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Stories From My Imagination with WWE                                     Chapter 4: Dora The Explorer!

"OMY2J!!!" exclaimed Jericho.

"What-a is it this-a time?" asked Santino Marella annoyed.

"I just remembered that I woke up this morning and felt like P Diddy!!!" said Jericho jumping up and down.

"Is-a that it-a?" asked Santino again.

"Yep!!!" said Jericho with a big grin.

"He-a is-a big-a assclown," muttered Marella causing him to get a punch in the face from Chris.

"WHAT-A DID YOU DO THAT FOR-A?" shouted Santino rubbing his nose specifically.

"Number 1: I'm standing right here and that means I can here you; number 2: assclown is my word. DO YOU GET THAT JUNIOR??"

"Yes......" said Santino.

"Good. Now if you need me, i'll be at the hotel watching Dora the Explorer," said Jericho promptly.

"Can I come?"

"Do you have pizza?"


"And Coca-cola?"


"Do you like Swiper?"


"Good boy!!!"



"OK then,"

"Let's go!!"

So Santino Marella went off with Chris to go watch Dora the Explorer.

"Seriously im surrounded by idiots," said Vince McMahon.

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