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Randy was totally wasted, when two women offered him a threesome. Could accepting be the biggest mistake of his life? 4 years have passed now, what's the consequences? More mistakes? Can anybody help him through his wrong chooses?

Mistakes                                              By LoveToTheCucumber                         Chapter 1: Warning

Randy is out in his locker room, he's changing for the big party tonight. Cody steps into the room a few second after he's done.

"Hey Randy, great match tonight!"

"Thanks, you too."

"So are you ready to party?" Cody laughs, throwing what he calls his sex move: "I'm ready to seduce some women!"

Randy shakes his head and laughs, while he tosses his trunks down the gym bag.

"You know I'm ready, I always am." He says flinging the bag over his shoulder.

"Are you driving with me and Ted, or?"

"I'm driving myself, I don't want to leave my car here."


"Yeah, the last thing I want is somebody breaking into my car!"

"Are ready to go?"


They walk out the locker room and down the hall. Something begins to vibrate in Randys pocket.

"Hold on Cody, somebody is calling me," he says, getting the mobile phone up. He flips it open and puts it up to his ear.


"Is it you Mr. Orton?"

"…Yeah? You called my mobile, of course it's me, who is this?"

"I know something about you."

"Thrilling! Then we have something in common!" Randy laughs sarcastic.

"You're laughing now, but it will soon come to an end."

The unknown person hangs up. Randy looks at the mobile screen, he presses calls.

"Who was it?" Cody asks, thinking it was a weird conversation.

"Don't know? He didn't tell and the number is unknown."

"What did he want?"

"Seven days!" Randy growls followed up by a high laugh "Some crazy fan who tried to scare me. I have to get a new number again."

"I really hate fans like that!"

"Me too, why can't they understand that we're normal people just like them? What's so cool about tracking us down?"

"I don't know? I was never like that when I was young."

"You still are!" randy laughs and messes around Codys hair.

"Shut up man!" Cody sounds offended, he hits Randys hand away.

Randy, Cody and Ted arrive to the party almost at the same time.

Some of the guests are already drunk, personally Randy thinks it's a little early, but what can he say? People are just having fun.

Randy starts drinking the minute he gets inside. Everybody is a little double standards.

After a while of wild drinking Randy gets the sight of Ted standing in the opposite end of the room, waving at him, asking him to come over to him. Randy staggers through the huge crowd of people. On his way over to Ted, he almost falls twice.

"What's up Teddy?" Randy laugh, putting his hand on the wall to support his balance.

"Look what I have found!" he says smiling to the two girls beside him: "This is Kate and Ann," he points at them, to make sure Randy gets who he's talking about.

"Well hello girls," Randy is turning up his charm the best he can in his unstable condition.

Kate talks a step forward, coming closer to Randy.

"I would like to see what you're hiding under this t-shirt and those tight jeans," Kate says while giving him the elevator look.

"If you find a room for us, I'll show ya."


Kate and Ann drags Randy and Ted into an empty room upstairs. All four of them takes off their clothes fast, they are only wearing underwear.

Kate and Ann pushes Ted and Randy down on the bed, Kate sits at Randy and Ann on Ted, their motion is almost synchronic.

They make out.

Kate and Ann want to make a little show for them, so the two of them starts to make out with each other.

"I have got a huge boner on right now!" Randy whispers to Ted. Ted nods without taking his eyes of the to girls.

Kate stops and she looks at Randy and Ted, who looks VERY excited.

"Now it's your turn," she says smiling dirty.

Randy grabs her arm and pulls her closer to him, so he can kiss her, but she pushes herself away from him.

"Not us your idiot? You two," she points at Ted and Randy.

"Hell no, I'm not going to make out with Ted?"

"No, what were you two thinking, it's disgusting?"

"Oh, so I'm disgusting Teddy? I'm the most attractive, remember?"

"In your dreams."

"Shut up guys! This was a fair deal, if you get some, we get some. Now kiss!" Ann says raising her voice.

Suddenly Randys mobile starts to ring.

Saved! Randy thinks, quickly jumping of the bed and rushing over to his pants to seek for his mobile in the pockets. Found.

"Hello?" Randy says after flipping his mobile open.

"Do you want to make the same mistake twice?" a voice growls, hanging up on Randy before he gets the chance to say something.

"Get back here!" Kate shouts impatient.

"I have to go," randy says quickly putting his clothes back on.


"My cat just died," Randy hurries out the door, leaving Ted with the two psycho man-eaters.