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Stories From My Imagination with WWE                                    Chapter 5: I Wanted That Pony!

*the setting takes place in Vince McMahon's house b/c of a party*

*Vince is up on the stage talking into the microphone*

"Excuse me can I have everyone's attention?" asked Vince. Once everyone's eyes on Vince he began to talk again.

"JBL has to say something really quickly before you guys can 'mingle' or whatever you guys call it,"

"Yo it's called chillin' homie!" yelled Cena.

"Go to your room John!!" exclaimed Vince.

"OK......" said John going up the stairs.

"Anyway," said Vince, "JBL?"

JBL went up onto the stage and took the mic.

"UUGGGHH! Not him!" whined Stacy annoyed.

"I just want to tell everyone that I am no longer squirrely," said JBL sadly.

"YAY!!!!" shouted everyone in the room.

"WAIT! THIS IS EVEN BETTER!!!!" shouted JBL into the microphone.

"Instead of me being squirrely, I am now........A HANNAH MONTANA!!!!" said JBL taking off his hat and mounting a blonde wig on his head.

"It's your twin," whispered Melina to Trish Stratus.

That caused Trish to kick Melina on the shin.

"CHARLIE HORSE!!!" shout Melina before she fell down.

*in John's room*

Stupid Vince and JBL. All I wanted to do is get the pony from Jericho but NO!! I have to come up here because I corrected him. He's such an assclown. thought John.

All of a sudden he hears some one knocking at the door.

If thats Vince, I'm going to give him the HARDEST PINCH EVER!!!!! thought John. So he went and opened the door.

"DON'T EVER USE MY WORD!!! GOT THAT JUNIOR????" said Jericho once John opened the door.

"Yes ma'am," said John.

"Good," said Chris and he left.

I wonder if he heard me say ma'am instead of sir? asked John.

"YES HE DID!!" shouted Chris.


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