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Stories From My Imagination with WWE                        Chapter 8: I am The Best At What I Do Got That?

"Alright guys, time to head out to the gym!" shouted Vince into the bull horn.

"Dude, chill! We're right here gosh!!!" said John Cena.

"Shut up! Or you will have to go to your room again." informed Vince.

"773-202- 5862 LUNA!!!!" sang Triple H and HBK.

ahem.... its triple nose....

Oh yeah my bad.... anyway..

"Hunter, shut up or daddy will fire you!" whispered Stephanie McMahon.

"Never!!!" shouted HHH.

"Um..... Hunter?" asked Vince.


"Your FIRED!!!!!!!!!"


"He got burned." whispered Jericho to Chavo.

"No way," Chavo said sarcastically.

"Yes way." Chris said ignoring Chavo.

So off they went except Triple Nose to the gym. Wheras a basketball court.

"WE ARE HERE!!!" shouted Vince excitedly.

"yay." the superstars said not excited.

"Say it like you mean it or your FIRED!!!!!" threatened Vince.

"WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Ric Flair.

"Yes! Now lets go!"

In the court.....

"Here," said Vince handing everyone a basketball.

"Ummmm.... wheres the stick to hit this thingy?" asked Jericho.

"Dude you don't hit, you bounce the ball and throw it at the hoop over there." said Chavo pointing to the basketball hoop.

"Or you could just dunk it in. See look!"

As Chavo was talking, Vladmir Koslov dunked the ball into the net.

"OMY2J THAT IS SO EPIC!!! I'm gonna go try."

Chris went up to the net, jumped, but instead of him getting the ball in, the ball hit the ring, which bounced back to Chris, and the ball hit his head.

"Owwww!!! Stupid assclown," said Jericho calling the basketball names.

He tried again and again but the ball just kept on finding ways to him again repeatedly.

"Wait Chris." Chavo said.

Chavo moved Chris to the free-throw line.

"Here now try shooting the ball into the net," instructed Chavo.

"How?? Don't I need a gun to shoot this?" asked Chris confused.

That made Chavo facepalm himself.

"Here like this."

Chavo took the ball and threw it into the hoop. It sank right in.

"There. Nothing but net. Now you try."

"O.K. here I go." said Chris nervous.

He threw the ball and it went right in.

"WOOO!! Yes I Chris Jericho did it! See that Chavo, I'm not only good at wrestling, I'm the best at basketball too!"

"Of course Chris." Chavo said rolling his eyes.

"Told you he has a big ego." said Shawn to Hornswoggle pointing at Chris.

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