randy winced in pain when Jeff tightened the hold.

"You baby-oil wearin' , sun-tanning son-of-a--" Jeff muttered.

"Jeff! Let him go!" Dani pleaded.

"You broke my flip-flop! Now eat it!" Jeff screamed, stuffing the broken shoe into Randy's mouth.

"What has he been smoking?!" Dani shrieked at Adam.

"I don't know! He just went nuts!" Adam shrunk at Dani's yelling.

"Help me pull him off!" Dani shouted.

"Don't you think I've already tried that?!" Adam gestured to his busted lip, Dani didn't notice it before, but now that he pointed it out, she gasped at it in horror.

"He really has lost it." Dani stared back at Jeff, who was still stuffing foot wear into Randy's mouth.

"I say we call the police." Adam said.

"Oh yeah, and get our friend sent to jail for battery and possession of drugs. Smart idea Adam." Dani said sarcastically.

"Well, I don't know anymore!" Adam shrieked frantically.

"We'll just have to break it up!" Dani sighed.

The two approached Jeff from behind cautiously, and Dani mouthed a count to three.

She leaped onto the larger man's back, while Adam yanked his legs backwards,making him fall flat on his stomach.

"Jeff! Calm down! I'll buy you new flip-flops, and sunglasses, and we'll get your TV fixed! Just chill for a second!" Dani said quickly, trying to pacify the furious man.

Jeff was still and silent for about a minute, until he let out a loud wail, and began to dramatically sob uncontrollably.

"Jeff? What the hell-" Dani's expression became puzzled.

"Matt gave me those flip-flops!" Jeff howled. "And I hate flip-flops!"

Dani got off of Jeff's back and stared at him curiously.

"That is a sad, sad man..." Adam shook his head.

"...And now... They're broken!" Jeff moaned, crouched on the ground, crying frantically.

"Randy, look at what you've done! You turned him into a nervous wreck!" Dani scolded.

"That" Randy pointed at Jeff. "is not my fault!"

"I love you, man!" Jeff clung onto Randy's feet.

"Get off of me! You queer!" Randy kicked Jeff off as if he were a dog.

"Randy! You're making this worse! He's really fragile right now!" Dani snapped once again.

"You too man!" Jeff sniffled, as he got up and embraced Adam.

"Er... Dani? I can't do this." Adam said, trying to pry off the emotional Jeff.

"Just let him hug you! He needs it!" Dani encouraged.

Adam cringed and continued to struggle out of Jeff's embrace.

"Dani! I love you too!" Jeff said, smothering the smaller woman in his suffocating hug.

Dani forced a smile, and struggled to breathe in his arms.

"Jeff...I...can't breathe." Dani gasped, she pushed against the large man, until he finally let go. Then, in one sudden moment, Jeff fell backwards.

"He passed out." Adam said incredulously.

"What was he on?" Dani asked.

"We don't know." Randy answered.

"Well, I came to tell you that I'm done with my exams, Randy." Dani sighed.

"And before I tell Adam about what going on.. I should tell you that Adam lost his job." Randy stated.

"What?!" Dani exclaimed.

"His boss caught him with his wife. So now.. the only person in this apartment that has a legitimate job is... him." Randy gestured to the snoring man on the ground.

Dani slapped her palm to her forehead and sighed. "Great." She muttered sarcastically, glaring at Adam accusingly.

"Don't look at me like that!" Adam stammered, as he began to look more and more cowardly. " What did you have to tell me anyway?!" He said, trying to sway Dani's attention.

"I didn't have to tell you anything. Randy on the other hand has to tell you something really important." She put the spotlight on Randy , and waited expectantly for the ex-construction worker to expose his faults.

"Randy let out a long sigh before running his hands through his short brown hair. "Adam... You know I have a gambling problem, and all... right?" He was careful with his words, not wanting to say the wrong thing.

Adam nodded, a slight frown on his face by doing so.

"Well, its... gotten a bit out of hand." He paused briefly before scratching the back of his neck nervously. "I stole your wallets at the party. I gambled off everything in them. I don't remember too much after that." Randy blurted out.

Adam's eyes looked as if they weren't even attached to his sockets, and his large hands almost immediately sprang to clutch his blonde tresses, only to prevent him from smashing the nearest item into a wall.

"How could you be so... stupid?" Adam said through clenched teeth, his anger was barely contained within himself. "We are on the brink of practically losing everything we own and cherish... Just because of your fucking addiction?! Are you kidding me?!" Adam shrieked, his face changing a multitude of shades.

"Adam, let him explain. We can fix this!" Dani decided to jump in, seeing how furious Adam was becoming made her a little uneasy.

"How the hell can you fix this?! Jeff's the only one with a job in this apartment, and we all know he can't support all of us on his income!" Adam raved and ranted.

"That's why Dani's going to help us!" Randy interjected this time, trying his best to calm the ex-lawyer.

"No! I'm not taking Dani's money! You should be the one getting us out of this mess, not her!" Adam protested, screaming even louder this time.

"She's not giving us money, Adam." Randy's voice took on a surprisingly calm demeanor.

"Then how is she going to help us?" Adam clenched onto his hair once more, looking as if he were going to rip his hair from the scalp.

"I'm offering you guys a place to stay, just until you guys get back on your feet." Dani answered.

"No. Dani, we'd be asking too much." Adam said, his voice slightly softening as he spoke to her.

"Adam, I offered, and its not asking too much. I want to help you guys."

"Fine, but we're not staying long. Me and Randy are getting a job, and he's going to pay you back for this month's rent." Adam jutted his finger into Randy's hard chest.

"Don't you dare try to pin this on me. If you would've never had that party in the first place, then maybe none of this would ever have happened!" Randy snapped, his jaw was twitching with increasing anger.

"Are you kidding me?! I'm sure if I never would've thrown the party, you still would've gambled our money away. You have a problem, Randy. A sick problem, that you don't want to admit to!" Adam jabbed his finger into Randy's chest again.

"I've got a problem?! You're the one who can't commit to a stable relationship! You're the one who sleeps with random women just to avoid the truth!" Randy yelled.

"...Randy, come on. Calm down-" Dani tried to calm Randy this time.

"Fuck you Orton!" Adam glared. "You know, I bet if you had the chance, you'd gamble off our souls to the devil, and not even think twice about it. You're a cold-blooded, pathetic, sad excuse for a human." He spat.

Randy let out a growl, and in an instant, his fist collided with Adam's jaw.

Dani let out a shrill scream before she began to press Randy away from the Canadian. It took all of her effort, but she finally pressed Randy out of the apartment, away from the now-screaming Blonde.

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