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He disappeared long time ago... Nobody not knowing why. She tried to live without him, trying not to remember the past without him. But every year, when the time comes, he appears in her mind again. And how does she cope when he actually appear back in her life, for real this time.

It's Never Too Late                                                 By Pixiella                                                     Chapter 1

"Trick or treat!" a pack of kids screamed on the doorsteps. A young girl, age of five or six, looked them with her eyebrow raised, tilting her head sweetly. "What do you want?" she asked from one of the boys that stood in front of the group.

"Trick or treat," the boy answered, pulling his Spiderman mask up from his face on his forehead. "You are supposed to pick one."

"Okay, I take the treat," the girl smiled, stretching her hands toward the boy, who looked her like she was totally out of her mind.

"No, if you pick treat, you give us candy," some other boy, who was dressed up like a Batman, said rolling his eyes. "And if you pick treat, we make some kind of prank to you."

"Oh no, I don't like pranks," the girl said sounding worried, "wait here, I'll go look if we have some candy in the closet."

She disappeared back inside the house, quickly returning to the door with a package of cookies with her. "I did only find these," she shrugged, giving every child one cookie, eating the last one herself. "Tell me, what is this whole 'trick or treat' think about?"

"You don't know?" the boy dressed up like a Spiderman asked, lowering the mask back down to cover his face. "We go door to door, asking people trick or treat in order to collect candy. And if they don't give us candy and pick treat, we do some kind of small prank to them. It's really fun."

"It sounds like it," the girl smiled.

"Why don't you come with us, you are really going to like it," the boy stated. Girl clapped her hands together all excited, before exiting back in the house. Couple of minutes later she came back, dressed up as a little witch, holding a small brown paper bag.

"You really look like a real witch!" some girl laughed when she pulled a fake nose over her face, flashing a happy smile to the group, before they walked away from the porch to the sidewalk, starting to flow toward the neighbor house.

"Oh, by the way, I haven't seen you around here before," the Spiderman boy said looking at the girl, who smiled back at him. "You just moved in?"

"Yep, with my mom and step dad," she smiled proudly.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Phil. Phil Brooks."

"Ashley. Ashley Massaro."

"I hate Halloween," Ashley whined laying her chin against the table. She and couple of her friends were sitting in the school canteen, waiting the lunch hour to pass by. A small brunette girl, Mickie James, patted her friend on the back.

"It's not really that bad, Ash," the groups latino beauty, Melina Perez, smiled, making Mickie nod in agreement. "It's just a laugh, ghost stories, lots of candy…"

"Weight gaining," the pretty blonde, Trish Stratus added, making all the other two girls giggle. Ashley raised her head from the table, looking at her three friends.

"Yeah, but it still reminds me about him," she sighed, creating an endless look in the other end of the canteen, staring at the doors, like waiting for somebody specific to step inside right that moment. And, of course, that didn't happen. It never did when she wanted it to happen. Never.

"Ashley, darling, it has been five years by now," Melina stated, giving the punk princess a concerned look. "You have to get over him all ready."

"How do you think I can get over him?" Ashley snapped, quickly turning her face away from her friends. Usually she was so happy and just like any normal teenager was… Except when it was time for Halloween. The holiday that always made her so sad. The one, that had ruined her whole life.

"I'm sorry," Ashley muttered, standing up, making all the other three girls look her in confusion. "I have to go to fix my make up." Without saying anything else she grabbed her schoolbag from the floor where it had been laying next to her chair, tossing it on her shoulder before quickly escaping from all the looks out from the canteen. Melina gave a questioning look to the other two girls.

"I still think it's time for her to get over Phil," she stated shaking her head. Trish sighed, Mickie raising an eyebrow asking, "So what is the deal of she hating Halloween? It has something to do with some guy?"

All the other three girls had been best friends since the kindergarten, but Mickie had joined their small group just in the beginning of high school, just like two months ago. She had got hang of the group rules pretty quickly, like you don't sleep or date others exes, but of course there was some things that she didn't yet know. Mostly about Ashley, who didn't really like talking about herself.

"Well, Ashley has been best friends with this one guy named Phil Brooks since she moved to Chicago," Trish started playing with coil of her blonde hair, "They met Halloween night, over ten years ago. They became friends immediately."

"And just couple of years ago," Melina continued after Trish finished her sentence, "Just two months after they started the last grade in elementary school, Phil disappeared from her life, just like a day after he told her how much she meant to him. Of course they were just little kids, but it was so important to her."

"And it was Halloween night?" Mickie asked, realizing there was very clear concern in her voice. Both girls nodded. "God, no wonder she hates Halloween so badly."

Ashley looked herself in the girls bathroom mirror, trying to avoid all the memories about Halloween nights to crawl in her mind. She and Phil going door to door, trick or treating people… How much fun they had. And not just Halloween nights, but all the other times they spend together too.

"Excuse me, could you move a bit?" another girls voice interrupted her thoughts. Ashley gave quick, little bit annoyed look to a blonde girl that pushed herself next to her, starting to fix her hair and makeup staring herself from the mirror. Looking the girl up and down, Ashley rolled her eyes after recognizing her - the long, blonde hair that reached almost her waist, the pink tank top with tight, light blue jeans with pretty purple ballerina shoes, the school bag landed to her feet, a nice looking cheerleader uniform showing inside.

Of course, who else could have been so rude to her than the cheerleader captain, Kelly Kelly.

"What are you looking at?" Kelly snapped at her. Ashley blinked her eyes quickly couple of times, looking Kelly confused after skipping back to Earth from her thoughts. "I asked, what are you looking at?" Kelly repeated annoyed, rolling her eyes.

"Nothing, bitch," Ashley muttered under her breath when Kelly turned back toward the mirror, starting to color her narrow lips to glowing pink. Ashley had never liked the cheerleaders - no matter who they were and if they wanted to be her friends or not. At some point the whole cheerleading thing was going to raise up in their head and after that happened, all of them turned into a horrible bitches.

Just like one of her former friends, Candice Michelle.

"So are you just going to stare me all day or are you going all ready?" Kelly groaned, showing Ashley out of her way. Ashley backed away from the mirror holding her hands up in the air, before grabbing her bag from the floor and exited the bathroom back in the hallway, just in time to hear the bell ring for the next class. She looked up and down the hallway, before spotting Mickie walking toward her, grabbing her arm in hers, the girls walking to the math class together.

"Morning, sunshine," a blonde guy with a clear Canadian accent from the backseat grinned when Ashley sat in front of him on her place, Mickie sitting down next to her. Ashley rolled her eyes, grinning to the blonde.

"It's not morning anymore, Adam," she smirked. Adam Copeland, mostly known as 'Edge' in the school grounds, rolled his eyes.

"Well, it is for him," his best friend, another Canadian blonde going by name of Jason Reso, better known as 'Christian', said chuckling, "He just got here."

"Oh yeah, you were not in the music class this morning. And you also skipped chemistry and English," Mickie giggled, Adam giving her amused grin. "Oh, Chris wasn't there either in the morning. You know where he is?"

Ashley couldn't hold herself from grinning. Since the beginning of high school, as long as she had known Mickie, she had been head over heals to Chris Jericho, the leader of the school's music club, the lead singer of the school's band.

"I haven't heard anything from him after the weekend," Jason shrugged, Mickie giving him questioning look. "Not after the Sunday night when we got back from the basketball game."

"Oh well, let me know if you hear something from him. I need to talk to him about the Halloween festivals music displays," Mickie stated before turning around in her chair, looking at the teacher, mister Hickenbottom, who had just entered in the classroom. Ashley gave one last grin to Adam before turning around, facing the teachers questioning look.

"Miss Massaro, you haven't returned your last weeks homework," he stated, before looking back to his papers. "Do you have them now with you?"

Ashley bit her lower lip, scratching the back of her head. Since it was Halloween time, she had totally forgot about everything. Her mind raced in Phil almost all the time, so it didn't really left any room for school work or other things.

"Uh, sorry, I forgot," Ashley muttered, hearing Adam and Jason trying not to choke on their laughter.

"Well then, I'm sorry to tell you but I have to give you a detention," mister Hickenbottom finished, starting to write something on his papers. Ashley sighed deeply, sinking in her chair. Every single time the same thing.

"And… Have any of you seen mister Jeff Hardy around?" the teacher continued, looking at the empty chair on Ashley's other side. Some students muttered something, but nobody didn't really seem to know anything about Jeff.

"If you see him tell him I want his homework as well."

"Where the hell is Jeffro anyway?" Jason asked, Ashley giving him a rolled eyes over her shoulder. "I haven't seen him for a long time."

"He was last week in the geography class," Ashley muttered, turning her look forward again when the teacher started to write something on the blackboard, telling something about functions that Ashley didn't understand at all.

"And that was, like, Monday?" Adam asked, this time Mickie turning facing the boys behind them.

"Yeah, and then again Tuesday he was in the canteen. But after that I hadn't seen him anywhere."

"Miss James and mister Copeland, please pay attention to class," a loud voice shouted from the front of the class. Both youngsters turned their faces back to the blackboard. Ashley looked at her friend, before turning her head toward the empty chair next to him. Jeff Hardy's place.

"Miss Massaro, are you paying any attention to what I had just told you about?" teachers voice reached her ears, Ashley's head bouncing up and she stared mister Hickenbottom with widened eyes. He sighed, pointing the door. "Please, if you are not interested in the class, go outside." And without saying anything Ashley shot up from her chair, Mickie giving confused and sad look to her friend, who just gave the small brunette a weak smile, before heading toward the class room door, feeling every students eyes locked in her.

"Way to impress us, Ashley," Kelly smirked evilly when Ashley passed her. She gave her just a roll of eyes, before exiting the classroom to the hallway. When the door closed after her, she pulled her cell phone from her jeans pocket, checking the clock - it was ten minutes over twelve. She sighed, tossing her bag on her shoulder, slowly making her way down the hallway toward the library.

Ashley got her locker on her way to the library, pulling the locker door open after punching in the code, stuffing most of her books inside. The last class was going to be art, one of the classes she liked the most. Well, she was not very good at drawing or coloring, especially she hated watercolors they used in almost every work they did, but still she liked being in those classes. They were every time so peacefully and relaxing.

As soon as she got her locker door closed again, Ashley jumped away from it letting out a little scream - a face stared straight at her behind the door.

"God Jeffro, stop doing that!" she stated holding her hand over her heart. Jeff smirked at her, making his eyes shining beautifully. "What are you doing in here anyway, you were supposed to be in the math class."

The rainbow haired boy shrugged his shoulders, stuffing his hands in his jersey pockets. "I didn't feel like going. And I knew they would throw you out there, so I wanted to accompany you."

"Why do you think they would throw me out?" Ashley asked, even though she kind of all ready knew the answer.

"Well, it's Halloween time and you have started the spacing out routine again," Jeff sighed when the two started to walk down the hallway toward the library where Ashley was originally heading. They had known each other since the beginning of middle school, so Jeff has seen all of Ashley's Halloween depression - still without knowing what was the thing causing it.

"Right," Ashley sighed. "But still, it's not the reason why should you not come to classes, you know."

"Yeah, I do," Jeff smirked. "But I just didn't feel like it."

"You should start feeling like it," she giggled, giving him a begging look with raised eyebrows. "I don't want to get any trouble because of you skipping classes to be with me. And I don't want you to get in any trouble either."

"Don't worry, I wont," Jeff stated after the two entered inside the library from the heavy, wooden pair doors.