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Lovestruck                                                                                       Chapter 2: The Self-Destruct Button

There you were so embarassed and awkward because the man you thought you were just going to sleep with and he would dissapeer, but instead he was going to be working with you until any of you retired which sort of made you wonder "Is it really going to be that awkward or are you making it?" So you did the only thing that came to your mind RUN AWAY!John: Um.. Where are you going?Aub: Running away before Randy sees meJohn: Well you better go now cause he's comingRKO: Hey John! Hold Up!John: Hey Randy!Aub: Oh god I can't leave anymore,Shit! Where's the self-destruct button?!

RKO: Hey John, wait I remember you?? 

Aub: No, No you don't

RKO: Yes I do from last night you consoled me

Aub: I did? Sorry I don't remember too many kamikaze cocoktails

RKO: Do you have time after the show for like coffee or something?

Aub: I suppose I do

RKO: Then I'll pick you up after the show

Aub: Fabulous

John: So Randy are you ready for our title match?

RKO: You bet your ass

John: Oh bring it!

Aub: Imma go!

You left John and Randy at the gym and you headed to the only girl you can talk to in the WWE, Kelly. You had trouble finding her locker room until you finally found it.

Aub: Hey Kelly!

Kel: Someone looks like they have been asked out

Aub: That someone did

Kel: Really?! WHO?!

Aub: Randy did

Kel: That was really fast who did you do it?

Aub: Okay well, I forgot to mention I had slept with him the night before without knowing, So I guess he wants to talk about it, but when I saw him earlier I wish I had a self-destruct button 

Kel: Oh you're so lucky, but the question stands is the sex any good?

Aub: Oh he's amazing! Just how he is vigorous in wrestling he is in bed

Kel: Oh my! So do you know what you're going to wear?

Aub: Of course I do, A red mini dress and my black heels

Kel: To you my friend I say good luck and I hope you get laied

Aub: I don't know about tonight I think we need to get closer

Kel: You slept with him, knowing him for 3 hours

Aub: Go to your match!

Kel: Bye Aubz!

As 3 hours passed you were very anxious to go on your date with Randy until you finally heard a knock at your locker room door, you opened the door to find it was Randy!

Aub: Hey you

RKO: Wow you look amazing!

Aub: Thanks, so where are we going?

RKO: Well I know this little cafe around here were we can know more about each other

Aub: Sounds great to me

RKO: Lets go then

You saw Randy's car was a Hummer and you were surprised because you had athe same year Hummer in the same color, which gave you a sign that you the same taste in intrest

Aub: Hey I H=have the same Hummer

RKO:Ooh Girls driving a big truck....Hot!

You just gave him a very sexy smirk from which you saw he liked. You got in his car and you guys drove off to the cafe he was telling you about. You guys finally arrived it was a cute setting of the cafe, the waiter finally gave you guys your table and it couldn't get better your table gave you a view of the whole city of Detroit.

Aub: So what do you want to know about me?

RKO: Well about your family, likings, pet peeves, anything

Aub: Well usually family isn't my favorite subject but I have a 24 year old sister named Joan, My dad left my mom before Joan was born and my mom died 4 years ago

RKO: Oh I'm sorry

Aub: It's fine.. I love dogs and I like my men not cocky or an asshole and is a gentlemen

RKO: Well I'm all of the above except cocky when I'm at work

Aub: Well what about you?

RKO: Well my dad is a hall of famer, my mom's a nurse, and I have a brother and a sister

Aub: Oh that's nice

RKO: I also have a dog back home in St.Louis

Aub: By the way how did I console you last night?

RKO: Well My fionce had dumped me for someone else

Aub: Oh I'm sorry

RKO: It's okay

Aub: She's dumn You're a great guy any girl would kill for you

RKO: Would you kill for me?

Aub: To say the truth, I would

RKO: That's nice to know a beautiful woman like you would "Die" for me

The night was preety amazing he treated you like a total gentlemen and and the end of the night he gave you a beautiful red rose, so you gave him your number and he gave you a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night.

"Could a one-night stand lead to something more serious or is it just sex?"