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Mistakes                                                                                                         Chapter 6: What The Hell?

Randy is surprised to see Cody is still in the house as he returns.

"Randy what the hell is going on with you?! If you won't tell me now, I'll make sure that Vince makes you see a psychologist!" Cody seems pretty upset.

"I'm not sure that Vince is my boss anymore," Randy walks in the kitchen and opens the fridge. He tries to act as calm as possible.

"I won't let him kick you out of the WWE either, we need you, you're one of the greatest superstars of all time."

"No I'm not?" he closes it again, nothing exiting in there and he isn't really hungry anyways.

"In my eyes you are…"

Randy smiles, it was nice to hear things like that, it helped him gain confidence. Not that he needed it, he had pretty much already, but it helped his more private social life.

"Thanks Cody."

Cody calms down, Randys smile makes him relax.

"Randy I wanna help you, you're my best friend, it kills me that you won't tell me."


"Okay what?"

"I'll tell you."

"You will?!" Codys eyes sparkles, Randy is afraid that he'll explode off joy and start dancing around the kitchen, it actually wouldn't surprise him if he did, he had seen Cody get overexcited before… Embarrassing - If it happened in the public.

Randy tells him the whole story, but he omits to tell Cody about his rage outburst. He's so embarrassed of himself, he thought he had learned to control it, he obviously hadn't.
His plan was to tell Cody almost the whole truth, so he would stop bothering him, and then just forget about the whole thing. The kid wasn't really his, he hadn't even seen it, so if he just acted as normal, he figured he probably would forget about Layla, Tina and THEIR child. Then everything would be wonderful again.

"Wow, wow, wow… Wait a minute! So you're actually telling me that you have a baby with a lesbian couple?!"

"I guess… It's weird…"

"What did you do? What did you say to them?"

"I said I wanted the truth. They told me the baby was mine. I asked them not to tell anybody about it, cause it could ruin my career, they promised, cause they didn't want their secret out either."

"For real?! That was easy done?"


"So you don't want anything to do with the kid?"

"Of course not? I mean, it would be odd? If I'm having a kid, I'm having it with someone I love. I'm not sharing and I don't feel like I'm a father, I have never seen the child, I don't consider it mine, I just want to forget about this whole incident."

"This is the craziest story anybody has ever told me, but now I really understand why you have been acting like you have."

"Thanks for listening and being so understanding Cody, you truly are a real friend."

"I can't believe it ends like this. You just found out you have a kid, but that's it. Nothing else. You're going to proceed as nothing ever happened?"


"I admire you Randy, I really do. God you are strong!"

"Thank you… If you want to, you could stay over? I could use some company tonight."

"Sure, I'll cheer you up."

The rest of the day pasts fast.

It's eve and they are both sitting in front of the TV, not really watching, just talking.

"Let's get naked!" Cody suddenly exclaims.

Randy laughs: "Why the hell do you want to be naked?!"

"It's fun. Let's do something else for a change?"

"You're crazy."

"Why not?"

"What if somebody sees us? And it's just weird being naked around other men?"

"I'm your friend and I have seen you naked a billion of times?"

"It's different when it's in the locker room."

"No it's not?"

"Yes it is!"

"Come on, let's try it, please!" Cody makes his irresistible puppy eyes.

"It's not working Cody, go try the eyes on somebody else," Randy laughs. Apparently his puppy eyes are not that irresistible, huh?

"You're so boring!"

"I know, I like it that way."

Cody shakes his head and turns his attention towards the TV.

Randys stomach rumbles. Cody looks back on him and laughs softly, Randy smiles a little awkward.

"Do you want some ice-cream? I know I could use some," Randy says getting up from the couch.

"Sounds nice."

Randy gets them some ice-cream, it's his favorite… Strawberry.

Randy gets up again after finishing his ice.

"I'm going to bed," he says, placing his plate on the table… Dishes can wait till tomorrow, he thinks.

Cody gets up too: "Goodnight Randy, remember that I'll always be here for you if you need to talk."

"Thanks Codes," Randy thinks it's odd that Cody spreads his arms out, to give him a hug. Oh well, why not. Randy walks into Codys arms and they hug.

A shiver runs down his spin, as Codys hands slowly runs down his back and suddenly he's grabbing Randys ass. Randy jumps with a squeal.

"What the hell was that for!?" Randy yells frightened.

Cody laughs: "Sorry, I just wanted to see your reaction. You should have seen the look on your face, priceless!"

"Never do that again Cody, you scared me!"

"Okay, I promise," Cody says, suddenly pulling Randy closer to him.

Cody kisses Randy?

Randy is paralyzed, he simply can't move.

Their lips take apart and they look into each others eyes.

"Good night Randy… Sweet dreams… Sleep tight."

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