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Stories From My Imagination with WWE                                             Chapter 9: IT'S SANTA!

"One, two, three, CATCH!!!" said Hunter a.k.a. Triple H. (notice how I didn't say Triple Nose)

"Yeah!" said Hornswoggle catching the ball that was thrown to him.

"O.K. it's Uncle Shawn's turn now 'Swoggle," said Hunter.

"Wa, tow, twee, CASTH!" said Hornswoggle trying to count. Shawn caught the ball, went up to Hunter and slapped him upside the head. Hornswoggle laughed.

"Dude, what was that for?" asked Hunter rubbing the back of his head.

"Stop saying Uncle! Your making me sound old!"

"Sorry." apologized Triple H.

"Catch!" said Shawn abruptly.

HHH missed and it hit Vince's coffe cup that he was holding and the coffee spilled all over him.

"IT WAS HIM!!!" shouted DX. They pointed at Chris Jericho who was at a bench playing his guitar.

"CHRIS!!!!!" shouted Vince. While Vince was not paying attention, DX snucked away.

"What's up Vince?" Jericho asked. "Why is there a big fat stain on your suit?"

"Don't act dumb! I know that you did this!" Vince said accusing Chris.

"What? How? All I was doin' was playing my guitar, Jingle Bells, when suddenly you called my name like you were about to kill me or something!" Jericho said innocently.

"Well who did? Santa Claus?"

"HO! HO! HO!" said a voice from the rooftops.

"It is I! Santa Claus!" said Santa. "I must go away now but remember to now lose faith in me or I will give you Santino Marella for Christmas!!!"

"Ew!" said Vince and Jericho at the same time.

And with that, Santa whirled away.

"Was that Santa?" CM Punk asked coming out of the building.

"I dont know."

"CHAKA!" said Vince.

"Not now Vince," said Chris.


"Does anyone have a quarter?" asked Dave a.k.a. Batista.

"GO AWAY!!!" said Jericho.

"Fine be that way!" said Dave. And with that, he strutted away.

"I always thought that he was gay." CM Punk said.

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