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Mistakes                                                                                                                 Chapter 2: Life Changes

Randy is having a hard time trying to figure out who the unknown caller is.

There has been a week since his last call, last Monday. Maybe it was all just a joke?

Randy is sitting in his locker room, he's wondering. Who could it be? What doesn't he know about himself? Why won't the man tell him what it is?

Randy is getting more and more frustrated, it's going to be a hell being on stage live tonight. He don't think he will be able to focus.

The door cracks open and a head appears in the chink.

"Randy?" a small male voice asks, it's almost whispering.


Cody slips in through the small crack in the door and he closes it after him.

"Is something wrong?" Cody sits beside him, he tries to get eye contact with Randy, but Randy doesn't seem like he's going to look up from the "amazing" floor.


"You have been acting weird lately. You know you can talk with me if you've got some problems."

"I'm just wondering."

"Is it your cat?"


"Ted said something about your cat died, I didn't even know you had a cat."

"Oh… Ted is such an idiot."


"You remember last Monday, some crazy fan called me? Well… He called again. He told me that he knew something about me I didn't know and I shouldn't make the same mistake twice. What does that mean?"

"Maybe he's one of those stalker guy. What were you doing when he called second time?"

"Ohm… I was with Ted?"


"And two girls," Randy adds, lowering his voice. For some reason he's ashamed, plus he doesn't want Cody to get a wrong idea about him and Ted.

"What?! What were you doing?"

"We were supposed to have sex…"


"NO! No I didn't… We were in the same room. He had his girl and I had mine. I would never do anything with Ted?!"

Cody breathes out heavily: "For one second I actually thought you had…"

"Forget it, let's keep to the subject."


"Do you really think he could be stalker? That he… Knew… What I was doing?"

"Maybe, who knows?"

"He knows… Something I want to know."

"Let it go Randy, I'm sure he's just a person who is a little mental disturbed."

"I guess you're right."

"Our match is up next, I have to go, I'll see you in there."

"See ya…"

Cody leaves Randy to himself.

Okay, clear your mind… You have a match in a moment. You have to focus and stay focused. Cody is probably right, it's just some guy who has got problems.

Randys thoughts collapse, when his mobile starts to ring.

He takes a quick look at the screen. Unknown. That has got to be him!

He picks up fast.

"Okay I'm sick and tired of your little mind game! I know you have only called me two times, but the things you say are quite disturbing! Tell me what the hell it is you want, or else stop contacting me! I'll call the police next time!" Randy realizes how paranoid he sounds, the guy hasn't really done anything to him, he is overreacting.

"If you want to know, then meet me at the parking lot in 5 min. sharp."

"What? No, I have a match!"

"Too bad, then you'll never know."

"Wait! Wha…"

The man cuts him off.

"Oh my fucking god! ARGH!" Randy rages, he tosses his mobile across the room.

He closes his eyes and uses 1 minute to calm himself down again.

Match… Match… Match…

"I can't… I have to know."

Randy grabs his jacket and he runs out to the parking lot.

He looks around, nobody seems suspicious. Maybe it was a dumb idea to come out here, he could get fired.

He had been in trouble before, somebody had caught him in smoking marijuana backstage. Vince had suspended him for a while, he couldn't fully employ a man who he didn't trust.

Randy was actually thankful to the person who gave him in, it had helped him a lot. He had a rage problem back then. Well… He still had, but it was not as big a problem as back then, he couldn't control it, now he could. Fairly good.

He stopped smoking and gained back Vince trust. Now look at him, one of WWE's biggest superstars. He was respected by both fans and the other superstars and divas. He loved it.

"Mr. Orton?" a deep voice suddenly growls from behind him.

He turns quickly.

"I knew you would come," the man says smiling cocky.

"I came, so cut the crap and tell me what you want?"

"It's not me that wants something, it's you."

"Then what do I want?"


"About what?"


Randy starts to get more and more impatient, he's not far from snapping.

"Please just tell me, it's fucking cold out here, I'm only wearing trunks!"

"You have a jacket too?"


"Have you been in any threesomes recently?"

"Wha…?" Randy doesn't finish his own sentence…

"Guess not… Sound like you remember…"

"Maybe… Why?"

"Do you remember their names?"

Randy has only been in a threesome one time in his life. 4 years ago. Could it really be that one time the man was referring to?

"Not really… Why do you ask?" he figures it has got something to do with what the man wants to tell him. Randy gets a weird feeling in his stomach, like someone is twisting it.

"Does Tina and Layla make a bell ring?"

Randy is speechless. He remembers them, there actually does ring a bell… It has been so long. Why does a man hunt him down, to tell him something about them, after so long?

"I'm afraid to say it, but they tricked you."

"What do you mean?" the man can see the fear in Randys eyes.

"Lesbian couples does that sometimes… They take advantages of men."

"They are a couple?!"

"Randy they tricked you in to bed with them… To get your sperm."


"You have a son… You are a father."

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