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Mistakes                                                                                                                 Chapter 7: Dragon Breath

Randy stands beside his bed. He had been there for the last quarter.

Cody had kissed him… Why did he do that? For fun? Something was completely wrong.

Randy has to take a short briefing: Cody had said many sweet things that day, he had grabbed his ass and he had kissed him?
What is he up to? Is Cody… Gay? No, he isn't, he is straight. Randy can't get peace in his mind, the thought chases him.

Cody is lying on the couch, he can't sleep.

Why did you kiss him your idiot? That's probably the biggest mistake of your life. He wasn't supposed to know… Things were working just fine and now you had to ruin it all, Cody thinks to himself, taking a deep breath.

He suddenly gets the feeling of somebody is staring at him. He shut his eyes open, Randy is standing right over him, staring. Codys eyes are locked to Randys.

"Why did you do that?" Randy whispers, afraid to hear the answer, but he's sure Cody will laugh and throw one of his ridiculous jokes.

Cody sits straight up and he pulls Randy down beside him.

"Do what?" he asks quietly.

"You kissed me? Why did you do that?"

"I wanted to?"

"Wha…" Cody cuts him off: "I don't expect anything from you, I just didn't know how to tell you."

"Is this for real, or are you joking with me?"

"I mean it. I don't want it to be a secret anymore."

"But…" Cody cuts him off again, by putting a finger over Randys lips.

"I don't want to make a big drama out of this? People don't make a big deal out of straight people, have you ever heard anybody say 'Oh my god, a straight couple!?' I just wanted to tell you in a way that I found natural... End of discussion."

Randy gets up again, he keeps staring. His sight is almost frightened.

"Good night Randy," Cody says calmly.

Randy turns on his heels and he returns to his bedroom, leaving Cody to himself.

Cody sighs and lies back down. He pulls the blanket up to his ears. He didn't know how he could sound so calm and not caring. He sounded like he just wanted to tell Randy that he was gay, he didn't sound like he actually wanted him… Maybe he had sounded like he didn't, because he knew he didn't have chance. It was the incredible Randy, the one with all the ladies. But he did want him. He hungered for him

Cody closes his eyes.

He wants to cry, but he can't. Why cry over something that never was there?

A voice breaks the racket in his head: "Cody?"

He opens his eyes again and sighs inside himself, the last thing he needs is "the speech". He really hated it, straight people always gave him it after he had confessed his feelings.

"Randy I know you're straight, maybe I didn't make myself clear before? I'll not tell anybody about me kissing you and I know that there can't happen anything between us. You don't have to explain, I'm not that stupid."

"Oh… Okay… as long as you know… Then I don't have to explain…Good."


"Goodnight," Randy walks out again.

Please! Can't he just stay in his room for now? I'm tired of rejections… Am I that hard to love? GOD! I have too much self-pity. Stop it Cody! It's your own fault. Try to fall in love with someone reachable next time, Cody thinks to himself.

Randy stands outside the living room door. It's like he get further and further away from his bedroom every time he walks out on Cody. Something is keeping him here… It's like a magnet. They used to be the same poles, but for some reason one of them is starting to change into the opposite. It both scary and makes him curious at the same time.

The door behind him cracks open. Cody steps out of the living room, on his way to the bathroom to get some water, he's surprised to see Randy standing right in front of him.

Now or never… Make your choice, Randy thinks looking into Codys blue eyes.

Before Cody can say anything, Randy grabs his hand and drags him into his bedroom.

Cody wakes up late the following morning. They are lying close; their noses almost touch.

Last night had been amazing, Cody could never imagine how good kisses could feel. Randy took the definition of kissing to a whole new level. They hadn't had sex, but for Cody that doesn't matter, the only thing that matters to him, is that he had felt Randys body against his and it hadn't been because of their job, they hadn't wrestled, but it was because they wanted to, both of them. Cody could tell that Randy was nervous and unsure, but all that slowly faded away as Cody showed him an alternative way of love making... A way more passionate than Randy had ever experienced.

Cody cuddles up to Randy and he nuzzles his nose against Randys neck, it a wakes him.

"Mmm… Cody…" Randy growls, putting his arms around Cody.

"Good morning, slept well?"

Randy lets go of Cody again and stretches:"I slept like a baby," he says while yawning: "You?"

"Haven't slept better in years..."

They look into each other's eyes. Randys lips moves towards Codys slowly. He kisses him, but only for 1 second, cause Cody pulls his head back and wrinkles up his nose.

"Dragons breathe!" he says placing a hand over his nose.

"Really?" Randy turns his head away from Cody and he tries to smell his own breathe by blowing into his hand and smelling it: "I can't smell anything?"

"Maybe not, but it's really bad!"

Randy laughs softly: "Sorry, maybe I should go and do something about it?"

"Yeeeah…" Cody says making a 'you better' face.

It surprised Cody that he hadn't smelled the bad breath before, he had been so close to Randy. He figures it was because he wasn't sure if Randy still wanted him, and the kiss made it clear that he still wanted…
Cody felt comfortable around Randy, he would normally not tell if the other person had a bad breath. Especially not when he had just hooked up with the person, Randy made it possible.

Cody thinks the words "dragon breath" made them closer as a couple. When you can say things like that, you have to be closer than nothing. Maybe he would even consider them a couple at this point.

Do Cody expect too much of Randy? Is he the only one that considers them a couple already?
Will Randy bail Cody when it's least expected? Could he ever see himself as gay?
- How would his fans and the other superstars react?
Is Tina, Layla and his kid really a closed chapter?

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