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Mistakes                                                                                  Chapter 12:Will He Get A Second Time?

Randy is back home, the sight of Cody kissing Ted is still hunting him. He had closed the door carefully not to get caught in standing there, he left immediately. He didn't care about their earlier plans, didn't care about Cody's match. Didn't care at all.

He is sitting on his coach, with his elbows planted on his thighs and his face hidden in his hands.

How could I be so stupid? It's obvious that Cody's is still in love with Ted, I bet everyone is laughing of me now. They have been laughing the whole time, I just didn't see it. I thought it was something else, I pushed the thought of it away.
I'm not even mad about the fact that Cody dumped me, I'm mad that I didn't see it coming. I'm an idiot! I'm not even gay! I love women, I adore them, how could a fuck like Cody make me think anything else? Manipulating bitch, that is what he is! I was never in love with him, I was blind and that is all!
Jesus, I can't even follow my own mind, I'm babbling! Is this how it feels to have voices in your head?

His left hand drops to his lap and he starts to rub his chin and cheek with the other. He looks at his mobile lying on the table, from out of the corner of his eye.

I promised myself never again… Fuck promises! Promises are like rules, they are made to be broken!

Quickly grabbing his phone and dialing a number he knows too well.


"Hey Leo, where can I find you?"

"Randy! It has been long, how are things going?"

"Terrific! Now where are you?"Randy shouts impatient.

"Why's that?"

"You know why…" Randy sounds almost angry.

"Of course I do. I'll stop by in a minute, you caught me in the right time I'm ac…"

Randy cuts him off, he doesn't care about what he was about to say, main thing is that he's on his way. He gets to his feet quickly. A little reunion music wouldn't be bad, would it?

The CD he wants is already in the stereo, he presses play.

This calling by All that remains, crashes through the huge speakers.

Randy can't help imagining it was him singing. If he hadn't become a wrestler, he would have become a rock star… Alcohol, drugs, women, fans, crashing hotels, fights, music, stage diving, hoarse voice because of too much screaming, cause he would definitely growl in every single song. He would sing about everything and nothing. The songs would have a deeper meaning and then again none of them would actually have it. He would play lead guitar, while being the lead singer. All spot light would fall on him… Constantly… He would be on the cover of every magazine and newspaper in the whole world. World tours. He wouldn't even have to be in a character, he could be himself. His fans wouldn't stop loving him, just because he killed a guy, they knew it would happen sooner or later… If Randy ever killed a guy while being in the WWE, he would lose all his fans… And his job… That is what Randy thinks is cool about being a musician, you can do whatever you want to do.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door, Randy snaps out of his little dream immediately.

Randy hurries out to open, it's Leo… Leonardo Lewis… The man with the helping hand…

Leo is a bit younger than Randy, he looks even younger than he is. Randy's definition of him would be a skinny boy. He's tall, but not taller than Randy. Short dark hair and green eyes. His hip-hop style, pants constantly on the verge of falling down, a shirt which is too big almost reaches his knees and the green cap on a slant fits his personality perfectly.

"What the fuck where you doing in there, I've been knocking for age's man! And what's up with the music, I nearly fell backwards when you finally opened!"

"Shut up, do you have it with you?" Randy says, cutting right to the case.

"Of course, but…" Randy looks like he's going to explode as he cuts Leo off.

"You're not here to small talk, how much!?"

Randy walks in again, smashing the door after him. Before getting back the coach, he grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels in his glass locker. Quickly placing his ass on the couch, while getting the lid off of the bottle.
Placing the bottle over his mouth, turning it upside down. He swallows several of times before placing the bottle on the table in front of him.

So we meet again… This is going to feel so good.

Randy rips the small bag of white powder open, making small piles around the table. Quickly he grabs his credit card from his wallet and he starts to make small tracks above each other.

Randy sits straight up, looking at what he would like to call art.

"Here it comes," he whispers for himself, before taking a small silver pipe, holding it up against his right nostril, covering the left with a finger, sniffing in.

He leans back on the backrest after a couple of tracks. Breathing faster and heavier. A smile appears over his lips, while the back of his hand wipes away the leftovers from his nose.

"You're my savior, my true love.
You're the only one I can trust.
You'll be there in both good and bad times.
You'll make me feel better, make me think I can do anything.
The only thing you ask for in return,
is me given in.
You know I will…
You won't even have to force me,
I will let you seduce me."

Randy laughs… Satisfied with his random poem. He doesn't even notice the stereo has changed CD and it's now playing Transparent and glasslike, by Carpark North.

His heart is beating hard and fast, it feels like it could pop out if his chest any minute.
The energy level is rising, even though his whole body is uptight.

Taking one sip after another of the strong liquid. Sniffing track after track of the white powder.
The bottle is half empty, going down faster than Randy thought it would.

Randy empties the bag, making the last tracks ready.

"Randy?" somebody suddenly calls out. Randy recognizes the voice, his anger reaches top of the meter in record time. He jumps up from the coach with a tie hand.

Cody enters the room, he gets the sight of Randy, standing with his back turned towards him.

"Oh, there you are, I've been looking all over for you," Cody says while closing the door after him.

"I thought you were going to stay and…" Randy turns, Cody stops his sentence immediately. Randy's eyes are on fire.

"Wha… What's wrong Randy?" Cody asks frightened.

"Like you don't know…" Randy growls, walking towards Cody. Cody backs directly into the door as Randy gets closer. He takes a step forward, but Randy pushes him back and forces him to stay pressed up against the door.

Cody looks up at Randy with scared eyes: "Please stop, you're scaring me…"

"That was my intention!" Randy raises his voice.

"Why are you mad, is it my fault?"

"What took you so long?!"

"What do you mean?"

"Raw was done a long time ago!"

"Vince wanted to talk to me about a storyline," Randy grabs Cody by the arm: "Ouch, Randy you're hurting me, let go!"

Randy fills his lungs with air, getting ready to yell: "Tell me the truth!"
If Randy keeps his voice at that level much longer, Cody would prevent a hearing-impair.

"The truth? What are yo…" Cody stops his sentence as he suddenly notices Randy's breathe: "Have you been drinking?"

Randy slaps Cody right on the cheek. He slapped him so hard that it made Cody turn his head.
Jack Daniels and cocaine is now in Cody's view.

"R… Randy… Wh.. What. Iii iiss.. that?" Cody stutters, eyes making their way back to Randy's.

Randy doesn't answer him, he grabs Cody by the neck and throws him to the ground.

Cody pulls himself together, he's not scared, not at all… He could run, but he would never do that, he wants to stand by Randy's side and help him through this.

"Stop Randy, I know you don't wanna do this!" Cody shouts, trying to get back on his feet, but Randy forces him down by placing his foot on Cody's head.

"Tell me why you did it…" Randy's voice is calm, but it's still filled with hatred.

"If you tell me what I did?"

Randy raises his voice to the highest level again: "You know what you did your fuck! Tell me why you did it!" he starts to kick Cody as hard as he can, right in the ribs: "You thought you could fool around with Ted behind my back huh! I'm gonna kill you motherfucker!"

One punch is followed by another, Cody tries to protect his face by covering it with his hands, he could fight back, but he won't.

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