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This will be a fic with many random stories WWE people so stick around for more.

Stories From My Imagination with WWE                  By Vanessa                     Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Yeah yeah! laugh all you parasites want! I will beat the Undertaker for that title!!! Just you wait!" Jericho said to all of the laughing people and WWE Superstars.

"Yeah after Shawn goes and dances to ballet in a tutu in front of everyone!" Triple H said pointing to Shawn.

"What?" asked a confused Shawn paying more attention to a piece of cake than the conversation.

"You're such a hypocrite! Did you know that Triple Nose?" said a aggrivated Y2J.

"OOOOOH!!! Looks likes Triple Nose.... I mean Triple H has been burned!" commented Micheal Cole.

"Y2J! Y2J! Y2J!" chanted fans.

"You see that Generation PP?" said Jericho making a comeback at Shawn and Triple H.

Shawn and Triple H respond by a facepalm on their foreheads.

"HA! I thought so!" said a Jericho thinking that he has won this verbal battle. And with that, he walks out with his chin up and a smile from ear to ear.

*1 month later*

(Chris is crying at a corner and Undertaker is out eating Subway..... you know to eat fresh)

"Why are you crying?" asked Shane McMahon approaching the crying Jericho in the corner.

"GO AWAY!" sobbed Jericho a little to loud causing people to stare at the 39 year-old man.

"Why is that old man crying mommy?" asked a 2 year-old backstage pointing at Chris with his mom searching for her husband.

"Don't point Timmy! It's not polite to point at old people near a gay man," said the mom.

"But why?" asked Timmy.

"Oh wait that's Chris Jericho! Go ahead and laugh all you want," said the mother.


"Go away! Leave me and myself alone! That means you to Elmo!" said the melancholy Y2J.

"AWW SHUCKS!" said Elmo walking away.

"OK..... I'm going now," said Shane not wanting to get into this mess.

"There is no such thing as teletubbies under my bed....... there is no such thing as teletubbies under my bed," murmered Chris rocking back and forward.