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Las Vegas Or Bust : Chapter 9

They packed a small cooler with food and bottles of water and placed it in Adam's car, in preparation for the long trip. They packed all their necessities and things of that matter. Then came time, finally, for the four to embark on their 25-hour journey.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Adam asked, when he sees Randy getting into the driver seat of his car.

"I'm getting into the car... and driving." Randy's brow furrowed, in uncertainty.

"No. I'm driving, it's my car." Adam countered, pushing Randy out of the way and proceeding to get into the driver's seat.

" No. You aren't, you drive like a maniac, and I'm not getting hospitalized on the way there." Randy pulled Adam back, and slammed the car door shut.

" I drive like a maniac? You're the one who drives like there's no speed limit!" Adam snapped.

Jeff and Dani, who'd been watching the conflict unravel before their eyes, sighed and got into the car. Jeff taking the wheel, and Dani hopping into the passenger's seat.

"Why can't any of you guys go one day without fighting like little kids?" Dani sighed, shaking her head at the two, who were now holding each other in headlocks.

Jeff shrugged, opened his window, and yelled.

"Come on you numb nuts, I'm driving!"

Neither bothered to let go of the other, or even look up for that matter.

"Just start driving. They should realize we're gone and stop... Hopefully." Dani commanded.

Jeff nodded and started the car, pausing briefly to see if Adam or Randy would notice.

But by this point, the two towering men were rolling on the ground, still fighting.

"Are they both really that dumb?" Jeff asked, bewildered at his friends' stupidity.

"Just drive." Dani commanded.

Jeff did so, applying pressure to the pedal and beginning to drive out of the parks lot. He constantly looked back and forth between the rear view mirror and the road ahead of him, trying to keep an eye on his two friends still fighting.

Stopping at a stoplight, not too far from the parking lot, Jeff turned to Dani.

"If Randy's on a deadline, why is he wasting time fighting?!"

"Because you guys are just a bunch of immature -" Dani began to answer, but her phone's ringtone went off. Answering the phone, she was greeted by Randy's fuming, loud voice in her ear.

"Where the hell did you go?! Where's the car?!"

"Are you two done fighting?" Dani replied flatly.

"Yes! Yes! Now where are you? And where's Jeff?" Randy rushed on, becoming jumpy and impatient with every second passing by.

"He's with me, and we'll be there in a second." Dani said before shutting the phone, and turning to Jeff.

"Turn around, they noticed we left." Dani sighed.

"Yeah guys, great idea to let the drug addict drive for us." Adam sneered sarcastically.

"Well, thanks to Orton, I haven't had any money to get high with." Jeff shot back at the pouting men in the backseat.

"You know, Jeff, maybe that is a good thing." Dani replied.

Jeff grunted in response, not wanting to get into another argument with the woman. Despite the way she was around the trio, she worried for all three of them. She's known all three since highschool, and knew them before their addictions grew into them now was hard for her to endure, especially when she lost all hope for them dropping their habits.

"Jeff... I'm worried about you... All of you guys. I just wish you'd all could get the help-" Dani began.

"Dani, lets not talk about this right now." Jeff's gaze was weary, he'd heard it all before from her.


"Stop it, Dani." He shutout her voice, and kept his eyes on the road ahead of him, trying to only focus on that, and nothing more.

Three hours into the drive, and the four began to get bored. Adam and Randy stopped pouting the first hour into the drive, and argued to their heart's content about any and everything. Jeff would occasionally throw his two cents in, while Dani had to endure the torturous bickering.

Adam had taken the liberty of rummaging through the contents of the cooler they packed with food. Randy joined in with Adam, only to cure his boredom.

"Who's bright idea was it to pack all of these stupid fruit roll-ups and salt packets?" Randy boomed, frowning at the cooler filled nothing but the two items.

Adam puts his hands up in defense, when Randy glared at him.

"Jeff?" Randy asked next.

"Nope." Jeff shook his head.

The three men started at Dani, not being able to comprehend the most sane of the four, packing an insane food combination, for such a long trip.

"I had a craving for them!" Dani said defensively, slightly shrinking into her seat, feeling the odd glances on her.

"Salt, and fruit roll-ups?" Randy quirked an eyebrow.

"Yeah... So?" She leaned over her seat, and grabbed the cooler from Randy.

"Dani, are you feeling alright?" Jeff took one hand off of the steering wheel, and pressed it on her forehead, then cheek, to check her temperature.

"I'm fine, you jackass!" Dani snapped, slapping his hand away, and crossing her arms over her chest.

"...Salt... and fruit roll-ups?" Randy muttered, still not comprehending the combination.

"Yes! Yes! Stupid salt and stupid fruit roll-ups, Randy! If you say one more word about it, I'm going to stuff your face with them! Got it?!" The woman boomed, her red face becoming slightly purple as she screamed at Randy.

Randy stayed silent, and Adam snorted, trying to suppress a laugh.

"You too, Adam!" Dani barked, before turning back around in her seat.

"What's with her?" Adam whispered to Randy.

"I have no idea, but I don't think I want to know." Randy whispered back to Adam.

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