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Mistakes                                                                                                                 Chapter 4: Baby Cody

"Why should I trust you?" Randy says suspicious.

"I'm a "friend" of them, but if my word's not enough for you I could give you their address, you could go see for yourself."

"What are you waiting for, give it to me!" Randy shouts impatient, he doesn't know why the man sounds so convincing to him.

"Easy fellow? It's going to cost you."

"I had already figured that one out, how much do you want?"


"Are you sick, I'll never pay you that much?"

"Pay the price or you won't get to see your child, get revenge over Tina and Layla, or whatever it is you want with them."

"But 2000?"

"That's my price."

"I could google them for free, you know?"

"You don't even know their last names and you would have no change finding them, if they had changed their first names?"

"They have!?"


"God I hate you."

"Can't blame you."

"I can't get the money until tomorrow, the banks have closed and I can't withdraw that much money at the same time."

"Just transfer the money to this account, I'll call you after receiving them," the man says handing Randy a piece of paper. He looks at it; it's a registration and account number.

"But…" Randy cuts himself off after looking up again and realizing the man has disappeared.

Randy didn't really feel like explaining Vince why he missed his match tonight, so he had driven home. He wished that he wouldn't get fired, if he had to beg, then he would. Wrestling is his whole life, he loved it more than life itself.

He loves the spotlight and the attention from a huge crowd.
He finds acting fun, especially when it's live performances. The big risks he takes every time a wrestler or himself pulls a stunt, makes his adrenalin pump insanely, Randy thinks it's the best feeling you can get.

Randy opens the door after someone had tapped it twice.


"Randy what the hell was you thinking!? Vince is pissed, he's going to fire you for not showing up!"

"Cody I'm not in the mood for this, can't we talk later?"

"No?! We have to talk now," Cody lets himself in, Randy follows after him into the living room.

"Why did you bail out?"

"Drop it."

"You're going to lose your job? Please tell me why you didn't show, maybe I could help you convince Vince that you should stay."

"I don't feel well… I'll tell you later, just not now."

"What? Why?"

"Bye Cody," Randy says pushing him towards the entrance.

"You hold it there! I'm not going anywhere!"

"Cody fuck off for God's sake!"

"I'm staying here tonight."


"Randy you have been acting weird! Isn't it normal to be worried about people you care about?"

"I need to be alone."

"Forget it. You won't tell me what's wrong, so I'll stay."

Randy gives up: "Fine! You can sleep on the couch. I'm going to bed, goodnight."



Cody looks seriously angry, Randy don't dare to do anything else, than what he has been told to do. He takes a seat at the couch.

He clears his throat and looks at Cody as he sits beside him. Randy could be compared with a scared mouse at the time.

"I… I still don't wanna talk about it."

"Fine, then we won't talk about that, but we'll talk about other things."


"Anything, I want you back in high spirits."

Randy sighs and starts to play with his thumbs, rolling them around each other.

"Are you in love?" Cody says calmly.

"No… Where did you get that?"

"People acts strange when they are in love. I have never seen you in love and I have never seen you like this."

"Cody you watch too many movies," Randy says putting on a small smile. He always thought about Cody as this sweet, little romantic. He had heard from some of Codys former girlfriends that they could make him do anything. Randy could picture Cody like that. What he couldn't picture was that he cried to sad movies and he sometimes sucked on a blue dummy? Randy was convinced that they made those things up, but he couldn't be sure, could he?

Cody is his favorite part of Legacy. Ted was nice and all that, but there is something about Cody that makes Randy like him more. He's like this cute little boy that Randy has got to look after. He doesn't mind, cause Cody is the greatest kid anybody could get. If Randy was ever going to have a kid, he wanted it to be like Cody.

The last thought makes him shiver. A kid, maybe he already had one?


"Oh… What?" Cody had babbled loose for the last few minutes, Randy hadn't heard a word.

"Man you were lost dude?"

"I was?"

"What were you thinking?"


"That's not true, you never stop thinking." Cody looked like a little boy who just caught his parent with the hand in the cookie jaw. A childish, blaming sight.

"I thought about getting something to eat."

"Is it that hard a decision?"

"What do you mean?"

"You had to shut the whole world off, just to decide if you were hungry or not."

Randy can't help but laugh softly.

"That kind of decisions are hard to make, you'll understand when you grow older."

"Why do you always refer to me like I was a child?"

"Oh, how cute! Baby Cody tries to sound like a grown up. If you want to get bigger faster, you have to eat your vegetables!" Randy says, talking to Cody like he was a baby.

"Ha, ha,ha…" Cody laughs false: "If you're trying to piss me off, or get me to leave I'm not doing it."

"It was worth to try."

"Sure it was."


"Do you want to see a movie?" Randy says suddenly.

"Which one?"


"You seriously don't mean that? That's a chicks movie."

"I like it?"

"Well the movie is okay, but it's one of those howl movies."

"I bet you just say that, because you're afraid you'll start crying… Like a baaaabyyyy…"

Cody looks offended: "I think you're the one who is scared to start crying. Put it on and I'll show you I'm not a pussy."

"If you say so."

Randy finds it quick and he puts it on.

When they are about a half an hour in it Cody starts to get nervous. He almost cried his eyes out last time seeing it. He couldn't cry in front of Randy, he had to do something.

Randy hadn't seen a minute of the movie, he is lost in his thoughts.

What if the strange guy is telling the truth? What if I really have a kid? Do I want to see him and will they let me? I have seriously no idea of how I'm going to react when I face the two women I haven't seen in so many years. Will they even remember me?

Randy almost jumps off the couch, when Cody suddenly puts his head on Randys shoulder.

Cody is snoring a bit. Randy smiles and caresses Cody over his hair.

Cody is right, it's time to go to bed.

Randy moves quietly. He is holding on to Cody so he won't fall while he gets up. He puts Cody on the couch. Cody moves a bit before mumbling: "More chocolate please…"

He's is talking in his sleep, how cute is that?

Randy covers him with a blanket. He turns off the TV and the lights, before going to bed himself.

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