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Mistakes                                                                                                     Chapter 5: Anger Management

Randy was up early that morning to go to his bank and transfer the money.
The banker had checked the number and he found out it came from the same bank. Randy felt lucky, cause that meant his money would reach the other mans account today.

He is now sitting in his kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee, pretending to read a newspaper. His mobile is lying right beside him, he could call anytime. His mind is locked, he can't think of anything else than Tina and Layla… And the kid.

Randy realizes that he's soon going to meet them and if the stranger has told him the truth, then he had to start consider what to do.
They tricked him. They don't deserve to have his child? But he can't take care of it either? Always on the road, working several hours a day, never time to do what he wants. He wouldn't be a good father.

He keeps calling it, it. What was the gender of the child? Had the man told him and he just didn't remember? If it was a girl he probably couldn't get her away from her mothers, it would be easier with a boy. Randy didn't want to force the kid to go with him, but would he even ask the kid to go with him?

Since it was 4 years ago he slept with them, the kid must be around 3 old. Could it even speak and walk? Randy has no idea of when babies start to walk, talk and think? Maybe he could just take it with him, without it even noticing?

He keeps imagine that he would take the kid with him and forgets all about the fact that there was a big possibility that he didn't. Maybe they wouldn't let him take the kid with him, or maybe he didn't even want it with him. He had no clue how he would react when he first saw the two women after this long, after getting the knowledge of what they did.

Randys thoughts cuts off, when he suddenly hears a yawn from the kitchen door.

"Good morning," Cody yawns, stepping into the kitchen, quickly grabbing a cup. He places the cup at the table and he pulls out the chair that's opposite Randys. He takes a seat and pours up some coffee.

"Good morning."

"Slept well?"

"Yeah, you?

"I slept okay… Sorry about yesterday, you know, for falling asleep under the movie."

"It's okay," Randy doesn't sound like he's too much into the conversation.

"Is something wrong Randy?"


"Are you sure, you sound sad?"

"I'm okay Cody, I'm just thinking."

"About what?"

"Would you be ready by now to have a kid?"

"Why do you ask that, are you having one or what?" Cody laughs softly.

"No, but seriously, if you could choose between having a kid or not right now, what would you pick?"

"I think I'm a little too young to have a kid, but that's just my opinion."

"Am I too young?"

"Rather to old," Cody breaks into a huge laughter.

"Shut up Cody, I'm not that old!"

"Lol, if you say so… But why are you suddenly thinking about kids? You don't even have a girlfriend? What about you get one of those first?"

"I don't want kids, I was just thinking about it."

"You don't want kids at all?"

"That was not what I meant? I meant I didn't bring them up because I wanted one right now, just random thoughts."


"Do you think I would be a good father?"

"I don't know? You don't seem like the parental type to me and without a girl back home to take care of the kid, it could be kind of difficult to have one, while you're still on the road."

"So I would be a bad father?"

"Randy you can think about things like that when you're actually going to have one."

Randy's mobile vibrates and a ringtone starts playing.

He picks it up fast: "Hello? Orton here."

"Hello Mr. Orton… I see you transferred the money already."

"Yeah… I did."

"I guess I'll have to give you the information now, huh?"

"That's right."

"Well… I won't… I want 10.000 more."

"What?! Are you kidding me?!"

"Yeah I am…" The man laughs evil, Randy wishes he was with him; he would kick him in the skull.

"That's not funny!"

"Okay? Their names are Tina and Layla Croft, they live about an hour away from you."

He gives Randy the address and wishes him good luck.

"Who was that?" Cody asks.

"I have to go, I'll see you later." Randy says quickly grabbing his car keys.

"Wha… Wait!? Why!?"

"You can stay if you want to, food's in the fridge, bye!" Randy yells rushing out the door.

Slipping the key in, turning it fast.

Cody nearly didn't manage to get out of the house, before Randy takes off.

An hour later Randy has reached his destination.

He is sitting in the car, looking out the window. A woman is in her garden, watering her flowers. He recognizes her, it's Layla and she's just as beautiful as 3 years ago.

He wonders if it was a good idea to come out here. What if the whole thing was a lie?

He spots another woman coming out of the house, she walks towards Layla. Layla turns her head and kisses the woman, which now is standing behind her, holding her around the waist.
Randy gets out of the car to take a closer look.

It is Tina. So some of the things weren't a lie, Randys blood starts to boil inside of him. Seeing the two women kissing makes him upset. He had sex with them, they tricked him! How could they do that?! Randy didn't want a child, even if he didn't have to take care of it. If he was going to have a child, it would be with someone that he loved and he would take care of the child himself.

The knuckles on Randys right fist turns white. They are going to pay for what they have done to him!

Randy walks towards them completely targeted. He doesn't take his eyes away from, not even for a second. His steps are heavy and fast.

The two women looks up and gets the sight of Randy coming straight towards them. It doesn't take them long to recognize him.

"Oh my god, Tina let's get inside the house now! He looks like he's going to kill us!" Layla whispers, quickly turning around and sprints towards the house. Randy starts running, he won't let them get away that easily.

Tina and Layla gets inside, Layla slams the door and starts to fumble with the key.

"Layla hurry, he's coming!" Tina shouts taking a step back.

Randy would have smashed the door right into Layla, if she hadn't jumped back in the last second.

The way the women reacted makes Randy sure in his case; they tricked him and got something out of it.

"You crazy sluts! What the hell were you thinking trying to trick me?!" Randy cries out while pushing Layla up against the wall.

"Randy calm down, I don't know what you're talking about!?" Layla says nearly pissing her pants.

"Liar! I know all about your little play, you used me, nobody uses me without feeling the consequences!"

"Get off of her!" Tina yells, trying to defend her girlfriend by pulling Randys arm.

Randy pushes Tina, causing her to fall to the floor.

Layla spits right into Randys eyes.

"Bitch!" he shouts, quickly whipping the spit away from his eyes and slapping her across the face.

Layla puts her hand on the already red mark on her cheek with a big moan.

Tina had got up again and she had rushed to the kitchen to get a knife.

She holds on to it tight.

"Hit her again and I'll kill you motherfucker," Tina points the knife at Randy.

Randy looks like his about to explode, but he won't risk his health, so he backs off.

"Get out of our house or I'll call the police and charge you for assault!"

"Do that, while they're here you could tell them about ''your'' kid!"

"You're a psycho you know that?! You've got a rage problem r something! Now get out and don't ever come near my family again, you understand!?"

Randy backs, his eyes are filled with anger, Tina didn't want to imagine what he might have done to them, if she hadn't got the knife.

"You are going to prison," Randy growls.

"We'll see you there then! OUT!" Tina shouts waving with the knife.

Randy turns around and walks back to his car.

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