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Stories From My Imagination with WWE                                             Chapter 10: Hotel Havoc

(The setting takes place in Chris Jericho's hotel room with his X-Box 360 playing Guitar Hero with Chavo Guerrero, JBL and Mr. Kennedy. Jericho is singing, Kennedy is on drums, JBL is playing the Bass and Chavo is rocking the guitar. The song is Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi.)

"WOAH!!! Were half-way there, WOAH!!! Livin' On A Prayer!" sang Jericho belting out the chorus of the song. All of a sudden the game pauses.

"Hey! What was that for assclowns? I was trying to finish up the word 'the'?" Jericho asked mad.

"Sorry. I missed the red pad and hit the air which made me drop my drum stick." apologized Ken.

"Sorry. My bad."

"It's O.K." said Chavo.

"I wasn't talking to you," said Jericho rudely. (sp?)

"Fine be that way!" snapped Chavo.

"Lets just finish the song." said JBL.

"Fine," they all said.

After the song finished, they put away the "instruments".

"Hey, I have the best idea ever!!!!" said Kennedy.

(3 hours later)

"WOO!!!!" said Chavo on top of one of the hotel maid's cart.

"Right behind you!!!!" shouted JBL on another cart.

So JBL and Chavo were playing bumper carts.

(Where Jericho and Mr. Kennedy were at)

"THINK FAST!!!" shouted Kennedy throwing random stuff that were on the hotel desk.

"Oh crap!!!" shouted Jericho almost getting hit with a bell.

Jericho and Mr. Kennedy were playing "dodgeball" obviously.

All of a sudden, Chavo and JBL were coming straight at the two.

They both jumped out of their way just in time. JBL and Chavo crashed into a wall but were unharmed. They all started to laugh.

"Lets do that again!!!" said Chavo still laughing.

Then, they heard the elevator make a "DING" noise.

"Crap!" they all shouted. The four ran to a hiding place hoping that the would go un noticed.

Thankfully, it was only Stephanie McMahon.

"Nevermind," said Chris coming out of his hiding place. "Its just the trash bag hoe."

"Ughh!!! Go away Y2Jerk!" said Stephanie sticking out her tounge.

Jericho did nothing but throw the bell that threw at him at Stephanie.

"OWW!" cried Stephanie. "I'm calling Hunter!!"

(phone conversation. S = Stephanie and H = HHH)

S: honey, can you help me?

H: no


H: I found someone else

S: Who?

H: Santino


H: yes


(end of convo)

"So?" asked Chavo.

"Go away from me you taco loving monster!!" said Stephanie running away from the four.

"Is that a no?"

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