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Mistakes                                                                                                  Chapter 13: The Hour Of Truth

Cody walks through the hall, everybody is looking at him, it makes him feel very uncomfortable. He tried to cover his black eye with makeup, but it didn't help much. He couldn't do anything about the bruises on his body, they were everywhere.

"What's wrong Cody, your boyfriend beat you up?" Miz says laughing, as Cody walks past him.

"Shut up Miz!" Ted yells, quickly catching up with Cody, he speeds up his walk.

"Cody slow down, I wanna talk to you."

"I don't wanna talk to you."


"Get away from me!"

"Who have done this to you, huh?! Is it Randy that son of a bitch?!"

Cody pauses instant: "What did you just say?"

"I wanna talk to yo…"

Cody cuts him off: "Don't you ever talk about Randy like that ever again!"


"I fell down some stair okay?! This has nothing to do with Randy, he would never hurt me. How could you accuse him for something like that?!"

"Calm down, I'm sorry? I was just worried," Ted doesn't believe him at all, falling down some stairs would never cause anything like that.

"Can I go now? I have a match!" Cody runs off without waiting for Ted to answer.

Randy is dancing around the living room in his underwear, with a bottle of vodka in his hand. His eyes are closed and a smirk is planted on his face.

"Randy?" a small voice asks. Randy turns: "Cody… Sweetie, get over here," Randy laughs waving him towards him. Cody does as he says.

"Dinners ready…" Cody whispers, trying to take the bottle from Randy, but Randy throws his arm in the air so Cody can't reach it.

"Ah ah ah! This is mine…" Randy says laughing even louder.

"You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach," Cody sounds sad and concerned.

"Don't worry, I can take it."

"Don't you think you have had enough for tonight? Please come out and eat with me."

Randy takes a sip right from the bottle: "No?"

Cody snatches the bottle out of Randy's hand, he shouldn't have done that. Randy slaps him across the face: "You want some of this don't you?!" Randy sounds pretty angry, he pushes Cody, making him fall to the ground, Randy sits on his chest, placing Cody's arms under his legs, so he won't be able to move. He snatches the bottle back and he turns it upside down. The liquid pours down over Cody's face. He gets some of it in his eyes, it's burning and it makes him scream. The liquid glides down his throat, he coughs and spits so he won't get choked on it.

"Don't ever try to take my booze again, you understand?!" Randy shouts, throwing the empty bottle across the room and right into a wall, the bottle breaks, fragment of glass flies around the room. Randy moves away from Cody. Tears are running down his cheeks, because of the liquid in his eyes.

Cody coughs a couple of times before he whispers with a husky voice: "Don't worry, I'll clean it up."

Cody wakes up when Randy closes the door to the bedroom. Randy crawls under his own blanket, turning his back on Cody.

Cody runs his fingers carefully through Randy's short hair, Randy slaps his hand away.
Cody bites his lower lip, he's not sure if he should do what he's about to do. He slowly makes his way under Randy's blanket, pushing his bare chest against Randy's back, wrapping his arms around him and whispering: "I love you," in his ear. Randy shakes Cody off of him without answering him. He pulls the blanket away from Cody and he wraps it around himself quickly. Cody's on the verge of tears, but he won't cry, he promised himself that he wouldn't. He crawls back under his own blanket, closing his eyes, trying to think of something that makes him happy.

The abuse of Cody has been going on for almost a week now, the other superstars are worried about him. He seems sad and afraid all the time, and every time they see him, he has got more bruises than last time. He keeps coming up with stupid excuses, everyone knows it's Randy who is doing this to him. Cody won't party with the others anymore, he won't even stay after the house shows to chat, he has to go home right away.

"Are you okay Cody?" Ted asks worrying.

"I'm fine."

"How did you get all those bruises this time?"

"Ran into a wall…"

"Why would you do that?"

"I didn't see it and I get bruised easily," Cody knows it sounds like a bad excuse.

"I know you're lying."

"I'm not?"

"Wanna go party with me and a few others after the show?"

"I don't feel like partying."

"You never do anymore… Why not? You used to."

"I have to go…" Cody says quickly running away from him…

Ted walks outside of the arena, after the show, to grab a smoke. Suddenly he hears somebody crying. He walks around the corner, finding Cody sitting on a stair. He sits beside him, gently rubbing his back. Cody drops his head on Ted's chest and Ted wraps his arms around him.

"I won't let him do this to you anymore," Ted says calmly.

"It..sss… not hiiiis.. faaaultt.t..t…" Cody stutters, starting to cry even more.

"God damn it Cody, whose fault is it then?!"

"My… Own…"

"It's not your fault? Randy is crazy, you shouldn't have chosen him in the first place."

"Buut…I… I… love him… He… loves me…"

"No Cody, he doesn't love you, he's just playing with you, you have to realize that!"

Cody covers his face with his hands: "Don saaayy.. thaaat!" he cries out.

"I meant what I said in the locker room that day… I love you Cody, I chose wrong when I chose to leave you back then and I'm so sorry for it… I was confused, you know that."

"You..'re… Making … This… haaarararder!"

"I'm making it easier for you! Take me instead of him… I won't ever hit you."

Cody sniffs hard. Ted places a finger under Cody's chin and pushes it up slowly, so they can look each other in the eyes. He slowly leans forward, but Cody turns his head right before their lips locks together.

"Fuck off… What you did to me hurt more than anything else… I would never consider getting back with you! I love Randy, I want to be with him, I wanna help him… I just wish he would realize that!"

"But Cody –"

"Go Ted!"

"I'm not leaving you like this!"

"Leave him alone…" a voice suddenly growls right in front of them. They both look up… It's Randy.

Cody gets up instant: "Randy I'm sorry, I was just about to come home and…"

"Cody what are you talking about!? This bastard has taken total control of you!" Ted yells, glaring at Randy.

"Ted go!" Cody says quickly, he's afraid that Randy will batter him too.

Randy takes a step closer to Ted , making him jump back frightened.

"Do as he says… Ted…" Randy says slowly, still glaring at him.

"I'll kick your ass if you ever lay a hand on Cody again!" Ted shouts, starting to walk backwards: "Remember that!" he turns around and runs away.

Cody looks down, he's afraid of what Randy's going to do to him when they get home. A warm hand is suddenly petting the back of his neck.

"Cody?" Randy says calmly, Cody looks up, straight into Randy's grey sad eyes.

"Cody I'm so sorry… I…I…" Randy hesitates: "I don't even know what to say… What I've done to you is… Terrible… I understand if you wanna leave me..."

Randy isn't intoxicated, Cody knows what he says is for real: "I won't leave you?"

"Cody be honest… I won't hurt you… I'm thinking clear… I haven't done that for a long time now… Tell me what a cock sucker I am… Tell me how much you hate me… tell me that you wanna be with… Ted."

"I don't…" Randy cuts him off: "Ted is better for you…" He turns his head and closes his eyes, he can't even look Cody in the eyes… He has finally realized what he has done.

Randy suddenly feels a soft hand in his.

"I know you didn't mean to do all those things," Cody whispers, trying to get Randy to look at him again.

"I didn't, but I hurt you even though I loved you…"

"You… You loved me?"

"I still do…"

"But I thought?"

"That I was just confused… Never… I love you Cody… You're my life… I don't know what I'm going to do without you, but this can't continue, not after what I've done… I'll quit wrestling and then you won't see me ever again."

"I wanna see you!"

"No you don't! Cody cut the crap already, there's no chance you'll ever love me again."

"I never stopped loving you Randy!"

"I'm so sorry for what I did," Randy says, Cody can hear the cry in his voice.

Cody forces Randy to look at him… They look each other in the eye for a moment, then Cody leans forward and kisses Randy passionate. Randy kisses him back. Both Cody and Randy haven't felt anything as good as this in a long time… It's much better than drugs.

Cody breaks the kiss and starts to stare into Randy's eyes again. He pets Randy's cheek with his thumb, Randy closes his eyes, enjoying Cody touching him.

"I would never leave you Randy… My feelings wouldn't allow it. I have never loved anyone like I love you… But you have got to admit that you have a problem…"

"I know I have a problem… I promise I'll stop drinking."

"What about the drugs?"

"I'll never take drugs ever again…"

"You can't get through it alone…I promise I'll help you… You're my one and only, I won't let you do this to yourself anymore."

A tear runs down Randy's cheek, he can't believe Cody's going to stay with him after all this… His going to help him… No one would ever do that for him… Cody's special… Randy doubts no one will ever find someone as loyal as Cody…

Cody pulls Randy into a tight hug… Randy buries his nose in Cody's shoulder and he sobs.

"It's okay Randy… Don't cry," Cody whispers, petting the back of Randy's head.

"I'm so sorry Cody… I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" Randy weeps.

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